Mobile Legends Xavier Guide – Emblems, Builds and Gameplay

Mobile Legends Xavier is the Defier of Light and is eventually making his debut in the Land of Dawn, Get Xavier’s best build, emblems, and gameplay tips.

On a secret charge of the church to exclude all signs of heterodoxy, Xavier ran into an injured Yin and Melissa who were guarding a sprat by the road while being chased by demons and latterly joined them as the third member of the Forsaken Light.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang, a widely-appreciated game today is a MOBA from the future. It was developed by Moonton, an online game developing company based in Singapore, in collaboration with a game designing company called Raven. If you are looking for Mobile Legends Bang Bang tips, tricks, guides, and the latest tips, then we will be your best choice.

If you are looking for the mobile legends Xavier’s hero overview, skills, abilities, and also his gameplay-related guide. So stay connected with us and get all the latest updates from mobile legends.

About Mobile Legends Hero Xavier

Xavier is the most powerful hero in Mobile Legends. This new hero has some amazing and unique skills. Xavier has three active skills and also a passive skill. In this article, we have shared a complete details analysis of this Mobile legend Xavier’s hero abilities and skills.

Mobile Legends Xavier Hero

Xavier Skills in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The Mobile legends bang bang game is an exciting game to play. If you are a regular player, you will want to get the best out of the game. You can improve your game-playing experience with the correct skills. The first step is to learn how to use the most powerful skills. In this blog, we look at some of the top skills that every player should have in their arsenal.

Passive Skill – Transcendence

  • Stack 1: Skill damage is increased to 120%.
  • Stack 2: Skill damage is increased to 125%, and the width of skills is increased.
  • Stack 3: Skill damage is increased to 130%, and cooldown is reduced by 4 secs. 12 secs for Ultimate.

Mobile Legends Xavier hero has a stack-based passive skill, which can stack up to 3 times. Xavier’s every stack provides a particularly buff to him. He can extend the duration of his unresistant by hitting adversaries with his chops. This unresistant makes the Defier of Light one of the stylish pokers in the midline. Use this to your advantage, and try to deal with as important damage as possible before position four.

Skill 1 – Infinite Extension

Xavier can shoot a magic bullet, This deals Magic Damage to all the enemies it passes through.

  • The Pellet’s flight distance increases each time it hits an adversary or the Mystic Barrier.
  • Horizonless Extension can hit multiple icons without a damage penalty, making it the perfect burst skill in crowded platoon fights.
  • The skill can also pass through any obstacles in the chart, and indeed deal damage to adversaries outside your field of vision.
  • This skill deals further damage and can stun multiple adversaries when hitting a Mystic Field.
  • Pets and jungle creeps can also increase the distance of this skill

Skill 2 – Mystic Field

Mobile Legends Xavier hero 2nd Skill conjures a Mystic is a barrier that lasts 5 seconds. Enemies that come into contact with the Barrier will take magic damage and be slowed by 50% while allies gain 50% extra movement speed that decays over 1.2 seconds.

When Xavier uses his 1st skill after using 2nd skill, the Barrier will expand into a forbidden field for 3 seconds. This will deal magic damage to enemies within and immobilize them for 1.5 seconds.

  • When hit by his other chops, the hedge will expand into an interdicted field for 3 seconds, dealing magic damage to adversaries within and prostrating them for1.5 seconds.
  • Although unreliable, this skill is also good for escaping platoon fights and helping your platoon mates get out of sticky situations.
  • Mystic Field is best used in tight spots where the adversary has no other option but to pass through the hedge. This skill is perfect when helping out the supporter jungle during a jungle foray.
  • Mystic Field can affect multiple adversaries and abettors.

Ultimate – Dawning Light

Mobile legends Xavier unleashes a ray of Mystic magic that deals magic damage to all adversaries in a line on the chart.

  • Xavier will incontinently enter Stage III of Preponderancy upon using Forming Light.
  • This skill can affect multiple adversaries.
  • This is the first-ever global attack in the game. Those who formerly have experience playing Moskov, Layla, or any idol with a long-range ultimate would be more familiar with how to best use this capability.
  • Forming Light also stuns adversaries caught in his Mystic Field.

Best Item Build for Mobile legends Xavier

Here are the Mobile legends Xavier hero’s best build, you can follow this build for improving your gameplay.

Build for Mobile legends Xavier

Demon Shoes, Clock of Destiny, Lightning Truncheon, Holy Crystal, Divine Glaive, Blood Wings.

Mobile Legends Xavier Skill Level Up Order

You can find here the best skills to level up orders by Hero level.

  • Skill 1: 1 3 5 7 9 11
  • Skill 2: 2 6 10 13 14 15
  • Ultimate Skill: 4 8 12

Read Also:

Mobile Legends Xavier Hero Gameplay Tips 2022

  • Xavier Skill 1 can continuously harass your enemy.
  • Xavier Skill 1 can also use to clear the minion wave. Make sure to hit them when they are in a straight line.
  • Use your Ultimate to kill escaping enemies.
  • When taking the Turtle or Lord, use your Skill 1 and Skill 2 combo to trap them near Turtle or Lord. Use Ultimate to secure the Turtle or Lord.
  • Always initiate a Team Fight. Always wait for your allies before charging and to easily secure the kills.
  • Use Cooldown Reduction Build and Magic Power and Penetration Build to have strong Burst damage.

All of this information is based on the “Mobile Legends Xavier Hero Guide, Best build and Skills”. If you have still any other quarry on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank you!

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