ROG Smart Lens: World’s First Gaming Contact Lens for gamers

ROG Smart Lens: ROG has introduced the world’s first gaming contact lens for gamers, Now you can take your gameplay to another dimension.

The conception of contact lenses that can deliver real-time information to the mortal eye has been around in pictures for time. But there are several companies right now hoping to make that vision a reality.

During CES 2022, Mojo Vision blazoned hookups with Adidas and other athletic companies for its hard electronic lens. The company has demonstrated that its device, when held in front of an eye, can display textbooks and images.

About ROG Smart Lens

As my eyes flitted around the room, I moved through a virtual interface only visible to me — scrolling through a timetable, looking up commute times home, and indeed controlling music playback. It’s what I theoretically need to do to use Mojo Lens, a smart contact lens coming from a company called Mojo Vision.

ROG Smart Lens

The California- grounded company, which has been quiet about what it’s been working on five times, has eventually participated in its plan for the world’s” first true smart contact lens.”But let’s be clear This isn’t a product you will see on store shelves coming afterlife.

It’s in the exploration and development phase — many times down from getting a real product. The demonstrations I tried didn’t indeed involve me planking on a contact lens — they used virtual reality headsets and held up big prototypes to my eye,


At ROG, we are always pushing the limits of what technology can do to make us better gamers. But we have perfected the PC so much, that it’s time to look inward and push the limits of the mortal body, here is complete info about ROG Smart Lens.

Blue_LightEye and head tracking are built-in_Filter

Eye and head tracking are built-in

There’s no longer a demand for a separate eye-tracking device. The ROG Smart Lens analyzes your eye and head movements and compensates with the in-game camera, giving you an immersive advantage in racing and flight simulation games.

Blue Light Filter

Blue Light Filter

The ROG Smart Lens is certified for low blue light and reacts to ambient light conditions to block out dangerous shafts. With lower eye strain, you’ll be suitable to perform the better in-game, icing that you noway miss a kill late at night. Pukka for low blue light,

the ROG Smart Lens automatically adjusts to ambient light conditions to sludge out dangerous shafts. Lower eye strain means better performance in-game, so you noway miss a kill late at night.

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Armory Crate Control

Erected with full Air Sync comity, the ROG Smart Lens is completely configurable in Armoury Crate. Acclimate the color, intensity, and shape of your retina in just many clicks. Sync RGB lighting patterns to match your battle station, or give yourself unheroic cat eyes to put yourself right in The Witcher’s monster-stalking shoes. These modes are also available on our mobile app, allowing you to keep your RGB on display anywhere you go.

Eye Movements

Eye Movements

Noway again Alt-Tab is out of a game. ROG Smart Lens‘ clever gestures enable all of the following functionalities. To avoid having to take your hand down from the mouse and computer, assign any action to a series of blinks, winks, and twitches.

Command Center of the ROG

Command Center of the ROG

The ROG Command Center allows you to have complete control over your system. View vital system data similar to skin temperature, GPU frequency, battery position, and frame rate. With a simple Bluetooth connection, you can alter examiner brilliance, CPU addict angles, and indeed overclock the refresh rate of your eyeballs on the cover. You’re always in the motorist’s seat with ROG Command Center.

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ROG Command Center

See critical system information like skin temperature, GPU frequency, battery position, and FPS. Make adaptations to cover brilliance, CPU addict angles, or overclock the refresh rate of your own eyes on the cover with a simple Bluetooth connection. With ROG Command Center, you’re always in the motorist’s seat.

App Store With A Purpose

App Store With A Purpose

As you go about your day, play your favorite AR games, learn about megacity spots with Wikipedia integration, and take in as numerous commercials as your eyes can bear. For peace, you can use accessible sequestration settings to mute and block prickly passers-by on the road.

Case for Charging

The ROG Smart Lens comes with a stylish fast-charging case. Thanks to the specially designed cleaning solution, you can charge and clean your lenses in one hour without damaging the components.

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