Revived Witch Tier List 2023 (February) Characters List

It’s that time of year again! The new Revived Witch Tier List is out, and there are some new characters to watch out for! Here’s a quick rundown of the new characters and what they bring to the game. Read more here.

Tier lists in general are helpful for beginners to get a general sense of the meta-game and for pros to see what’s being played and how characters match up to each other. A tier list for revival witches adds another dimension to this. Many revival witches are similar to their non-revival counterparts, but there are subtle differences that can be exploited. Here is a look at a tier list for revival witches.

After spending two years on hiatus, the Witch tier list is back! It’s been a long time coming but the Witch tier list finally makes its grand return in February 2023. This tier list is revived using the meta up to December 2023 and the newest characters of Rachel, Eliza, and now finally Pyrrha!

The infamous Witch tier list has been revived. Introducing Revived Witch Tier List & Reroll Guide 2023. This tier list features the current state of the game and will be updated as needed. It is recommended that you read the tier list thoroughly before proceeding.

This tier list will not only feature some of the best witches but also provide tips on how to choose a good witch. Some of the things that will be covered are the class tree (the best talents for each tier), the skill allocation (how to distribute your skill points)

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About Revived Witch Tier List

This is a list done by a number of different players from all over the world discussing the card usage and viability of the card (s) in the 2023 format. This list is done on a yearly basis for two reasons. The first is to better enable the player base to look at the format and see how to unlock its potential and how to use cards better to A: get more wins and B: make the game more fun to play.

Revived Witch Tier List

Revived Witch Tier List: Best Destroyer Characters

  • Yui – SSR
  • Raphan – Tier 1
  • Kapla – UR
  • Ella – UR
  • Parfait – UR
  • Kyphon – SSR
  • Hilda – SR
  • Octavia – SR
  • Fey – R
  • Miku – SR
  • Little Akasha – N/A
  • Suigetsu – New Doll
  • Betsy – New Doll

Ella – Tier 2 – UR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Grade: UR
  • Skills: AoE DMG, Reduces DEF of enemies

Yui – Tier 0 – SSR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 0
  • Grade: SSR
  • Skills: Single Target PHY DMG

Kyphon – Tier 3 – SSR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Grade: SSR
  • Skills: AoE, Single Target DMG

Octavia – Tier 4 – SR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 4
  • Grade: SR
  • Skills: AoE, Single Target, Stun

Hilda – Tier 4 – SR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 4
  • Grade: SR
  • Skills: AoE

Revived Witch Tier List: Best Assassin Characters

  • Isabel – Tier 0
  • Dark Anemone – N/A Tier(New Doll)
  • Asherah – N/A Tier(New Doll)
  • Sally – Tier 2
  • Celanya – Tier 0 UR
  • Akasha – Tier 1 – UR
  • Blue Shift Watcher – Matveiffe – Tier 1 – UR
  • Inn & Lou – Tier 3 – SSR
  • Phrygia – Tier 2
  • Nocturna – Tier 3 – SSR
  • Elis – Tier 4 – SR
  • Shuffle – Tier 3 – SSR
  • Nemesis – Tier 4 – SR

Celanya – Tier 0 – UR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 0
  • Grade: UR
  • Skills: AoE PHY DMG

Akasha – Tier 1 – UR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 1
  • Grade: UR
  • Skills: Single Target DMG

Blue Shift Watcher – Matveiffe – Tier 1 – UR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 0
  • Grade: UR
  • Skills: SINGLE target PHY DMG + removes buff from the enemy. 

Inn & Lou – Tier 3 – SSR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Grade: SSR
  • Skills: Single Target DMG

Shuffle – Tier 3 – SSR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Grade: SSR
  • Skills: Single Target DMG

Nocturna – Tier 3 – SSR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Grade: SSR
  • Skills: AoE DMG

Elis – Tier 4 – SR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 4
  • Grade: SR
  • Skills: AoE DMG

Nemesis – Tier 4 – SR

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 4
  • Grade: SR
  • Skills: Single Target DMG


Can Scarlet Witch use her powers to revive someone?

In the comic book storyline, Scarlet Witch sacrificed herself to save her friend Vision from being crushed by an avalanche. Since then, there has been a lot of speculation about whether or not she could be brought back to life.

Is Witch from Edens’s Zero actually dead or can she at least be revived?

Zero is a dystopian shooter that was released in 2017. It’s available on PC and PlayStation 4. In the game, players take control of a character named Raven who must fight against the military empire known as Eden’s Zero.

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