Heroes of Crown Codes (May 2023) – Claim Free Rewards

Looking for the Heroes of Crown Codes for free rewards, Check these Heroes of Crown May 2023 active redemption codes for exciting rewards. Such as free diamonds, elemental crystals, free gold, and many more.

Heroes of Crown Codes

The Heroes of Crown Code is a comprehensive source that is dedicated to Redeem Code. This comprehensive source is created to help the players of Heroes of Crown Codes Wiki and also fans of Redeem Code in general, understand the game and all its facets. There is also a forum created to facilitate players to share their codes.

Heroes of Crown Codes are a series of codes that can be redeemed in Heroes of Crown. They can be obtained by getting codes every day when you log in, And by redeeming codes won by watching ads or completing offers. Codes obtained through the login rewards are valid for a month, While the earned codes are valid for a year. We’ll update this Wiki regularly with the latest codes and the information on how to use those codes.

List of Heroes of Crown Codes for May 2023

The Heroes of Crown’s new redemption code has been released, You can get surprising gifts from this code. The new and active Heroes of Crown code is “Love Weekend“, Use this code for 300 diamonds and other surprising gifts.


  • Specials – Redeem code for Diamond x200
  • GreatWeek – Redeem code for Diamond x200
  • NicePic – Redeem code for Diamond x200
  • WELCOME – Redeem the code for free rewards!
  • hero777 – Redeem code for free rewards!
  • hero888 – Redeem code for free rewards!
  • hero999 – Redeem code for free rewards!
  • love weekend
  • Combat master
  • glow-dragon
  • 100Draw
  • lets party
  • 100Draw
  • GoodLuck
  • Tournament
  • Shadow
  • NewChaos
  • CoolDown

Genshin Impact Redeem Codes (May 2023)


All Heroes of Crown Codes List

Here’s a look at all the working Heroes of Crown codes.

  • GoodLuck
  • Purity
  • Beast
  • Shadow
  • CoolDown
  • Share tips
  • RuinsHunt
  • hero777
  • hero888
  • hero999
  • signup

How to Redeem Heroes of Crown Codes?

  • Open the Heroes of the Crown game on your device.
  • Tap on the Personal Info/Avatar button.
  • Click on the Redeem Code button.
  • Please enter the gift code provided in the Redeem Code section
  • Then click on the claim button to get your free prize in the game.
  • Enjoy your free rewards in this game for free.

Heroes of Crown Official Trailer

How To Get More Heroes of Crown Codes that not Expired?

The best way to get a new release code was to check it from our website Time-Tips, We always update all the new release redemption codes from Heros of the crown. Another option was to check Heroes of Crown’s official YouTube channel and other social media links.

Active Heroes of Crown Codes

These Heroes of Crown codes can be used to get different game items and you will get a new one every day from the game. Here is a list of currently available Heroes of the Crown activation codes.

  • Combat master
  • 100Draw 
  • Sunday
  • twins 
  • thanks
  • NEW ONE 
  • champs 
  • GIFTS 
  • SO RICH 
  • HOCOBT22 
  • HOCOBT555 
  • HOCVNG22
  • HOCVIP666
  • HOCVIP888 
  • HOCTH01

Heroes of Crown Codes 2023 (Expired)

  • Party
  • Milestone
  • great day
  • creators
  • 2ndmonth
  • MonkeyKing
  • second month
  • funny name
  • MidAugust
  • LeftHander
  • Difference
  • news
  • one month
  • Family
  • NewHero
  • Invite
  • LadyFury
  • Sunday
  • surprise
  • thanks
  • new one
  • champs

Where can I find my hero code?

Simply press “M” on your keyboard to access the game menu while playing My Hero Mania to redeem codes. You can enter a code by typing it in or pasting it into the text box that appears. To receive your reward, press “Enter” when you’re finished!

Are there codes for Dislyte?

One rare three-star station, four common experiments, 100,000 gold, and 50 nexus crystals are the items in AviveHD. TGTyoutube: one rare three-star Starimon, four common Experiments, fifty Nexus Crystals, and one eight-hour XP booster.

How are additional Heroes of Crown codes obtained?

The creator of Heroes of Crown, Woobest Games, is involved in the community and frequently updates their social media accounts, particularly the official Discord and developer’s Twitter. As soon as they are dropped, the majority of the game’s codes can be found on one of those platforms. Alternatively, you can save this page and come back later—we keep an eye on the game for new codes so you don’t have to!

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Hope you got your redemption code, There are some codes that may not work, cause they may be expired. We always update new codes after release, so stay tuned with us. If you have any queries, please mention them below comment box.

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