Pavan Agrawal Age, Profession, income Biography and More

Pavan Agrawal Age is a Blogger, YouTuber, and Digital Influencer. In this Blog, you’ll get all the information regarding Pavan Agrawal’s Age, Family, Earnings, Blogs, Youtube channels, Memoir of “ Pavan agrawal”, and more.

Pavan Agrawal is a hardworking person with a passion for blogging and who worked hard to fulfill his dreams. There were numerous ups and campo in his life after which he achieved similar success which helped him a lot in getting a new identity.

Moment we will tell you in detail about all the important data related to the life of Pavan Agrawal. How did he present himself to the world as a great blogger while floundering in his life? This story of his life is veritably instructive and encouraging. You’ll impress later read the Memoir of Pavan Agrawal.

In this article, we are going to discuss about Pavan Agrawal Age, Profession, income Biography and More related all information’s. Stay connect with us and get all latest updates and information’s

Pavan Agrawal Age, Profession, income Biography and More

Pavan Agarwal is a passionate businessman who has been working in the field of digital marketing since 2013. He started Peppertype with a mission to help in the success of small businesses. Today, his company Peppertype is the fastest growing data-driven marketing startup in India. He is also the Chairman at Indiamart Digital.

Pavan Agrawal Age
Pavan Agrawal Age

Pavan Agrawal Bio

Full NamePavan Agrawal
DesignationDirector of
AK Online Pvt Ltd
Founder of
YouTube Channel – Learn and earn with Pavan Agrawal
Famous Blog –
Email IDNot Known
ProfessionBlogger, Youtuber, Influencer and Digital Marketer
Date of Birth18 April 1982
Age39 Years
Zodiac SignVirgo (Kanya)
Birth PlaceGadarwara
Home TownGadarwara, Madhya Pradesh

Personal Life

images 78
SchoolNot Known
College/UniversityBachelor in Electronics (NIT Bhopal)
Contact NumberNot Known
AddressNot Known
Marital StatusMarried
Wife Name Rachana nagal
Food HabitVegetarian
HobbiesReading Books, Travelling

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About Pavan Agrawal

Pavan Agrawal’s particular life has been veritably simple. Like any ordinary person, he’d some dreams for which he fought hard in his life to fulfill. Born in the small city of Gadarwara in Madhya Pradesh, Pawan Aggarwal had noway indeed allowed of getting a blogger.

His plans were different. Some people cherish all the dreams related to their future, but Pavan Agrawal hadn’t seen any similar dreams in his life, which he’d to struggle to fulfill.

He completed his software engineering studies at NIT Bhopal. After completing his studies, his thing was to get a better job and live a long happy life.

After completing engineering, he joined Tata consultancy services (TCS) as his first job. Indeed moment, when he talks about his first job, he tells about his oneness and noway forgets gests.

They always say that they can noway forget their gests from that first job till their continuance. Indeed he apply numerous strategies he learned from TCS in their company. He’d a long term in that job (9 Times)

In 2013, he created a blog called Deepawali and sluggishly started writing commodity on it and posting it on his own. He noway allowed of creating a blog but suddenly a study came to his mind and he made a blogging website of his own.

Pavan Agrawal recited this experience of his blog, stating that he wasn’t apprehensive of the blog at all.

But due to adding interest in the blog, after presenting all the information related to the blog, he introduced his successful blog. Gradationally he expanded his website and created a platform for women where they can write papers as per their interest.

The career of Pavan Agrawal

After completing engineering, he joined Tata consultancy services (TCS) as his first job. Indeed moment, when he talks about his first job, he talks about his unique and noway-citable gests.

They always say that they can noway forget the gests they got from that first job till the end of their life.

His term in that job was veritably long, after which he turned to another job. He worked for some time in Rolta India Company.

During that time he created a blogging website of his own, but it was getting a bit delicate for him to run that website along with the IT mastermind.

Ups and Downs of Pavan Agrawal

Due to the change in Google in 2014, the business of the Deepawali blog suddenly reached the ground position. Pavan Agrawal suffered a major reversal at the time. A new change in the name of SEO was introduced in Google.

Due to which there was a lot of decline in the business to his website. Pavan Agarwal no longer had any job and it was getting extremely delicate for him to bear this loss in the blog. His close cousins advised him that he should find a job now.

Pavan Agrawal noway learned to lose courage in his life, so he didn’t lose his courage this time too and stood up again.

The women’s community attached to him also encouraged him that he shouldn’t close this blog because it has come part of one of our family. Also Pavan Agrawal started learning SEO. He started adding his knowledge in the field of SEO.

As soon as they entered any information about SEO, they used to give complete information to the women associated with their Deepavali blog point. Ultimately, his hard work paid off and his website started bringing business again.

Due to his hard struggle and hard work, his woman Rachna Nagal was veritably important inspired by him. She was employed as a speaker at Amethi University.

Moment, the Deepawali website is counted as one of the 10 stylish websites in India. If you’re a regular anthology of the Deepawali website also you must know that the Deepawali website is completely able of furnishing you with proper and correct information.

Blogging Career

images 80

In the time 2013, he showed his interest in the blogging point. He created a blog named Deepawali and sluggishly started posting commodity on it himself. He’d noway allowed of making a blog, but suddenly a study came to his mind and he made his own blogging website.

Pavan Agrawal, while chronicling this experience of his blog, said that he wasn’t apprehensive of the blog at all. But due to adding interest in the blog, after getting all the information related to the blog, he presented a successful blog of his.

 Gradationally she expanded her website and created a platform for women where she can write papers according to her interest.

Pawan Agrawal Deepawali blogg

Deepawali literally means jubilee of lights celebrated when good triumphed over wrong. In the same was created to spread the light of knowledge and check the darkness off ignorance.

It’s a Hindi blogging website which serves news papers over colorful motifs. The website is veritably popular news blog and attracts further than a million of views per month.

Deepawali is out of the top 10 Hindi blogging spots of India which is quite an achievement in itself. The platoon of deepawali has numerous professed pens endured colorful stripes.

The blog has papers about runes, life, fitness, entertainment, stories etc. Every composition is a treat to read and is unique on its own. So if you’re searching for news or for entertainment, Deepawali is surely your go to place.

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Net Worth

Monthly income 4.5 lakh
yearly income54lakh
network update soon
images 79

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