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Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) Technique: Rank a Website Easily

Rank your website within 2days with Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) technique full Guide – Find the best keywords to rank your website easily in 2021.

KGR Technique: The data-driven method called the Keyword Golden Ratio which will assist you to seek out the low-hanging fruit among the keywords and leapfrog the competition.

What is Keyword Golden Ratio Technic?

The Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) may be a data-driven thanks to find keywords that are actually underserved on the web.

If you discover a Keyword Golden Ratio phrase and you publish a bit of content targeting the keyword, your article should rank within the top 50 within a couple of days – sometimes hours. If your site features a decent authority and isn’t fresh , then you’ll rank within the top 15.

Why KGR Technique so Helpful?

The KGR is useful for 3 main reasons.

  1. Bring traffic to new sites. The KGR helps newbies get small wins faster. It’s amazing to urge your first few visitors and sales. Nothing is more motivating than proving your concept by getting paid.
  2. you’ll prioritize what keywords and content you’ll publish on your site. If you’re watching an inventory of thousands of keywords, then it’s pretty helpful to possess a tool which will assist you narrow down the list.
  3. Since it’s a manual process, you’ve got data that people can’t just pull abreast of a tool during a few minutes. That’s a valuable advantage that rewards diligence .
  4. Get your website out of Google Sandbox – it’s said that Google put newly launched website into a special zone ‘Google SandBox’. This zone prevent your site content to rank even on some low competition keywords. It’ll takes normally 6-9 months to urge your site out of Google SandBox.

What is the sandbox?

KGR Keywords can help in getting your site out of Google Sandbox within few days. These keywords are easy to rank and convey traffic to you site. this may make google to think about you site as a authority site and make your site out of Google SandBox.

The Google Sandbox is that the concept it takes a short time for Google to permit a replacement site to rank quickly. the thought has been around for years but hasn’t been confirmed to truly exist.

How and why use the keyword golden ratio technique to rank a Website?


The answer of how is straightforward, this website the Keyword golden ratio Calculator. We did everything for you you only got to past the keyword. But if you’re interested to understand how KGR is calculated read the below paragraph.

The Keyword Golden Ratio is that the number of Google results that have the keyword phrase within the title divided by the monthly search volume. If the KGR is a smaller amount than 0.25, then you ought to rank within the top 50 as soon as your page is indexed.


KGR Keywords are simply low competition Keywords. So, they’re easy to rank. If you’ll find these keywords and write content targeting that keyword, then your article are going to be under top 40 within the search result under few days or sometimes even within hours.
If your site has some authority, then you’ll rank within the top 15 within few hours. i like to recommend you to ascertain some keyword golden ratio case studies then you bought your answer.

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How to use (KGR) Keyword Golden Ratio Technique to find a Keyword?

To find KGR keywords- first, locate your country for the targeting keywords. then , find the search volume of the keyword which you’ll find with most keyword analytics websites. a number of the websites we recommend are Ubersuggest, and ahrefs.

After getting the search volume, find the amount of pages that try to rank for the precise keyword by searching the keyword using “allintitle:search term” within the search bar.

Use allintitle for KGR

After getting both the search volume and allintitle volume, apply these numbers within the KGR formula to seek out the problem ratio to rank.

KGR Formula

The formula is straightforward – divide the second result by the primary result.

KGR Formula: KGR = (# of allintitle results)/(search volume)

Image source Google Search: KGR ( Keyword Golden Ratio) Formula

KGR technique Process

  • If KGR is a smaller amount than 0.25: you ought to rank within the top 100 easily once your page is indexed by Google.
  • If KGR is between .25 and 1: you’ll still rank within the top 250 pretty quickly.
  • If KGR is bigger than 1: you recognize it’s a really competitive term albeit the search volume is low. you ought to avoid targeting such keywords.

How to use Keyword Golden Ratio calculator?

  • The number of Google results that have the keyword phrase within the title divided by the monthly search volume, where the search volume is a smaller amount than 250.
  • If the KGR is a smaller amount than 0.25, then you ought to rank within the top 50 as soon as your page is indexed.
  • If the KGR is between 0.25 and 1 you ought to rank within the top 250 and it should be pretty fast.
  • I strongly recommend to stay to the formula and appearance for KGR under 0.25 within the beginning. it’s well-tested by numerous people. Later on, you’ll experiment with the numbers.
  • You can also use KGR Calculator to find the Keyword.

Details about the formula kgr calculator

I cap the search volume at 250 for a few of reasons.

  1. Lower search volume terms can rank faster in Google supported my field studies and knowledge of others. So all else being equal, a keyword with 250 searches will rank faster than a keyword with 2500 searches per month.
  2. most of the people target keywords with higher search volumes since there’s greater profit potential. So there are more competitors within the game for an equivalent short-tail keywords.
  3. The sweet spot for the KGR is under 0.25. once you multiply out the formula, it’s easier to ascertain why you’ll rank within the top 50 quickly.
  4. If you’ve got a KGR of 0.25 and a maximum search volume of 250, you finish up with about 63 allintitle results. meaning that there are about 63 pages on the online that are targeting that keyword phrase by using it within the title.

What is allintitle?

Allintitle is a complicated Google search operator that outputs the results which have all the words within the meta title of the post.

Don’t worry if Google throttles your “allintitle” search. Usually, you’ll only do a particular number of them during a period of time . Google does this to stop automatic scraping of the info by robots.

After Using “allintitle” -Keyword Golden Ratio Formula

If you exceed the limit, you’ll need to enter a Captcha to prove you’re not a bot.

Keyword Difficulty vs Keyword Golden Ratio – which is better to Rank a Website?

Both Keyword Difficulty and Keyword Golden Ratio are ways to assist you discover keywords you’ll rank for easily. So you’ll ask – which one is better?

The thing is that you simply don’t need to choose from the 2 because the KD and KGR can both be correct. they appear at various factors to measure the competition for a given keyword.

At the core, here is that the difference:

The KD metric from KWFinder is predicated on the Link Profile Strength (LPS) of the online pages that are currently ranking, while the KGR is predicated on sites that have the keyword within the title.

So KD takes mainly the subsequent into account:

  • Domain Authority and Page Authority from MOZ
  • Citation Flow and Trust be due Majestic
    The KGR helps us see if a webmaster is specifically targeting the keyword phrase or not. If the webmaster doesn’t put the phrase within the title, then it’s safe to assume they aren’t intentionally targeting the keyword.
  • Both are useful metrics in gauging the competition albeit they are available at the answer from different directions.
  • If you’ve got a keyword phrase that’s KGR compliant with a coffee KD metric, then you almost certainly found a gem of a keyword.
  • If your keyword phrase has poor KGR and KD metrics, it’s probably a troublesome keyword phrase to rank.


Who invented KGR technique?

Who invented KGR technique?

Doug Cunnington

The term ‘keyword golden ratio’ was coined by Doug Cunnington of Niche Site Project who discovered the formula for locating these under-used, low competition keywords. If the results of that formula is: but 0.25 – that’s a KGR keyword and you’re good to travel . 0.25 to 1.00.

How do I check Allintitle?

Just Enter “allintitle” before your search quarry, and you’ll be ready to check the metric manually without using this Allintitle Tool.

What are Google parameters?

URL parameters are a group of values within the browser’s address bar after the web site address. they begin with an issue mark and will enter a special order or be combined differently. Each URL parameter consists of a key=value pair

How is keyword golden ratio calculated?

The Keyword Golden Ratio is this: the amount of Google results that have the keyword phrase within the title divided by the monthly search volume, where the search volume is a smaller amount than 250. If the KGR is a smaller amount than 0.25, then you ought to rank within the top 50 as soon as your page is indexed.

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