10 Best Small Business Ideas for Villages in India 2022

Small business ideas for villages in India 2022: Are you finding the best best profitable business ideas for rural areas. Here you can get the best small business Ideas for villages, small towns in India. So let’s crack it,

Small business ideas for villages in India 2022

Most of the population of India lives in rural areas. If you’re trying to find small business ideas for rural areas in India then you’re on the proper path.

According to data, nearly 70% of the population lives in rural areas, which suggests you’ve got an excellent opportunity to start out your business.

There are new ways available to start out a business which will be started with minimum initial investments.

Starting a business isn’t a difficult process. to start out a business you would like to seek out an honest concept can solve a drag or add some value to the lifetime of citizenry .
There are many opportunities available which will convert into profitable businesses albeit living during a country of India.

Here may be a brief detail of the foremost profitable business in country in India.

Growth of the nation’s economy. to start out businesses in villages, business owners don’t got to worry much about strict regulations, detailed paperwork, high-end infrastructure, advanced equipment, etc.

Best 10 Profitable Business Ideas for rural areas

People in villages either contribute to the agricultural industry or majorly are engaged in businesses associated with retail, livestock, trading and manufacturing sectors.

Small business ideas for villages in India 2021, Best 10 Profitable Business Ideas for rural areas
Best 10 Profitable Business Ideas for rural areas in India

Small or business owners in villages aren’t barren of opportunities, as they need ample of companies to start out , grow, expand and flourish. during this section, we shall be further discussing a number of the leading small business ideas in rural areas.

  • Poultry Farm
  • Flour mill
  • Electronics, Mobile and Accessories Store
  • Small Scale Manufacturing Units
  • Diagnostic Centre
  • Fertilizers and Seeds Storage Store
  • Fruits and Vegetables Vending Shop
  • Grocery/Kirana Store
  • Livestock Farming
  • Dairy Farming

1. Poultry Farm

Opening a poultry farm business doesn’t require much money nor much land. the sole task is that the rearing of small chicken for a few weeks after which they will be sold off within the market or to the wholesalers. Poultry farms require initial investment; however, returns aren’t instant. Therefore, it’s recommended to start out this business on a contractual basis. Poultry farm gives dual earnings of meat, also as eggs at an equivalent time.

2. Flour mill

Another concept are often worth exploring is that the establishment of a mill . In rural areas there’s no paucity of raw material(cereal) for the flour mills, moreover, people don’t purchase the packed flour from the markets as visible in urban areas. it’s a really feasible and profitable business if you grind other grains along side wheat like corn, oats, barley, sorghum, and spices like turmeric, chilli, etc.

The mill also can supply the products to nearby cities and towns at profits. it’s an honest business and requires limited money but an honest electrical connection to start out and run the business.

3. Electronics, Mobile and Accessories Store

Technology, communication and entertainment shouldn’t lag behind in villages, as majority of India’s populace comes from villages only. Even the thought of opening an electronics store during a small village may be a huge success. Almost every villager wants to speak with their families, so mobiles are a necessity now. Therefore, only the saleable mobiles might be kept within the stock without making much of investment during a good locality.

4. Small Scale Manufacturing Units

Small scale manufacturing businesses include various sorts of products, including disposable paper plates, cups, paper bags and lots of more. Disposable products in today’s market are in high demand and investment required to open this business isn’t much. Most of the cash is invested in raw materials and related resources.

5. Diagnostic Centre

Like in urban cities, people living in villages or rural areas also are resistant to catch diseases or fall ill . Basic healthcare facilities are provided by the govt with the assistance of dispensaries but still there always may be a requirement of a specialised diagnostic centre which will provide treatment at local level at lesser fees. Opening a diagnostic centre doesn’t require much investment. Initial investment includes centre’s rent, medicine cost and salary of staff.

6. Fertilizers and Seeds Storage Store

Villages contains farmers and farmers believe agriculture. To earn their livelihood villagers must make sure that their crops are well irrigated and further sold at good prices. to form things easy for villagers, the business of opening a storage store of fertilizers and seeds are often of much interest. This business doesn’t require much investment, as just the acquisition of fertilizers and seeds with a store can make anyone run this business.

7. Fruits and Vegetables Vending Shop

This is the only and commonest business for anyone and mostly for native villagers living within the same village. People interested can directly attend the wholesale market and buy fruits and vegetables at lower rates and earn profits by selling it at a relatively higher price in their village.

8. Grocery/Kirana Store

This business idea is widely explored by almost every segment of society. Every household in every village requires grocery. So, opening a ‘Kirana’ store is one among the only businesses in India. Reach out for suppliers of the products that are required to be sold, get a store of rent and begin this business directly .

9. Livestock Farming

Livestock farming means rearing goats, hen, cows during which the value of business includes the investment in sort of animal purchase and feeding them. this sort of rural business has provided profits to business owners.

10. Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is another good small business ideas for villages in India 2021 . If you’ve got your own land then this will be best suitable for you because you would like to grow green fodder for your animals.

This is one among the highest business ideas in rural areas. To enter the dairying business you’ve got to undergo training from the farming department in your district.

After taking training from various institutes you’ll also apply for a loan to start out your venture.

In the dairying business, you’ll earn through various ways like,

  • By sell milk within the retail market
  • By sell milk to varied companies
  • By producing and selling products like “Paneer”, “Ghee”.
  • By supplying milk to sweet shops.
  • Or by selling animals after making good milking breeds.

In the dairy business, you’ve got to settle on a breed of upper capacity milk. Your diligence can pay you in terms of cash .

In your farming, you furthermore may got to work on

  • Feed management
  • Disease management
  • Environmental conditions of your farm

Other Best Small Business Ideas for villages in India 2022

  • Sweet shops
  • Tailor shop
  • Electronics shop
  • Saloon shop
  • Cosmetics shop
  • Two-wheeler/four wheeler mechanic
  • Fruit shop/juice shop
  • TV/Radio/Mobile mechanic
  • Electrical/plumber shop

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How to get a Loan for your Small Business?

A small commercial business loan may be a customized loan to satisfy the financial requirements of a small/medium size enterprise. it’s collateral in nature and is obtainable by all financial institutions to eligible borrowers.

Benefits of small business loan:

Some of the advantages of the tiny commercial loan are:

  • There is the pliability to pick from different loan schemes. Government scheme like CGTMSE even doesn’t need collateral or third-party guarantee.
  • There is flexibility within the repayment tenure and depending upon the convenience, one can select the EMI option.
  • The rate of interest in government-backed schemes is low.
  • It is easy to avail of the loans and therefore the loan amount disbursement is quick.

Eligibility criteria of alittle Business loan

The eligibility criteria to urge alittle commercial loan is:

  • Age: Minimum – 21 yrs, Maximum – 70 yrs
  • Nationality: Indian nationals
  • No case of default with any financial institutions
  • Bank statements of last 12 months
  • Income tax returns for last two years
  • Documents required to avail alittle business loan:
  • Dully filled application form with KYC documents
  • Complete business plan
  • Identity proof: PAN card, Aadhar card, Voter ID, driver’s license
  • Residence proof: Utility bills, PAN card, card

Business registration documents

  • Income tax returns of last two years
  • All kinds of license and required permits

Where to Apply a Small Business Loan?

You can Contact with your nearest Bank with these Documents.


Is there government provided support for organic farming?

Yes, in order to encourage organic farming in the country, the government provides the necessary assistance. In addition to “NABARD”, different other government schemes provide loans to farmers to grow organic crops.

Is there fisheries/poultry are income-tax free?


the income from fisheries/poultry business are not income tax-free. Although they are under the agriculture allied activities & It’s are taxable.

To starting a poultry business it's requires a license?

Yes, it’s necessary to require a permit from relevant state and native authorities before starting a poultry business. Also, NOC from electricity and water department required.

Which businesses are more profitable in rural areas?

Businesses that are agriculture-related are more likely to succeed because the staple is in abundant supply, while you’ll send the availability to the nearby towns and cities for greater profitability.

The Conclusion

Hindi article I am providing information about, Small business ideas for villages in India 2022, if you have any suggestions about Small business ideas for villages in India 2022, you can contact us with our about us page.

These are some good and profitable small business ideas for rural areas in India.

Once you opt to maneuver into some business, you’ll consider these ideas to start out your own business and ventures.

We wish you the simplest of luck for your future.

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