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Lords Mobile Redeem Codes – August 2023 [Active Codes!]

Lords Mobile Redeem Codes are now available to redeem in August 2023, Here is the list of all available codes to get exclusive rewards for free! Such as VIP points, Speed Up, Material Chest, Gems, and more.

The Lords Mobile is one of the most popular online multiplayer and role-playing strategic video games, Developed and Published by I Got Games. The game is available to play on Android, iOS, and Steam. The publisher of this game always releases unique redemption codes for their players, which come with tons of exclusive rewards.

The redemption codes are very useful features to get tons of rewards in a short time and also It can help to improve the in-game experiences. These codes are released with a time limit after they will expired! So, redeem them as soon as possible.

If you need active Lords Mobile to redeem codes, This website is the best place for you. Here we always shared the working redemption codes after testing, Is they are active or not. You can follow this website ( and also bookmark this page for all future updates and also upcoming redemption codes. So, without wasting your time, let’s check the new release of Lords Mobile redeem codes that can be used in August 2023.

Lords Mobile Redeem Code Overview

NameLords Mobile
PublisherI Got Games
Redeem Code StatusActive
Code Availability MonthAugust 2023
Redemption Website
RewardsVIP points, Speed Up, Material Chest, Gems, and more.
Official Website
Lords Mobile Redeem Codes

Lords Mobile Redeem Codes for August 2023 (Active!)

New Codes: LM2022

  • PlayLM4PC – New
  • JULE23BSLORDS – Free reward New
  • VIETNAM777 – New
  • BARRY777 – New
  • IGG17TH –New
  • GG17TH – New
  • LM2023HTTYD – new

The developers of Lords Mobile has been released new redemption codes for their players. Here we have listed all those working codes that can be used to redeem in August 2023. Redeem these codes to get exclusive in-game rewards for free!

2022LORDSPARTY (New!)Artifact Coin x200, 2,000 Energy, Braveheart, Speed Up (3 h) x5, Speed Up Research (3 h) x5, Relocator, 500,000 Food, 150,000 Stones, 150,000 Timber, 150,000 Ore, 50,000 Gold 
LMEID2023 New
THANKS2022 (New!)Exclusive in-game rewards
GUILD2022Artifact Coin x200, 2,000 Energy, Speed Up Research (60 m) x5, Random Relocator, 500,000 Food, 150,000 Stones, 150,000 Timber, 150,000 Ore, 50,000 Gold
BLUESTACKLMExclusive in-game rewards
LM2022Gold Boost x10, Ore Boost x10, Timber Boost x10, Stone Boost x10, Food Boost x10, Speed Up Training x10, Speed Up Research x10, 1,000 Energy x10, 25% Player EXP Boost x1, Trickster x10 
LM001 (Only for new players!)Incinerator x10, Braveheart x1, 100 VIP Points x3, Speed Up (10 m) x10, Speed Up Research (10 m) x10, 150,000 Food x10, 50,000 Stones x10, 50,000 Ore x10, 50,000 Timber x10 and 50,000 Gold x10
ADVENTURE LOGArtifact Coin x200, 2,000 Energy x1, Speed Up Research (60 m) x5, Random Relocator x1, 500,000 Food x1, 150,000 Stones x1, 150,000 Timber x1, 150,000 Ore x1, 50,000 Gold x1 

Lords Mobile Redeem Code List 2023 (Expired!)

The following redemption codes are released the previous time, Now they are no longer active!

  • 2022ARTIFACT
  • EASTER2022
  • MOTHERDAY2022 
  • 2021cj 
  • 2021LORDS 
  • 3DMAP 
  • Alice5 
  • Chadra5 
  • IGG15TH 
  • Joan5 
  • LM2021 
  • LM648 
  • LMHalloween 
  • Chadra5 – Workout Speed Up by 15 hours, 500 VIP points, Speed Up for 24 hours, and x2000 gems
  • Alice5  – x2000 Energy, x500 VIP points, x1 Speed Up for 24 hours and x2000 Gems 
  • LM2021  – x2 workout Speed Up for 3 hours and x2 50,000 gold 
  • SHANE5  – x2000 Gems, x500 Vip Points, and Army DEF boost (50%) 
  • Joan5  – x500 VIP points, + 50% army attack and x2000 gems 
  • wesley5 – x2000 gems, x500 VIP points and x1 Speed Up for 15 hours 
  • wesley5 
  • zdu3g7a6

How to Redeem Codes in Lords Mobile?

The Lords Mobile codes redemption process is very simple, You just need to visit Lords Mobile’s official code redemption website ( and then follow the guide that we mentioned below.

  • Visit Lords Mobile Exchange Center.
  • Enter your IGG ID (Your player ID) or Player Name.
  • Now, Enter an active redemption code.
  • Click on the Claim Button to complete the redemption process.
  • Your gifts will be transferred to your account directly from there.


How to get more Lords Mobile Redeem Codes that don’t expire?

If you want a new release of Lords Mobile Redeem Codes that has not expired? You can check from our website “Time-Tips”. We always update here the new release redeem codes from Chapters. You can also check Lords Mobile‘s official social sites like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube handle.

How do I Redeem Codes in Lords Mobile?

The Lords Mobile codes redemption process is easy, You just need to visit Lords Mobile’s official code redemption website (, then fill in the blanks with proper details, such as Players ID and Gift Codes then click on the Claim button to get your free rewards.

Why are my Lord’s Mobile Gift codes not working?

There are maybe 2 reasons your code is not working, 1st is Your redemption code may be already expired or 2nd You may already redeem that code previously.

What is Lord’s Mobile Redeem Code?

The Lords Mobile redeem codes are the unique codes, That were released by the developer “I Got Games”. With these codes, players can get tons of amazing in-game rewards for free.

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Lords Mobile codes are very useful, and they come on every month with different rewards. Sometimes the codes may not be worked due to the time limit or expiry. Sometimes that does not work due to the wrong copy! If your active code is not redeemed, must check if the code is correctly copied or not!

Another important thing is our site has written about different types of gaming updates, redeem codes, and also other topics. If you don’t like to miss our latest updates, don’t forget to follow us and bookmark this page in your browser. Absolutely, It’s totally free of cost! Stay tuned and thanks!

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