TAFCOP Portal – Check Your Active Mobile Connections

TAFCOP Portal (Telecom Analytics for Fraud management and Consumer Protection) check how many active mobile connections are in your name.

As per the directions contained in the judgment and order dated27.04.2012 rendered by the Hon ’ ble Supreme Court of India in WP( C)No.285/2010, a common expert commission was constituted in the fleck( TAF_COP). After taking into consideration the recommendations made by the Committee, the instructions have been perfected and the same are being issued through this letter.

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TAFCOP Portal – Check Your Active Mobile Connections


Before the practice of eKYC with point verification came on for getting a new SIM card, it wasn’t veritably hard for frauds to get a SIM card issued in anyone’s name.

In order to strain the safety from identity theft, the Department of Telecommunication lately launched a gate where any Aadhaar holder can check SIM cards issued in their name. The gate is called Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection( TAFCOP). By following many simple ways, you can check the list of mobile figures issued in your name.

AP, TS TAF COP Consumer Portal

In the Current days, Getting a New SIM card isn’t veritably hard from the available Networks. It’s veritably easy to get further SIM Cards from Airtel, JIO, VI, etc networks. The Aadhar Card eKYC and Fingerprint Verification are obligatory.

Portal Services

After logging onto the TAFCOP gate, you may corroborate the total number of mobile figures that have been actuated and connected to your Aadhaar Card. Follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. All Telangana and Andhra Pradesh state subscribers who have further than 9 SIM Cards in their Name will get the SMS from the TAFCOP department.
  2. The Subscribers of AP/ TS having further than 9 SIM cards linked with Aadhar Card should click Then to take immediate action.
  3. The Subscribers who wish to track the status of the SIMs connected with the Aadhar Card should follow the way listed below and Get Results.

How to Track the Number of SIMs on your Name status

1st Step: To find the Number of SIMs registered on your Names, the client should visit the TAF Bobby Portal i.e. https//tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/.

2nd Step: On the valve- Bobby Home runner, the client should enter their 10 integers Mobile Number and click on the Request OTP button.

3rd Step: Next, the client should enter the OTP and validate the one-time word by hitting the Validate button.

4th Step: After validating the OTP, the client will get the List of Mobile figures which are registered on your IDs and name. However, You can elect the Mobile number and track the Report, If you have further than one Number registered on your Aadhar Number. Or differently, block the SIM Card.

What is TAFCOP Portal?

TAF- Bobby gate is a website launched by fleck that makes sure fleck provides the right allocations of assets.

In addition, it prohibits fraud conditioning related to the telecommunication department. According to the government rule, a stoner can register only nine mobile figures on his ID or name.

The TAF- Cop Bobby gate has been developed to check the number of mobile figures working on a particular existent’s name.

It helps its consumers by taking important way to regularise their other mobile figures if any. still, the gate has a high responsibility to manage CAFs.

This gate also facilitates its subscribers to shoot announcements by SMS. However, the gate will notify you, If your ID is being used to buy SIM cards above 9. the portal will notify you.

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Highlights of The Tafcop Portal

Name of PortalTAF COP Portal
Complete NameTelecom Analytics For Fraud Management & Consumer Protection
Managed ByDepartment of Telecommunications
Article Nametafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in – Taf Cop Portal, Top Cap QR Code Generator Portal – tapcap
CategoryHow To
TAF COP Portal Available ForTelecom Subscribers
AdvantagesBy using this portal, you can grab the details for Online Connection Registered on Subscribers Name with Status and SIM Number Registered.
Official Websitetafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in

Get Tafcop Portal Status

Great news blazoned by the Telecom Services India for Telecom Subscribers has modified a new point for them by which they may fluently get the Status of the Online Connection Registered Under them. The Telecom Subscribers may produce a Department of Telecommunications Login for better use and Advantages.

You may also check the complete process of checking the status of the Telecom Subscriber Online Connection Registration with the help of the sanctioned website i.e.tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in. The TAFCOP Telecommunications Portal is full of numerous features as mentioned in former details. The TAFCOP Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan, and each over India Subscribers may use this Portal.

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