Memoria Freese Tier List (May 2023) Characters List

There are many fantastic Memoria Freese Tier List characters to choose from. Unfortunately, some players tend to neglect these less-explored characters in favor of more famous party members.

Memoria Freese is a video game published by The Free Society. The game was released on January 2023. The game is set on a Freesian planet and played from a Friesian’s view. Unlike other video games, the player has to watch over the city, help them grow, and face the crises on their own.

Memoria Freese is a tier list created by the crazy Japanese community who are known for getting into heated debates about their favorite characters. It has been released at the beginning of every month since August 2018. This year marks the start of the third season of the game.

With the recent release of the new Patch Update and the inclusion of Meta Knights’ new Rainbow Sword, Meta Knight has risen to the top of the tier list as the new best character. In this blog, we are going to cover the best characters, the characters that are rising in ranking, and the characters that have fallen in ranking.

This Post was written by our Community Manager, and tier list expert, iQuit. He has compiled a tier list for Meta Knight, Zelda, and Captain Falcon. He has also listed the best characters in each category: the best rush-down character.

About Memoria Freese Tier List

Memoria Freese is a popular RPG game released for PS4 and PC. The game is set in the world of fading memories, in which players control characters as they explore an endlessly explorable world and fight against enemies using their tactical skills. In this Tier List, we will be looking at the best characters in Memoria Freese. We will evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and rank them according to their performance. Let’s begin!

Memoria Freese Tier List

Memoria Freese Tier List – May 2023

S Tier In DanMachi- Memoria Freese

  • Black Fist Lunor Faust
  • Crimson Tempest Ais Wallenstein
  • Dressed Royal Riveria Ljos Alf
  • Echoing Arrow Liliruca Arde
  • Elf’s Honor Lefiya Veridis
  • Faithful Mage Line Arshe
  • Gallant Fighter Chloe Lolo
  • Knight Elf Ryu Lion
  • Passionately Postal Tione Hiryute
  • Roaring Gale Ryu Lion
  • Virgin Goddess Artemis

A Tier In DanMachi- Memoria Freese

  • Almighty Fighter Asfi Al Andromeda
  • Blushing Peony Tione Hiryute
  • Blustering Beauty Tiona Hiryute
  • Brave Fighter Anya Fromel
  • Brave Swordsman Finn Deimne
  • Casino Lady Shakti Varma
  • Crimson Dress Tione Hiryute
  • Fushi-kaden Hitachi Chigusa
  • Gale Disguised Ryu Lion
  • Gorgeous Princess Ais Wallenstein
  • Holy White Royal Riveria Ljos Alf
  • Honor Princess Ais Wallenstein
  • Honor Succession Bell Cranel
  • Longing Bride Liliruca Arde
  • Lovely Travel Liliruca Arde
  • Medicinal Archer Naza Ersuisu
  • Mighty King Ottarl
  • Moonlight Oath Bell Cranel
  • Smithy Expert Welf Crozzo

B Tier In DanMachi- Memoria Freese

  • Amber Sunflower Tiona Hiryute
  • Bathroom Princess Ais Wallenstein
  • Blessed Elf Filvis Challia
  • Cute Elf Filvis Challia
  • Elven Awakening Lefiya Viridis
  • Enjoy Onsen Liliruca Arde
  • Gale Ryu Lion
  • Geisha Elf Lefiya Viridis
  • Secret Onsen Hitachi Chigusa
  • Sparkle Princess Ais Wallenstein
  • Twinkle Stream Tione Hiryute
  • White Flash Anakitty Autumn

C Tier in DanMachi- Memoria Freese

  • Black Cat Chloe Lolo
  • Feline Lancer Anya Fromel
  • King Ottarl
  • Masked Braver Finn Deimne
  • Onsen Princess Asfi Al Andromeda
  • Royal Elf Riveria Ljos Alf
  • Sailor Princess Asfi Al Andromeda
  • Superior Reign Ottarl
  • The Shadow Fels
  • Thunderous Perseus Asfi Al Andromeda
  • Will of Iron Kashima Ouka

D Tier in DanMachi- Memoria Freese

  • Argonaut Bell Cranel
  • Bashful Elf Lefiya Viridis
  • Bunny Princess Ais Wallenstein
  • Classy Gentlemen Finn Deimne
  • Dancing Blessing Tiona Hiryute
  • Dea Saint Amid Teasanare
  • Disguised Pallum Liliruca Arde
  • Heroic Liaris Ais Wallenstein
  • Howling Blade Welf Crozzo
  • Incantation Lefiya Viridis
  • Iron Warrior Tsubaki Collbrande
  • Maenad’s Maiden Filvis Challia
  • Samurai Kunoichi Yamato Mikoto
  • Silver Moonshadow Bete Loga


In DanMachi: Memoria Freese, do the stats of assist characters actually do anything?

It’s hard to say for sure. On the one hand, having high stats can make you more powerful. Some even argue that they can sometimes be detrimental to player strategy. It all comes down to how vital stats are to you as a player.
They might play an insignificant role in your overall strategy or be significantly important to you. If you’re undecided about the value of stat points, take some time to explore each character’s stats and see which ones best suit your needs.

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