Top 10 Beauty Parlor Price List India | Beauty Salon Price List 2021

A beauty parlor or salon is a foundation managing restorative medicines for people. Here we provide the top 10 Beauty Parlor Price List and Service Details.

There’s a contrast between a beauty parlor and a salon which is that a beauty parlor is a very much evolved space in a private area, generally having a greater number of highlights than a salon could have.

Generally a salon focuses on a particular treatment or magnificence highlights, for example, styling either for men, ladies or for both.

This is the Normal Price List on Beauty Salons,

  • Advance Hair Cut – Volume Minimize Cut – Rs.200 (Onward)
  • Split-end-cut – Rs.200 (Onward)
  • Full Layer – Rs.180
  • Steps Layer – Rs.180

Beauty Parlor Price List on Advanced Hair Services


Rs.4000 (Onward)
Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that makes your hair straight, sleek and shiny. … Each type of hair has a natural bond.Curly or wavy, are the result of natural bonds that give the hair its physical quality. The cream softener or relaxant used in the rebonding treatment breaks the hair structure


Rs.3000 (Onward)
Hair smoothing is suitable for people with frizzy but straight hair. Keratin treatment is basically done to improve the quality of hair and to maintain the frizz. The chemicals are applied to the hair shaft to break the bonds. These are rebuilt with the help of heat.


Rs.3500 (Onward)
Hair straightening is a hair styling technique used since the 1890’s involving the flattening and straightening of hair in order to give it a smooth, streamlined, and sleek appearance. It became very popular during the 1950s among black males and females of all races. Our experts are here to give you the best service.

Bleach and Face Makeup Price List

  • Face – Rs.250 (Onward)
  • Bridal Make-up – Rs.8000
  • Face Massage – Rs.200
  • Facial – Rs.230
Top 10 Beauty Parlor Price List India | Beauty Salon Price List 2021 Beauty Parlor Price List
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Beauty Parlor Price List on Hair Colour


Rs.180 (Onward)

The fundamental distinction is that while in features slight cuts of hair are taken to shading them, streaks include thicker volume of hair. Despite the fact that features are smooth. Also on the off chance that you have scene hair, you can have striking streaks to appear to be unique and ‘scene’.

Root Touch up

Rs.600 (Onward)

Root Touch-Up gives your hair shading a lift, covering roots and grays whenever between normal colourings. The focused on Root Creams works in only 10 minutes. With a greater number of shades than some other root item you’ll make certain to discover your match. Perpetual shading that mixes flawlessly.


Rs.1200 (Onward)

Worldwide Color is the point at which the stylist paints the color onto your hair, this is normal in the event that you need to have only one shading all finished. Foils, these are utilized to get various shades and tones of shading into your hair.

Beauty Salon Price List on Hair Styling

  • Creasing – Rs.250 (Onward)
  • Different Braiding Techniques – Rs.250 (Onward)
  • Tonging – Rs.250 (Onward)
  • Blow Dry – Rs.250 (Onward)
  • Hot Roller – Rs.250 (Onward)
  • Pressing – Rs.250 (Onward)

Hair Treatment Price Chart in India

Cleanser and Conditioning


On the off chance that hair is noticeably sleek, scalp is tingling, or there’s chipping because of soil, those are signs it’s an ideal opportunity to cleanser. … Over washing in any case, even with regular shampoos, can dry out your hair and strip your scalp of the common oils it makes to guarantee hair wellbeing, gloss, development and characteristic assurance.

Oil Massage

Beauty Parlor Price list for Oil Massage is Rs.200 (Onward)

Oil Massage medicines are additionally valuable for assisting with invigorating blood stream, just as assisting with hair development, and they furnish numerous advantages to assist manage regular hair care and styling issues like dandruff, dry scalp, fuzziness, dampness and significantly more.

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Hair-fall Treatment

Beauty Salon Price list for Heirfall Treatment Rs.230

A line of superior items and administrations from us depends on front line advances to take into account the individual hair necessities. Selective home consideration customized and in-salon medicines depend on the inventive atomic accuracy innovation that objectives each layer of the hair fiber – the surface, the fingernail skin and the cortex.

Dandruff Treatment

Beauty Parlor Price list for Dandruff Treatment is Rs.230

Stun offers you unique dandruff treatment which oversees and controls the dandruff issue. This treatment assists with relieving dandruff and valuable for hair fall, dry and irritated scalp. To do this we cleanser your hair, apply cover on your hair and afterward knead on it.

Beauty Parlor Price list for Waxing

  • Full face – Rs.250
  • Cheeks – Rs.90
  • Jawline – Rs.50
  • Lower lip – Rs.50
  • Upper lip – Rs.50
  • Under arms – Rs.100 (Onward)
  • Full Legs – Rs.450 (Onward)
  • Half Legs – Rs.300 (Onward)
  • Full Hands – Rs.300 (Onward)
  • Half Hands – Rs.250 (Onward)

On this articles I’m giving Information about Beauty Salon Price List in Best of my knowledge. Beauty Parlor Price List may be change on demand Covid-19 Pandemic Situation. Thank you.

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