Simple Tips on How to Write a Perfect Thesis Statement

Is there less and less time left before writing an essay? It means that an approximate understanding of the task is no longer enough: it’s time to move on to specifics. The task of every student who is going to write an essay is to learn how to clearly formulate the thesis and support it with literary arguments. And we will help you with this!

When preparing to write a paper, students often feel that they are sufficiently familiar with all the concepts and know which one means what. However, when it comes to practice, many students face difficulties precisely because their knowledge is “approximate.”

If you get into such a situation and have approximate knowledge for writing a specific paper, don’t worry. Let’s say you have difficulties with research paper writing. There is a quick way out. Students can pay for research papers, and professional writers will write samples that will give a clear understanding of what to write in papers.

What is an essay thesis statement?

Remember that when preparing for any assignment, you must be 100% sure of every word. The brain is a lazy organ; it will do everything so that you postpone the detailed study of the task until “later,” but you need to “make an agreement” with it. The key to successful assignments is understanding what the teachers want to see in your paper.

Write a Perfect Thesis Statement

Now let’s get down to business. Many students have not been able to figure out what a thesis for an essay is. Teachers at school say something incomprehensible, articles on the Internet are full of generalized formulations and abstruse words, and it is difficult to find real, detailed explanations.

The thesis is your answer to the question that is presented in the topic of the essay. “Wow, is that so easy?” Yes, it’s very simple.

Now let’s discuss a little more: the thesis in the essay will be your personal (not everyone’s else) position on the question presented in the assignment. Next, you will need to briefly explain what your position implies and support it with suitable arguments from literary works.

How to formulate a thesis statement for the essay?

Each student, in preparation for writing an essay, asks this question. How to formulate a thesis for the essay? It is very simple to do! Answer the question and state your position clearly. To make it clearer, let’s analyze the thesis statements for several topics.

Topic: Travel is a way of knowing yourself and the world.

Thesis: I agree with the statement that travel is one of the best ways to get to know yourself and the world around you. Other people and countries help a person realize their own uniqueness and diversity of our planet, and comparing new places with native lands and people in them reveals many features of culture and mentality and makes us think about “eternal” questions.

Topic: What does the reading experience add to life experience?

Thesis: In my opinion, the reader’s experience greatly facilitates a person’s life, making it richer and more diverse. Examples from literary works help to broaden one’s horizons, analyze the world around, noticing a significant number of features and changes in it.

Topic: What is a crime?

Thesis: I think that a crime should be called such an act that causes harm to a person’s environment. Crimes can be different: in relation to other people, to animals, or to the environment, but they are all destructive to a person.

Topic: Does modern society need change?

Thesis: I am sure that modern society is far from ideal, and I believe that some changes in its structure are simply necessary. For example, in order for society to become better, people should become kinder to each other and be focused on the overall development and improvement of life; our common goal should be to improve the world around us, and not disputes, competition, and wars.

Topic: Do people change in the face of technological progress?

Thesis: Of course, technological progress has had a strong impact on people, their lifestyle, character, and goals. On the one hand, the development of the world of technology has given us a huge number of opportunities that were once difficult to even think of, but on the other hand, progress has made people less humane, and the world has turned into an endless race of machines.

Try to formulate your own theses based on your real opinion. You should not try to please the experts by arguing a thesis with which you internally disagree – it is better to express your position and prove it by citing arguments from classical works.

How to formulate a thesis for an essay based on classical work

The type of speech of such an essay is reasoning – that’s why students must adhere to the following structure:

  • Thesis.
  • Arguments (evidence).
  • Conclusion.

Work on an essay consists of several stages, at each of which it is necessary to carry out certain work. But we are going to talk about a thesis section. A thesis is a thought that needs to be proven. In it, you must answer the question posed in the assignment. The assignment usually goes like this:

  1. Explain how you understand the meaning of the text ending.
  2. Explain how you understand the meaning of the text fragment.

Therefore, in the first paragraph of the essay, you need to briefly formulate your understanding of the meaning of the fragment. The structure of the thesis can be as follows:

Text snippet:

  • The text (name of the author) ends with the following words: “Quote of the fragment.”
  • In the text (name of the author), there are the following words: “Quote of the fragment.”

Explanation of its meaning:

  • The meaning of the last lines tells us that…
  • In my opinion, the author’s idea is that …
  • In my opinion, in this passage, the author says that …
  • I understand the meaning of this fragment as follows: …
  • In this sentence, the author expresses the idea that …

Remember that your thesis can be anything. There is no perfect phrase for which you will immediately be given a high grade. An essay is a paper that requires your thoughts and convincing arguments, as well as at least a little reading experience.

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