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The main areas of neurology taradiddle in the central and supplemental nervous systems. Any neurology complaint can be veritably dangerous as the whole functioning of the body depends on the nervous system. So, it’s veritably essential to consult a good neurologist.

A neurologist is a croaker having moxie in neurology and trained to diagnose and treat neurological diseases. A Neurologist specializes in the treatment of the brain, jitters and spinal cord. These are largely- trained croakers who manage neurological diseases similar asMulti-sclerosis, Headache diseases, Spinal cord diseases, Dizziness, Muscle weakness,etc.

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List of Top 10 Neurologist in India | Neurologist Specialist

There are a number of factors that one needs to keep in mind while selecting a neurologist. The internet is full of physicians who claim to be the best in the field. But it is always better to verify the claims to select right neurologist. This blog talks about the top 10 neurologists in India with the best track record.

Neurologist in India
Top 10 Neurologist in India

#1. Dr. Dinesh Nayan

Dr. Dinesh Nayak is presently working as the Director, and Head of the Neurology Department at Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai.Dr. Nayak is one of the top 10 Neurologists in India

with an experience of further than 24 times in the field of neurology.Dr. Dinesh specializes in Skull Base Surgeries, Deep Brain Stimulation, Headache, Epilepsy, Brain Tumor Surgery, and Canalith Repositioning.

Dr. Dinesh is awarded several recognitions and Orders like‘Dr. SM MunirathinamChetty Medal’, Gold Medal,‘ Stylish Paper Award’at the National Annual Conference, and Stylish Paper Award at‘Indian Epilepsy Association’.

#2. Dr. Bipin S Walia

Dr. Bipin Walia is one of the Stylish Neurosurgeons in New Delhi with further than two decades of vast clinical experience in the field of neuro and chine surgery.Dr. Walia has performed more than 7000 spinal surgeries and has a keen interest in advanced

fashion-Minimally Invasive Surgery for spinal excrescences. He’s honored as a colonist in endoscopic slice surgery and is an expert in the area of stir conserving surgery, slice relief surgery, Image guided surgery, endoscopic cranial surgery, and brain excrescence surgery.

Dr. Bipin has attained his medical education from premier medical institutions of India, including AIIMS (AIIMS), New Delhi and Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune. He further pursued training in advanced courses at technical and internationally

famed medical installations in Germany, Sydney and the USA. He’s laboriously involved in academics and is a National Board of Examinations honoredpost-graduate schoolteacher for MS ( General Surgery) Universities of Delhi & Pune and for DNB (Neurosurgery).

He has entered several public & transnational awards and recognitions in his professional career, including UN Peace Medal, Chief of Army Staff Commendation, Northern Army Commander Commendation and numerous further.

#3. Dr. Amit Handa

With over experience of 21 times,Dr. Amit Handa is known as among the top Neurologist in Delhi who has completed MBBS from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, and DNB in General Surgery from the National Board Of Examination and DNB in Neurology from the National Board Of Examination.

Dr. Amit Handa is a member of the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the Delhi Medical Council.Dr. Amit Handa has considerable experience in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment, Neurophysiology Diseases, and Vascular Brain Complaint.

#4. Dr. C S Aggarwal

With further than four decades of experience,Dr. C S Agrawal is known as one of the premiers and reputed neurosurgeons in Old Rajendra Nagar, Delhi.

He specializes in the treatment of diseases like epilepsy stroke and, headache.Dr. C S Aggarwal is an expert in a variety of disciplines similar as headache drug, clinical neurology, epilepsy, and stroke,etc.

#5. Dr Mukul Varma

Dr Mukul is presently working at Apollo Hospital, which she joined in 1996 as the elderly adviser of their Neurology Department.

Dr Mukul Varma’s special interests include treatment of headaches, movement diseases, and multiple sclerosis. He also holds a continuance class in Movement Disorder Society, Indian Academy of Neurology and the American Academy of Neurology.

He initiated the use of botulinum poison injection for dystonia treatment and played an necessary part in DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) program initiated for Parkinson’s complaint treatment at Apollo Hospital.

#6. Dr. Sita Jayalakshmi

Dr. Jayalakshmi is a Neurologist in Secunderabad, Hyderabad and has an experience of 22 times in this field. She practices at KIMS – Krishna Institute of Medical Lores in Secunderabad, Hyderabad.

She completed MBBS from Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam with a, MD – General Medicine from Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam and DM – Neurology from Nizam Institute of Medical Lores, Hyderabad in 1997.

She’s a member of the Indian Epilepsy Association (IEA), Indian Academy of Neurology, American Academy of Neurology – AAN and Neurological Society of India. Some of the services handed by the croaker are Neurological Problems and Epilepsy Treatmentetc.

With her outreach programs on TV, she spreads mindfulness about the requirements for seizure cases. She’s polite and soft- spoken. She’s also incredibly minding towards her cases and doesn’t define gratuitous specifics. She’s largely knowledgeable and checks with detailed care.

#7. Dr. Aparna N

Dr. Aparna N is a Neurologist and Internal Medicine in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad and has an experience of 15 times in these fields. Dr Aparna N practices at Century Hospital in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

She completed MBBS from Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada in 2002, MD – Internal Medicine from Guntur Medical College, Guntur in 2007 and DM – Neurology from Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam in 2010.

Some of the services handed by the croaker are Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunt, Foot Drop, Brain Mapping, Brain Aneurysm Surgery and Vascular Surgeryetc.

Dr. Aparna N is known for effectiveness and tolerance with cases. Her moxie and zeal to treat her cases have got her positive reviews about her time effectiveness and geste towards her cases.

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#8. DrA.V. Srinivasn

DrA.V. Srinivasn is a famed neurologist in Chennai and has a rich experience of 43 times in the field of neurology. DrA.V. Srinivasn practises at AVS Clinic in Raja Annamalai Puram,Chennai.DrA.V. Srinivasn completed his MBBS

from Madras Medical College, Chennai in 1974. Also, he did his DM – Neurology from Madras Medical College, Chennai in 1984. He completed his PhD – Neurology from The Tamil Nadu DrM.G.R. Medical University in the time 2002.

DrA.V. Srinivasn’s services include Neuromuscular Diseases, Spinal Diseases, Epilepsy Treatment, Headache Management, Intra – Arterial Thrombolysis, Stroke Treatment, Intravenous and Whim-whams and Muscle Diseases. DrA.V. Srinivasn is a member of American Academy Neurology and Indian Academy of Neurology.

#9. Srikanth reddy

Dr srikanth reddy a veritably friendly and an auspicious croaker made easy for cases to understand the problem.Dr.Srikanth Reddy is a well educated Psychiatrist, presently rehearsing atDr. Reddy’s Mind Conventions, Indore.

He’s keen and expert in Neuro-Psychiatry,De-addiction and Sexology along with other psychiatry diseases. He has experienced advanced training in child & grown-up psychology, mood diseases, psychopharmacology, coitus diseases and dependence problems.Dr. Srikanth was awarded as “ Stylish Therapist” by Morphic Minds.

In 2006 he has completedM.B.B.S from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical lores, Sevagram, Maharashtra, India andM.D (Psychiatry), Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Lores, Sevagram.

Course in Coitus Remedy and Comforting from Mumbai, India. Latterly he has experienced technical training in child & grown-up psychology, mood diseases, psychopharmacology, coitus diseases and dependence problems.Dr. Srikanth was awarded as “ Stylish Therapist” by Morphic Minds. Class in Indian Psychiatric Society, Indian Medical Association (IMA) and World Psychiatric Society.

#10. Rahul Jain

Dr. Rahul Jain is a Neurologist who known for his knowledge and caginess in Indore Raj Mohalla, Indore.Dr. Rahul Jain practices at Shree Neuro and ENT Clinic in Indore Raj Mohalla, Indore. He’s veritably professional and nice of him to explain the situation of cases vividly.

He completed MBBS from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal in 2002, MD – Drug from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College, Jabalpur in 2006 and DM – Neurology from Sawai Mansingh Medical College, Jaipur (SMS College) in 2013. He’s a member of Neuro Club Indore.

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