7 Valuable Tips to Make Your Assignments Plagiarism Free Before Submission

Plagiarism is taking someone else’s ideas or words and presenting them as yours. This act is considered unethical and gets unappreciated everywhere, especially in educational institutions; you won’t be forgiven for plagiarism. It can be accidental or intentional; however, the repercussions for both kinds of plagiarism are similar.

Tips to Make Your Assignments Plagiarism Free

Therefore, students need to be extra cautious about plagiarism in assignments they are supposed to submit to their teachers.

If your assignment is found to be plagiarized, you may face the consequences involving lower grade points in return, rejection of the assignment, and in some cases, rustication.

Therefore, your primary objective as a student should be to keep your assignments plagiarism-free. We know freeing your academic write-ups several years ago was an uphill task. However, plagiarism checkers are available these days to keep you free of worries. In addition to these tools, there are some practical tips.

We have put together various valuable tips to help you make your assignments plagiarism-free before submitting them. If you want to know more about these tips, read this entire writing attentively. Further details are given below:

1.   Schedule Your Time

Working on any task properly, requires you to schedule your time and follow it. For example, if you are asked to submit a particular assignment before a specific date, you must schedule your time until the deadline. Make sure you divide the entire process into three separate phases and allocate equal time to all these phases.

The first phase is research, and the second phase is writing. Once you have completed both these phases, the last phase comes, in which you need to proofread your write-up and check plagiarism using a reliable tool.

2.   Research Properly

As mentioned earlier, your assignment formulation process should be divided into three phases, and its first phase should be noticed. Performing research for an academic write-up is a serious task, and the grades you will get generally depend on your research’s effectiveness.

Hence, ensure that you have given proper time and effort to the research activity before starting the writing process. Otherwise, you will be unable to create an impressive assignment.

3.   Never Rely on Just a Couple of Resources for Research

Most students need to rely on more than just a few resources for research purposes. This action can lead to the involvement of duplication in their write-ups.

In addition to duplication, there are chances of resemblance in the writing style. If this kind of duplication gets identified by the assessing jury, students face severe repercussions, including an impact on their academic and professional future.

Therefore, it is worth advising that students make a list of relevant sources while performing research and go through them to get ideas and references.

4.   Must Ensure the Uniqueness

To make your assignments plagiarism-free, it is essential to become aware of the duplicate content in those assignments. It is only possible when you have a reliable plagiarism checker. The tool you use to check plagiarism has access to a massive database with billions of web pages and other sources, and it compares your content with the content of those pages.

Additionally, the tool is based on an AI-based algorithm to help you get an accurate plagiarism report. Using such a plagiarism detector will help you identify duplicate content, and you can get rid of it by paraphrasing or rewriting it and submit a plagiarism-free assignment.

5.   Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination can be defined as delaying things with the belief that you can do it all in just a day or two. However, things work differently. Procrastination is not a practical approach, and it leads you to sluggishness (not just in your academic life but professional one as well).

The tip we discussed in the first place can help you avoid procrastination. Once you have made a schedule, make yourself work accordingly, by hook or crook. Doing so will help you achieve better results.

6.   Cite Your Sources Properly

When it comes to preparing academic write-ups, the most challenging job for a majority of students is citing their sources properly. This problem occurs because of the inability of students to keep information about the sources they have used to obtain relevant information or a need for knowledge about the citation formats used frequently.

As a student, you must ensure that you have cited your sources correctly and according to the recommended format. If you fail to cite your sources properly, you may also face the allegation of plagiarism.

7.   Paraphrase Where Needed

You can only add a few citations to your assignments. Including loads of citations in your academic write-up will raise the amount of duplication well beyond the allowed limit.

Once the duplication exceeds the allowed limit, it falls into the category of plagiarism, and students have to face the resultant consequences because of that. Hence, sometimes it is better to include references in the paraphrased format to avoid duplication. Additionally, the plagiarism check report may show duplicate content in your writing; you can get rid of it with the help of paraphrasing.

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