Mobile Legends Kagura Guide, Build, Emblem, Gameplay Tips

Mobile Legends Kagura: Kagura is an Adorable Ninja that manipulates both Yin, Yang using her Umbrella Mobile Legends, get Kagura guide, build, emblem, tips more,

you are an addict to the game, you are likely apprehensive of the fact that Moonton is super active when it comes to idol optimization. Lately, one of the icons in Mobile Legends Kagura came a largely favored idol in the voodoo order,

especially in the medial to high ELO. This composition is about the stylish figure and duos for her. You can see all of the changes that the new patch made on our Mobile Legends Kagura icons.

In this article, we are going to discuss Mobile Legends Kagura-related all information. Stay connected with us and get all the latest updates and pieces of information.

Kagura Story

Onmyouji Master is a master of the yin yang trades, driven by important spirits, yin, and yang. The Kagura family is the oldest and most important of the Onmyouji, with the most important of all being the Ancestor Master. Kagura, as one in the Onmyouji family with the most capabilities,

Mobile Legends Kagura

had been given the Seimei marquee, an heritage of yin yang trades passed down through generations. Legend has it that the marquee had been ameliorated by the great Seimei himself using power from a hundred ghosts, and now retain life and wisdom of its own only controllable by its due proprietor.

Mobile Legends Kagura Chops

YIN YANG GATHERING – When Kagura takes Seimei Umbrella, she’ll gain a guard that absorbs up to 280 (50 Total Magic Power) damage, stunning near adversaries for0.5 s and decelerating them by 60. Lasts 2s. This effect only activates every4.5s.

SEIMEI UMBRELLA OPEN – Kagura moves Seimei Umbrella to the designated area, dealing 330 (150 Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to adversaries along the way and decelerating them by 60. Lasts 1s.
RASHO UMBRELLA FLEE – With Seimei Umbrella, Kagura removes all Debuffs on her and moves in a designated direction, leaving the Umbrella before.

Mobile Legends Kagura play Strategy

  • Use Retribution when playing as Main Mage.
  • Poke your adversaries with Skill 1.
  • Save your Skill 2. Do n’t use Skill 2 to take back your Marquee, prefer walking towards Umbrella rather than using Skill 2.
  • Only Blue Set Skill 2 will give you impunity from Crowd Control Goods.

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Builds for Mobile Legends Kagura

You can try numerous shapes on Kagura. We’ve set out the following template to try out with Kagura on the battleground.

  • Core Figure
  • Arcane Thrills For early game magical penetration. Substitute you can use Demon shoes too to avoid Mana- related complications.
  • Lightning Cudgel As a long- range skill- grounded idol lightning cudgel can help Kagura to deal damage adversaries more fluently.
  • Timepiece of Fortune Timepiece of fortune not only will make lightning Truncheon’s passive more strong, but it’ll also give Kagura a good quantum of HP to help her sustain against adversary burst damage dealer.
  • Holy Crystal As it increases magic power it helps Kagura in the late game to deal more magic damage to adversaries.
  • Genius Wand Genius wand’s unresistant reduces adversaries magic defense hence Kagura’s burst damage will hurt more.
  • Divine Glaive Kagura inherits a decent quantum of magic power from all of her particulars, getting Divine Glaive can break adversary’s magic defense by a lot and make kagura’s magic damage a lot more effective. It should be a must- pick if the adversary has a tanky lineup.


  • Arcane Thrills 15 magical PEN, oneness 40 movement speed
  • Lightning Cudgel 75 magic power, 30 where regen
  • Concentrated Energy 70 magic power, 700 HP, unique 30 spell vamp
  • Disaster Reaper 70 magic power, 400 mana, 10 cooldown reduction
  • Glowing Wand 75 magic power, 5 movement speed, 15 magical PEN
  • Blood Bodies 150 magic power, 150 HP

Optional Build

Blood Bodies A great quantum of magic power alongside the given HP from the blood bodies will make Kagura a lot further compatible in late-game situations. Magic NecklaceTheanti-regen passivity of the choker will be helpful in platoon fights in a particular situation where the adversary has further than one lifestyle idol.

Winter Truncheon Burst damage dealers (Gusion, Hayabusa, Aldous, Vale, etc) can prove to be a trouble to Kagura. Winter Truncheon’s unresistant ( Frozen) can make her vulnerable to any kind of damage therefore this item can save her from murderous attacks if rightly cast.

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Embelam for Mobile Legends Kagura

As she’s a voodoo, it’s largely judicious to use the Mage hallmark rather than Magic. Both of them might feel analogous but the attributes of the Mage hallmark suit Kagura’s skill set better. There can be two types of totems that she can use.

  • Dexterity-3
  • Observation-3
  • Magic Worship

Dexterity will give redundant movement speed which is relatively helpful in the early game. Observation is stylish for redundant magic penetration and Magic Worship syncs faultlessly with Kagura’s skill’s damage.

  • Flow-3
  • Observation-3
  • Magic Worship

Dexterity can be replaced then as Kagura has enough blinks and dashes which gives her enough movement capability. This hallmark set can help you cancel low HP icons in the early game.

Mobile Legends Kagura Gameplay Tips

Kagura, as a medial to late-game voodoo, lacks proper damage in the early game. Be sure to take advantage of her long-range first skill to poke adversary from a safe distance and gain a ranch advantage in the lane. According to her gameplay, we can break it down into three phases.

Our Mobile Legends Kagura companion includes the perfect game plan for the early, medial, and late phases of the game. Still, a player must need a good understanding of the chart to bring the stylish out of any idol.

Early Game

Launch by buying charge and go timid-lane to clear the first surge of pets, keep an eye on the chart and try to give vision to your abettors by placing your marquee in the backcountry. It’ll help them to win the contest of getting Lithowonder in that early phase.

By now Kagura should be position 2 and use that alternate skill’s short stun as an advantage in early ganks. After completing thrills make sure to buy Lightning Truncheon as the first core item. Don’t anticipate dealing a huge quantum of damage and burst down squishy adversaries in one quintet in this early phase.

Mid Game

To make Lightning Truncheon’s unresistant deal more damage consider Timepiece of Fortune as her alternate core item. After getting these two core particulars Kagura should be suitable to deal a decent quantum of damage to the adversary backline and indeed can kill squishy backlines who aren’t in full HP. So you should always target the backline in a gank.

Mobile Legends Kagura Late Game

If you manage to get some kills by now or at least a good number of assists also Kagura should be suitable to buy a third core item i.e. Holy Crystal. After getting these three core particulars Kagura can get a bit aggressive and can hang down out- deposited Marksman or Mage. Though not being a core item, in the current meta Genius Wand is a veritably popular pick for Kagura, be sure to buy it.

All over the article, we have shared complete detailed information about Mobile Legends KaguraIf you have any queries on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank you!!!

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