Who is the New President of Afghanistan? – Complete Info

Who will be the New President of Afghanistan after the Taliban take over the parliament, there was a high chance with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, here I’m describing all of the information about Afghanistan’s new president, who is he? and also discuss his life history.

Everyone knows the current situation of Afghanistan after taking over the Taliban. In only a couple of hours, the President of Afghanistan has left the country. due to the forces attack the Capital of Afghanistan that has Kabul. On Sunday, the insurgency’s forces have surrounded Kabul city. thanks to which the collapse of the Afghanistan Government has been ensured. Now all are looking that, Who is the new president of Afghanistan? The rule of the insurgent group has been mended within the Country.

After rolling effortlessly to power, the Taliban face the hardscrabble of give-and-take politics and appear to be in negotiations to accommodate several interests within the factions and tribes, and within the ecosystem that helped and supported them — Pakistan’s security establishment may be the main part of this — and even their “enemies”.

New President of Afghanistan

So, the directive of those groups has taken the primary time in 20 years. due to this act, President Ashraf Ghani and his cabinet members have left the place from their country. However, the fighters of the Taliban have appropriated Kabul city. thanks to this, the people have faced numerous issues with this act.

Now the country’s new rulers have also targeted the people of Afghanistan. that’s why efforts have also been made for the airlift program for Western Diplomats, Afghans, Civilians for helping them. The President has also triggered various efforts but as he left, the media has called him a coward. If you furthermore may want to understand about full details associated with this situation then do read the complete article.

Who is going to be the New President of Afghanistan?

Now all the planet is trying to find that who is going to be the subsequent president of Afghanistan. Mullah Baradar could also be the subsequent president of the country. Who is one of the founding fathers of the Taliban? On the opposite side, Ashraf Ghani does not announce anything about their political career.

Who is the New President of Afghanistan

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the co-founder and deputy leader of the Taliban, is probably going to be the subsequent president of Afghanistan. The Taliban is about to regulate the war-torn country. the govt collapsed soon after the US withdrew its forces.

We have come here to share all the small print associated with the newest updates in Afghanistan. Also, the Afghan Police deserted from their post. therefore the Taliban have to get to maintain the general public order within the country. the safety forces working under the country have also been demoralized because the fighters of the Taliban’s seized the country’s most part in only a few days.

At first, the Taliban have conveyed that they need not entered the Capital of Afghanistan i.e Kabul. on the other hand, they changed their plan. Today in Afghanistan massive change went on because the Taliban’s entered Kabul city. Recently they need also released one statement that for preventing loot and chaos within the country, higher leaders like Islamic Emirate have asked mujahedeen to regulate the abandoned areas.

Complete Information about New President of Afghanistan Abdul Baradar

Mullah Baradar belongs to the Popalzai Pashtun tribe and is understood as a co-founder of the Taliban alongside Mullah Muhammad Omar, the primary Amir. Omar, of the Hotak tribe, is claimed to possess been extremely on the brink of Baradar, which suggests brother, a nickname that the Amir gave him. Baradar was designated under UNSC 1272 in 2001 and remains on the list.

Life History about New President of Afghanistan Abdul Baradar
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In 2010, Baradar was detained by the ISI as he had begun to reply to overtures for peace talks from then-President Hamid Karzai, a fellow Popalzai. Karzai was anything but Pakistan’s man, and thru his years in office and until months ago, was vocal about the role of the Pakistan military within the conflict.

Baradar spent eight years in incarceration and was released only the Trump Administration launched talks with the Taliban in 2018. He headed the nine-member Taliban team that negotiated with US Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad — they were the 2 signatories to the Doha Agreement last year, by which the US agreed to withdraw its troops on condition that the Taliban wouldn’t shelter al-Qaeda or ISIS, and would hold negotiations with other Afghans to reach a political settlement to finish the war.

Life History about New President of Afghanistan Abdul Baradar

There was some important information about Abdul Baradar, to understand about this new president of Afghanistan,

  1. Mullah Baradar chose to the touch down within the country’s second biggest city Kandahar – the Taliban’s spiritual birthplace and capital during their first time in power.
  2. He arrived from Qatar, where he has spent months leading talks with the US then Afghan peace negotiators.
  3. Mullah Baradar was arrested in Pakistan in 2010 but freed in 2018 at the request of the Trump administration as American negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad saw him as a reputable counterpart during talks in Qatar that led to the US withdrawal.
  4. Despite his military activities, Mullah Baradar was reportedly behind several attempts to start peace talks, specifically in 2004 and 2009, and widely seen as a potentially key a part of a negotiated peace deal.
  5. Footage released by pro-Taliban media showed crowds gathering around Mullah Baradar at the airport, pumping their fists within the air and chanting in celebration. except for those fearing reprisals from the Taliban, the emotions were opposite.

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What is the relation between Afghanistan New President and Taliban

Most importantly, the fighters won’t disturb either any civilians or the military officials within the country. thanks to this many afghans, citizens want to flee with American troops which need to attempt to control things of evacuation effort. because the conditions made bizarre time thanks to fighters of Taliban blend with the Uniformed Afghan packs.

After the effect of those Taliban fighters, the most road getting to Kabul airport has crammed with Afghan citizens. within the year 2001, the Taliban forces were detached from Afghanistan as they were within power. The detached program has mainly done by the US-led forces. But now from few months, the varied groups of Taliban are rude. And thanks to this, they need to seize the facility again.

Then in 2018, the Taliban groups need to talk on to America. then in 2020, the Taliban and Afghans need to make a deal for peace in Doha city. thereunder deal, it’s mentioned that the US has got to withdraw its army. And also Taliban will now don’t attack United States Army Forces. But now all things have changed through the Taliban’s side. Now this year, they didn’t stop focusing on the Afghanistan people and their security forces.

All we all know is that thanks to the Taliban came into ruling Afghanistan. There has got to be some strict law for people then. because they banned various things like Cinema, TV, and music also. They abuse all the cultural rights and human rights to measure. Also, the girl’s ages 10 or quite haven’t been allowed to review further. Women got to wear Burkha which has all covering types. And also men are required to grow beards under their law.

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Is there Hazara presence will be the new President of Afghanistan?

Iran’s outreach to the Taliban in recent months, and its covert support to the Taliban fightback against the US, could mean that the new dispensation may have Hazara — who are Shia — representation.

A large contingent of the erstwhile pro-India Northern Alliance, made up mainly of Tajik and Hazara, flew to Islamabad on the day Kabul fell — an indication that they need to be partners within the new government. Two men to observe during this delegation are Mohammed Mohaqiq, an ethnic Hazara and former mujahid from Mazar-e-Sharif, and Mohammed Karim Khalili, also Hazara and former vice-president during the Karzai presidency.

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