Warframe Tier List (May 2023) Top Characters Ranked

Check out the Warframe Tier List for May 2023! See which characters are the best for PvE and PvP, and find out how to create the perfect build for each one. Plus, get tips on how to use each character’s abilities to their fullest potential.

Tier list of wireframes in May 2023. The most important thing you need to know if you are new to the game is that you should ignore the meta and focus on the fun and you might as well ignore warframe ability damage and focus on the fun. That said, the meta is important for those who want to become competitive.

Digital Extremes ‘ free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game was released on PC in May 2013. Since then it’s had six major releases, each with a period of about six months apart. The game has a complex progression system and a niche appeal, but it has gained a large number of dedicated fans.

This is the Warframe Tier List for May 2023. Every month, MetaTierList updates the tier list for every Warframe. This is a good way to see which Warframe is good to play in the current Meta. Warframe has been around for a very long time and has accumulated a large and very loyal fan base. However, there are newer games that offer the same kind of gameplay but are more polished and with more features.

About Warframe Tier List

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. You explore, upgrade, and fight across an ever-expanding universe.

Warframe Tier List

Warframe Weapons Tier List


WeaponWeapon Type
AcceleratePrimary Weapon
BubonicPrimary Weapon
CedoPrimary Weapon
Gram PrimeMelee Weapon
Guandao PrimeMelee Weapon
Ignis WraithPrimary Weapon
Kronen PrimeMelee Weapon
Kuva BrakkSecondary Weapon
Kuva BrammaPrimary Weapon
Kuva NukorSecondary Weapon
LesionMelee Weapon
Nami Skyla PrimeMelee Weapon
Nikana PrimeMelee Weapon
Orthos PrimeMelee Weapon
ParacesisMelee Weapon
Plague KripathMelee Weapon
Proboscis CernosPrimary Weapon
Pyrana PrimeSecondary Weapon
Reaper PrimeMelee Weapon
Redeemer PrimeMelee Weapon
Rubico PrimePrimary Weapon
SepfahnMelee Weapon
SporelacerPrimary Weapon
StrophaMelee Weapon
TrumnaPrimary Weapon
Venka PrimeMelee Weapon
VitricaMelee Weapon


WeaponWeapon Type
Akjagara PrimeSecondary Weapon
Automatic PrimeSecondary Weapon
Akstiletto PrimeSecondary Weapon
Akvasto PrimeSecondary Weapon
AmprexPrimary Weapon
Arca PlasmorPrimary Weapon
Arca TitronMelee Weapon
Artemis BowPrimary Weapon
AthodaiSecondary Weapon
AtomosSecondary Weapon
BallaMelle Weapon
Baza PrimePrimary Weapon
Broken WarMelle Weapon
CatalystSecondary Weapon
CatchmoonSecondary Weapon
Ceti LaceraMelee Weapon
Corinth PrimePrimary Weapon
CyanexSecondary Weapon
CyathMelee Weapon
Dakra PrimeMelee Weapon
Destreza PrimeMelee Weapon
DokrahmMelee Weapon
Dragon NikanaMelee Weapon
DreadPrimary Weapon
Dual Kamas PrimeMelee Weapon
Dual KeresMelee Weapon
Euphona PrimeSecondary Weapon
ExercisePrimary Weapon
Fragor PrimeMelee Weapon
FulminPrimary Weapon
Galatine PrimeMelee Weapon
GazeSecondary Weapon
Glaive PrimeMelee Weapon
HateMelee Weapon
HirudoMelee Weapon
IronbridgeMelee Weapon
Jat KusarMelee Weapon
Karyst PrimeMelee Weapon
KeratinousMelee Weapon
Kuva ChakkhurrPrimary Weapon
Kuva HindPrimary Weapon
Kuva KohmPrimary Weapon
Kuva OgrisPrimary Weapon
Kuva QuartakkPrimary Weapon
Kuva SeerSecondary Weapon
Kuva ShildegMelee Weapon
Kuva TonkorPrimary Weapon
Kuva Twin StubbasSecondary Weapon
LenzPrimary Weapon
Mara DetronSecondary Weapon
Ninkondi PrimeMelee Weapon
OhmaMelee Weapon
Opticor VandalPrimary Weapon
Pangolin PrimeMelee Weapon
PennantMelee Weapon
PhantasmaPrimary Weapon
Plague KeewarMelee Weapon
Prisma Dual CleaversMelee Weapon
Prisma Twin GremlinsSecondary Weapon
QuassusMelee Weapon
Rakta Dark DaggerMelee Weapon
RattlegutsSecondary Weapon
SepulcrumSecondary Weapon
SchedulePrimary Weapon
Sicarus PrimeSecondary Weapon
Sigma & OctantisMelee Weapon
Silva & Aegis PrimeMelee Weapon
SkiajatiMelee Weapon
Soma PrimePrimary Weapon
StahltaPrimary Weapon
StaticorSecondary Weapon
Supra VandalPrimary Weapon


WeaponWeapon Type
Ack & BruntMelee Weapon
AquariusSecondary Weapon
About PrimeSecondary Weapon
Akbronco PrimeSecondary Weapon
Aklex PrimeSecondary Weapon
AutomaticSecondary Weapon
AmbassadorPrimary Weapon
Arca SciscoSecondary Weapon
Arum SpinosaMelee Weapon
AtillaPrimary Weapon
AtteraxMelee Weapon
AzimaSecondary Weapon
Ballistic PrimeSecondary Weapon
BasePrimary Weapon
BattacorPrimary Weapon
BazaPrimary Weapon
Bo PrimeMelee Weapon
Boar PrimePrimary Weapon
Boltor PrimePrimary Weapon
CassowaryMelee Weapon
CaustacystMelee Weapon
Cernos PrimePrimary Weapon
Cobra and CraneMelee Weapon
ConvectrixPrimary Weapon
CorinthPrimary Weapon
DaikyuPrimary Weapon
Dark Split-SwordMelee Weapon
DentalMelee Weapon
Dex DakraMelee Weapon
Dex FurisSecondary Weapon
Dex SybarisPrimary Weapon
Dual EtherMelee Weapon
Dual ichorMelee Weapon
Dual ToxocystSecondary Weapon
Fang PrimeMelee Weapon
FerroxPrimary Weapon
GalatineMelee Weapon
Glaxion VandalPrimary Weapon
GuandaoMelee Weapon
GunsenMelee Weapon
HekPrimary Weapon
HemaPrimary Weapon
Hikou PrimeSecondary Weapon
HystrixSecondary Weapon
IgnisPrimary Weapon
Jat KittagMelee Weapon
KnellSecondary Weapon
Kogake PrimeMelee Weapon
KohmPrimary Weapon
KomorexPrimary Weapon
KorrudoMelee Weapon
KrohkurMelee Weapon
KronenMelee Weapon
KronshMelee Weapon
Kuva DrakgoonPrimary Weapon
Kuva KarakPrimary Weapon
Kuva KrakenSecondary Weapon


WeaponWeapon Type
AcridSecondary Weapon
AfurisSecondary Weapon
AboutSecondary Weapon
AkjagaraSecondary Weapon
AlexSecondary Weapon
AkmagnusSecondary Weapon
AkstilettoSecondary Weapon
AkvastoSecondary Weapon
AkzaniSecondary Weapon
AmphisMelee Weapon
AngstrumSecondary Weapon
AnkuMelee Weapon
Ankyros PrimeMelee Weapon
ArgonakPrimary Weapon
AtticaPrimary Weapon
BoltaceMelee Weapon
BoltorPrimary Weapon
BrakkSecondary Weapon
Braton PrimePrimary Weapon
Braton VandalPrimary Weapon
Broken ScepterMelee Weapon
Bronco PrimeSecondary Weapon
Burston PrimePrimary Weapon
BuzlokMelee Weapon
CerataMelee Weapon
CernosPrimary Weapon
CestraSecondary Weapon
CycronSecondary Weapon
Dark DaggerMelee Weapon
Dark SwordMelee Weapon
Dera VandalMelee Weapon
DespairSecondary Weapon
DestrezaMelee Weapon
DetronSecondary Weapon
DragoonPrimary Weapon
Dual CestraSecondary Weapon
Dual CleaversMelee Weapon
Dual Heat SwordsMelee Weapon
Dual KamasMelee Weapon
Dual RazaMelee Weapon
Dual ZorenMelee Weapon
EmbolismSecondary Weapon
EnduraMelee Weapon


WeaponWeapon Type
AkbroncoSecondary Weapon
AklatoSecondary Weapon
AnkyrosMelee Weapon
BallisticSecondary Weapon
BoMelee Weapon
BoarPrimary Weapon
BoltonSecondary Weapon
BartonPrimary Weapon
BroncoSecondary Weapon
BurstonPrimary Weapon
CastanasSecondary Weapon
Ceramic DaggerMelee Weapon
CronusMelee Weapon
DeraPrimary Weapon
Dual SkanaMelee Weapon
FangMelee Weapon
FragorMelee Weapon
FuraxMelee Weapon
GorgonPrimary Weapon
Heat DaggerMelee Weapon
HindPrimary Weapon
KamaMelee Weapon
KestrelMelee Weapon
KogakeMelee Weapon
KrakenSecondary Weapon
KunaiSecondary Weapon
LatoSecondary Weapon


WeaponWeapon Type
Nami SoloMelee Weapon
ObexMelee Weapon
ParisPrimary Weapon
QuantaPrimary Weapon
SeerSecondary Weapon
SicarusSecondary Weapon
SaturnPrimary Weapon
SydonMelee Weapon

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