Time Defenders Tier List (February 2023) Update

Time Defenders Tier List is the guide to the best time-traveling heroes and villains! We update our rankings every month, so be sure to check back often in February 2023.

Time Defenders is a time-traveling game where your goal is to save the world from the Dire Dae. During the game’s release, several new characters were added to the Time Defenders Tier List. This blog will be a comprehensive look at character strengths and weaknesses and provide a tier list to help players pick the best characters for their team.

As of Week 12, the top 5 Time Defenders are Franco (FPL), Ederson (FPL), Elliot (FPL), Patricio (FPL), and Jan Oblak (FPL). This blog will look at whether the top 5 keep their positions going into Week 13. Time Defenders are defined as goalkeepers with a ranking of 5.5 or lower on the FPL. The list is based not only on the goalkeepers’ performances this week but also on the 3 previous three weeks.

With the arrival of the new update, Time defenders are now more popular than ever. Here is a tier list guide that will be updated regularly to help you choose the right team. I hope this guide will help you climb the ladder and go on to win the Time Defender Gauntlet.

About Time Defenders Tier List

The Time Defenders Tier List is a monthly updated list of the best heroes in the game. February update has just been released and there are some new faces at the top! See who made the cut and who didn’t and find out who the top contenders are for this month.

Time Defenders Tier List

Time Defenders Tier List 2023

The new Time Defenders hero Tier List is now available for February 2023, So, let’s find out from the top of the list to the bottom.

S Tier – Time Defenders Tier List

Characters ClassTier
Robin Hood (R)  Ranger               Tier – S
Cannonball (SSR)  Guardian          Tier – S
Carmilla (SSR)  Esper  Tier – S
Metheus (SSR)  Esper  Tier – S
Aigle (SSR)  HealerTier – S
Bride (SSR)  HealerTier – S
Noir (SSR)  Ranger               Tier – S
Natalya (SR)  Ranger               Tier – S
Kudlak (SR)  StrikerTier – S
Kresnik (R)  StrikerTier – S
Akira (SSR)  Supporter        Tier – S
Hua (SSR)  StrikerTier – S
Asteria (SR)  Esper  Tier – S
Baphomet (SR)  Assault              Tier – S

A Tier–Time Defenders Tier List

Characters ClassTier
Jin (SR) Esper    Tier – A
Shinobu (R) Assault                Tier – A
Taiwan (SR) Guardian            Tier – A
Stella (SR) Ranger Tier – A
Leonemea (SR) Striker  Tier – A
Suzukahime (SSR) Assault                Tier – A
CAESAR (R) Specialist            Tier – A
Mercuria (SSR) Supporter          Tier – A
Charles (SR) Assault                Tier – A
Snegurochika (SR) Esper    Tier – A
Siegfried (SR) Guardian            Tier – A
Bjorn (SR) Striker  Tier – A
Hank (N) Specialist            Tier – A
Shirley (SR) Healer  Tier – A
Midas (SR) Guardian            Tier – A
Beatrice (SSR) Esper    Tier – A
Hector (SSR) Guardian              Tier – A
Brigantia (SR) Guardian            Tier – A
Sayre (SSR) Assault                Tier – A

B Tier – Time Defenders Tier List

Characters ClassTier
Bianca (N) RangerTier – B
Violetta (R) Healer Tier – B
Lilim (R) Healer Tier – B
Ragnar (R) Guardian           Tier – B
Caesabellanus (R) Specialist           Tier – B
Comics(R) Assault               Tier – B
Envious (SR) Supporter         Tier – B
Ripper (R) Assault               Tier – B
Annabel (SR) Striker Tier – B
Achilles (SR) Striker Tier – B
Rose (SSR) Specialist           Tier – B
Brownie (SR) Supporter         Tier – B
Guison (R) Healer Tier – B
Miko (SR) Striker Tier – B
Clementine (R) Specialist           Tier – B
Joe (R) RangerTier – B
Wild Bull (SR) RangerTier – B
Leos (SSR) RangerTier – B
Furia (SR) Supporter         Tier – B
Saint Getorix (SSR) RangerTier – B
Hilda (N) RangerTier – B

C Tier – Time Defenders Tier List

Characters ClassTier
Ian (R) Supporter         Tier – C
Mickey (N) Guardian           Tier – C
Mamoru (N) Guardian           Tier – C
Hayato (N) RangerTier – C
Ouka (R) RangerTier – C
Louis (N) Esper   Tier – C
Lily (N) Healer Tier – C
Rio (N) Assault               Tier – C
Angela (N) Healer Tier – C
Naoko (N) Striker Tier – C

Time Defenders Ranger Tier List 2023

Tier – SNoir, Natalya
Tier – AStella, Robin Hood, Saint Getorix
Tier – BWild Bull, Bianca, Leos
Tier – CHilda, Joe, Hayato
Tier – DOkay

Time Defenders Guardian Tier List 2023

Tier – SCannonball
Tier – AMidas, Siegfried, Brigantia, Hector, Taywaz
Tier – BRagnar
Tier – CMickey
Tier – DMamoru

Time Defenders Esper Tier List 2023

Tier – SCarmilla, Asteria, Methods
Tier – AJin, Snegurochika, Beatrice
Tier – B——
Tier – CLouis
Tier – D——

Time Defenders Healer Tier List 2023

Tier – SBride, Aigle
Tier – AShirley
Tier – BVioletta, Lilim
Tier – CAngela, Guison
Tier – DLily

Time Defenders Striker Tier List 2023

Tier – SKudlak, Hua, Kresnik
Tier – ALeonnemea, Bjorn
Tier – BAnnabel, Achilles, Miko
Tier – CNaoko
Tier – D——

Time Defenders Supporter Tier List 2023

Tier – SAkira
Tier – AMercuria
Tier – BEnvious, Brownie
Tier – C——
Tier – DIan

Time Defenders Assault Tier List 2023

Tier – SSayre, Baphomera
Tier – AShinobu, Charles, Suzukahime
Tier – BComics
Tier – CRio, Ripper
Tier – D——

Time Defenders Specialist Tier List 2023

Tier – S——
Tier – AHank, Casea, Rose
Tier – BFuriae, Caesabellanus
Tier – CClementine
Tier – D——


Why do tier lists in fighting games change over time?

Tier lists are a crucial component of the competitive fighting game community. They help players quickly assess the relative strength of their opponents and make decisions about how to approach each matchup.

What does the tier list? And to create a tier list?

A tier list is a ranking system that helps people make informed decisions about which products or services to buy. It can be used for anything, from movies to restaurants to cars.

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