Nu Carnival Codes (November 2022) -Redeem Free Rewards

Nu Carnival Codes! Here are the latest Nu Carnival Codes to redeem in November 2022. Use these codes and get free scrolls, gems, and more.

Nu Carnival Codes
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Nu Carnival is a mobile social simulation RPG in which each character is brought to life in full vitality, allowing you to see and witness every movement and emotion. This game presently has Eiden’s, Aster’s, Morvay’s, and Yakumo’s characters accessible. But using special redemption codes can help speed up the process. So scroll down to get all the rearmost canons.

Infinity Alpha always releases new redemption codes when It achieves new milestones, like the number of downloads or views on YouTube. In this article, we are going to share all the new release redemption codes for Nu Carnival to use in November 2022. We always pick that new release codes, So don’t forget to follow us (Time-tips) for active nu carnival codes.

About Nu Carnival Redeem Codes

Game NameNu Carnival
statusCurrently Active
Publisherinfinity Alpha studio
New codes Added on01 November 2022
benefitFree gems, coins, summon scrolls, materials, in-game money, and many goodies
PlatformAndroid, IOS

Numerous hundreds of times agone, the essential spirits on the Klein mainland were causing total mayhem. In order to put a stoTohaos, the Grand Sorcerer – a man known only as Huey – decided to make five stages across the land, each implanted with a gigantic rock that would allow him to regulate and seal away these imbalanced rudiments.

To maintain the stages, the essential harmony he’d created disintegrated. As the essential spirits fell into disarray formerly more, Klein came plagued with natural disasters and the dreaded Dead Zone spread. We always update new release redemption codes on this website, so be sure to bookmark the page and check back from time to time for more Nu Carnival codes.

Nu Carnival Codes for November 2022 (Active)

The developer of Nu Carnival has released the new redemption codes for November 2022, The new and active Nu Carnival Codes are PAM456PO8KYRL73 use this code and get 300 spirit gems and also use WYA9D58VY47EL for 30k coins and 500 spirit gems.

Free CodeRewards you can Redeem
PAM456PO8KYRL73300 spirit gems
WYA9D58VY47EL30k coins and 500 spirit gems
QERZKOV24FGR3 Tiny Boosts
KEOXV4RNXZ5100 Spirit Gems
nucarnival2M20 Essence Contracts
nucarnival100KExclusive Rewards
nucarnival80KExclusive Rewards

Nu Carnival Codes for November 2022 (Working)

You can also try these codes, It’s may still active for this month and you can get the rewards.

Nu Carnival New CodesGet Rewards
WYA9D58VY47ELRedeem for Coins *30,000, Spirit Gems *500 (NEW)
TS7ATNAJBGA5ARedeem for Coins*15,000 / Holy Water (L)*5
E5IB7DZENYGPTRedeem for Coins*15,000, Essence Vial (M)*3
2D6RK7AJXGO7NRedeem for Coins*15,000, Holy Water (L)*5
KNM3U9ZRY67LARedeem for Coins*10,000, Tiny Boost*3
T5CMKCA3N4EXJRedeem for 20000 coins
JG6E5L954DHRedeem for Coins and more
UJ4F21FERT6VCRedeem for Coins*5000 / Essence Vial (M)*3
SLO5RYF9GEORedeem for Spirit Gems*100/  Basic Boost*1
QERZKOV24FGRRedeem for Tiny Boost*3
nucarnival2MRedeem for Essence Contract x20
KEOXV4RNXZ5Redeem for Spirit Gems*100
nucarnival1MRedeem for Contract Bundle (Essence Contract x10)
nucarnival100KRedeem for Spirit Gemsx300
nucarnival80KRedeem for Spirit Gemsx200+Express Pass x50
nucarnival50KRedeem for Spirit Gemsx50+Basic Boost x1
nucarnival30KRedeem for Spirit Gemsx100+Coins x5000
nucarnival10KRedeem for Gemsx50+Holy Water (S)x20
nucarnival5KRedeem for Spirit Gemsx50+Holy Water (S)x10

NU Carnival Redeem Codes 2022 (Redeemed)

These Nu Carnival redemption codes are already redeemed by other players or expired. If you want a new and active code, you can check the above list.

NU Carnival CodesREWARDS
WYA9D58VY47ELRedeem this code for Coins x30,000 and Spirit Gems x500 (Valid until July 31st, 2022) (New)
TS7ATNAJBGA5ARedeem this code for Coins x15,000 and Holy Water (L) x5 (Valid until July 14th, 2022)
E5IB7DZENYGPTRedeem this code for Coins x15,000 and Essence Vial (M) x3 (Valid until June 22nd, 2022)
KNM3U9ZRY67LARedeem this code for 10,000 Coins and 3 Tiny Boosts
T5CMKCA3N4EXJRedeem this code for 20,000 Coins
JG6E5L954DHRedeem this code for 600 Spirit Gems, 5000 Coins, and 3 Self Portrait
QERZKOV24FGRRedeem this code for 3 Tiny Boosts
KEOXV4RNXZ5Redeem this code for 100 Spirit Gems
nucarnival2MRedeem this code for 20 Essence Contracts
nucarnival1MRedeem this code for 10 Essence Contracts
nucarnival100KRedeem this code for 300 Spirit Gems
nucarnival80KRedeem this code for 200 Spirit Gems and 50 Express Passes

Nu Carnival Redeem Codes 2022 (Expired)

  • JG6E5L954DH – Redeem code for 600 spirit gems, 5k coins, and three self-portrait gifts
  • SLO5RYF9GEO – Redeem code for 100 spirit gems and one basic boost
  • QERZKOV24FGR – Redeem code for three tiny boosts
  • nucarnival2M – 20 Redeem code for essence contracts
  • KEOXV4RNXZ5 – 100 Redeem code for spirit gems
  • nucarnival1M – Redeem code for ten essence contracts
  • nucarnival100K – 300 Redeem code for spirit gems
  • nucarnival80K – 200 Redeem code for spirit gems and 50 express passes
  • nucarnival50K – 50 Redeem code for spirit gems and one basic boost
  • nucarnival30K – 100 Redeem code for spirit gems and 5,000 coins
  • nucarnival10K – 50 Redeem code for gems and 20 holy water (S)
  • nucarnival5K – 50 Redeem code for spirit gems and ten holy water (S)

How to Redeem Nu Carnival Codes?

There was a simple process to redeem the Nu Carnival Codes, Here we have to mention the process. You can follow this guide and you can easily redeem the codes and get your rewards.

  • Start the game.
  • Tap the three bars in the top-right corner of the home screen.
  • Using the cog icon, select the “Settings” tab.
  • Select the ‘Other’ tab.
  • Select ‘Redeem Code’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your Nu Carnival code here.
  • Press the ‘Okay’ button.

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