How To Indulge In Online And Offline Ludo – A Detailed Guide

For those who appreciate old-fashioned board games, ludo has to figure somewhere near the top of your list.

When the whole world had to lock itself indoors, people were once again rummaging their attics or storage boxes for things to do. Those lucky enough to hold on to board games like ludo had their prayers answered. What followed was countless hours of fun with the family. Ludo has a pan-India following, and is played everywhere, by bored friends at tea stalls to cab drivers while they wait for their fares, says the Indian Express.

Technology came to the rescue if you did not have the company to play traditional ludo with. By downloading a ludo app on your phone, you could play with people in your neighborhood or against someone a world away. If ludo is not your thing, some apps offer the popular alternative snakes and ladders online as an option. And this is true for both the online and offline versions of ludo.

It is easier to strategize when playing with physical players than faceless strangers, as your fellow players’ body language and subtle shifts in mannerisms can be read. Read to discover some tips to help you on your way.

Indulge In Online And Offline Ludo

1.   Take Your Tokens Out:

You may decide to take the coins one at a time to play it safe. But in doing so, you risk losing the game. Unless you take them out, your chances of victory are close to nil. There are four tokens to take across the finish line, so calculated risks and playing it smart is necessary. The first step to attaining your goals in ludo or life is to put yourself out there.

Putting your pieces amid the battle will afford you the best chance at winning the game as you race to be the first to finish.

2.   Move All Pieces:

Now that you have left the safety of your home zone be sure to move all coins equally. It is tempting to circumnavigate the board one token at a time and safely get them all to the end. However, this would open your other tokens on the board to attack, and the result would be more or less the same as not taking them out.

Thus you may want to rethink that strategy, as leaving coins stationery is not a smart way to get ahead in the game.

3.   Don’t Crowd Your Tokens Together:

Another helpful advice would be not to crowd all your tokens in one part of the ludo board. When they are bunched up together, there is a higher probability that competing players will take them out, and your progress with those tokens will be lost.

4.   Implement The 7-Step Rule:

This is one of the essential tips in ludo. Always try and stay seven steps ahead of your opponent and within seven steps of their token when trailing them. When you employ this strategy, you are both being a threat to them while also staying a few paces ahead, just out of their reach. This way, they will find it harder to take you out.

You must be in attack and defensive mode simultaneously, without giving up either. The reason why this works is that rolling a six or a one is statistically unlikely.

5.   Utilize The Board To Your Advantage:

The board offers specific advantages in the form of safe zones and the home region for each player. A star marks the safe zone and is the same color as your tokens. When you are in a safe spot, and if you don’t get a handy number on the die, you can let your coin remain in its place rather than put it at risk.

Another advantage is offered by the home area that you can sneak it once you complete a round of the board. Once you get in there, you can breathe easily while focusing on moving your other tokens to an advantageous position or out of harm’s way.

Here’s A Bonus Tip: Understand The Rules Before You Start:

If you are a total newbie or an old hand at the game who hasn’t played in a while, brush up on the rules before you rush off to set a personal record for the most wins amongst your loved ones.

If you are a newcomer to the game of ludo, spend the first few games observing your opponents to see how they play and what tricks they pull out of the bag. Do not worry about a few losses, as once you get the hang of the game; you will be on your way to being crowned ludo champion of your home.


It is worth noting that while traditional ludo and online ludo both offer virtually the same gameplay, there will be individuals who swear by the traditional format, and others who vouch for the convenience of carrying the ludo board in your pocket. For some the physical feel of the dice rolling on the board and the touch of the tokens matter, while fans of mobile gaming like the option of matching up with players from across the globe. 

Whether you wish to indulge in ludo the old-fashioned way with the well-worn and yet playable vintage board and tokens or prefer playing online, both options will help you relive some of the nostalgia you feel. So without waiting any longer, pull out that old board you last laid eyes on long ago, or pull out your phone and invite your friends for a virtual rendezvous over ludo.

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