Free Fire Pet Skills, Ability, Carecter Combinations Guide

Garena Free Fire Pet skills, abilities, carecter combination 2021, 2022: FF Pet + Carecter combination for Rank push, label up, custom room battles.

Garena Free Fire has lot’s of features for making easier to fight on battle But, the Pet have a major role on the battlefield. In this article, I have shared some the best combinations of pets with characters. If you are a free fire lover, I promise this article is really helpful for you.

After this latest update on FF there was now in total 17 pets are available, all pets have an unique abilities to help the players on battlefield.

Pets are very useful in the game because they provide skills that can be very useful and can be improve selected character skills sometimes too.

Characters and pets are the two most interesting features of Garena Fire Fire. The majority of them have unique talents and skills that have a direct impact on the gameplay of the players and give them a profit for their enemies.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the best carecter and pet combinations. FF pet and carecter skills and abilities complete guide.

Free Fire Pet Skills, Ability & Combinations with Carecters

Before knowing the Free Fire Pet Combinations with Carecters, you just be know bout Free Fire pets skills and abilities. here I’ve shared all information about free fire Pet Skills, ability and which carecter is the best combined with the pets.

1.Mr. Waggor + Skyler

Waggor + Skyler Carecter combination in Free Fire
  • Carecter Skill: Riptide Rhythm
  • Pet Skill: Smooth Gloo
  • Mr. Waggor Pet Skill Ability in Free fire: When player has no Gloo wall granade, Mr. Waggor can produce 1 Gloo wall grande every 100 Seconds.
  • Carecter Combination: Skyler + Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor + Skyler Carecter combination in Free Fire Guide

Skyler have Riptide Rhythm ability. He can unleash a sonic wave that can damage five gloo walls within 50 metter and Each gloo wall deployed will result in increasing HP recovery, beginning from four points. The ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Mr. Wagoor can produce Gloo wall, These skills perfectly combined with the skyler skill abilities.

Note: If you want to purchase Mr. Waggor, you need 699 diamonds on free fire.

2. Dr Beanie + Wukong

Dr Beanie_Wukong
  • Carecter Skill: Camouflage
  • Pet Skill: Dashy Duckwalk
  • Dr Beanie Skill Ability: Dr Beanie can increase the movement speed of the character when he was in a crouch position, Dr. Beanie’s skill can increases carecter movement speed up-to 60%.

Dr Beanie and Wukong Carecter Skill Combination in Free Fire

Now days Wukong is the best carecter for close range fight, Wukong have “camouflage” ability. This ability can turn players into bushes for up-to 10 seconds and it’s need 250 second to cooldown. With Wukong khock down a enemy, the duration of the cooldown will be reset.

Dr Beanie have the ability to faster movement in crouch position. When the mix together then you can also move faster or kill enemies easily. That means Dr Beanie + Wukong also the best carecter and pet combination in free fire.

3. Sensei Tig + Kelly

Sensei Tig Kelly Carecter Combination in Free fire 2021, 2022 Guide
FF Carecter Combination with pet
  • Carecter Skill: Dash
  • Pet Skill: Nimble Ninja
  • Sensei Tig Pet Skill Ability: Nimble Ninja can reduces the duration of enemies man marking skills upto 60%.

Sensei Tig + Kelly Carecter Combination in Free fire 2021, 2022 Guide

Kelly is one of the most extraordinary characters in Free Fire. With hr ability Dash and Sensei Tig ability Nimble Ninja is the best combination for rush gameplay. Sensei can help to find enemies and Kelly can run faster to take down that enemiy.

Note: Free fire resently launched Sensei in game. In launching time it’s was free on 100 diamond Top-up, but now it’s also need 699 diamonds for purchase.

4. Beaston + Chrono

Beaston Chrono Carecter Combination in Free Fire
  • Carecter Skill: Time Turner
  • Pet Skill: Helping Hand
  • Beaston Pet Skill Ability: Helping Hand can increases the throwing distance of Grenade, Gloo Wall, Flashbangs, and Smoke Grenades up-to 30%.

Beaston + Chrono Carecter Combination in Free Fire Guide

Chrono have that ability to create a force field that can block 600 damage from outside. In addition, it also increases the 15% movement speed. All of these effects last for 8 seconds,

Beaston have that ability to throw the grenades, Gloo wall or flash bangs, that means when Chrono use his ability he can protect himself and throw the grenades in a long distance.

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5. Falco + Alok

Falco DJ Alok Skill Combination in Free Fire
  • Carecter Skill: Drop the Beat
  • Pet Skill: Skyline Spree
  • Falco Pet Skill Ability: It’s initial stage Falco can increase the gliding speed up-to 15% and when parachute is opened Falco can increased landing speed up-to 25%.

Falco with DJ Alok Skill Combination in Free Fire Guide

Dj alok can restore his HP up-to 50 and increase his movement speed, Other side Falco can help on faster landing up-to 25%. That means this is the best carecter and pets combination in free fire 2021, 2011 latest update.

6. Detective Panda + Alok

Detective Panda Alok Pet Skill Carecter Combination in Free Fire
  • Carecter Skill: Drop the Beat
  • Pet Skill: Panda’s Blessings
  • Detective Panda Pet Skill Ability: Detective Panda can restores up-to 7HP for every kill.

Detective Panda + Alok: Pet and Carecter Combination in Free Fire

Alok creates a 5m aura that’s look like 5 HP in every second for about 10 seconds in total. After activation, the movement speed also increased by 15%.

Detective Panda can also produce HP after every kill, that mins DJ Alok and Detective Panda is the best combination in free fire for rush gameplay and rank pushing.

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7. Shiba + K

Shiba pet K Carecter Combination Free Fire
  • K Carecter Skill: Master of All
  • Pet Skill: Mushroom Sense
  • Shiba Pet Skill Ability: In free fire Shiba pet can help players to find mushrooms on the map every 180 seconds and his every mark lasting 30 seconds.

Shiba pet with K Carecter Combination in Free Fire Guide

In the free fire K is a strange character because of his ability, K has two separate skill modes – Jiu-Jitsu mode, which makes EP to HP conversion rate up-to 500% and, the other mood, K can restore his 2 ep every 2 seconds.

Shiba pet can help find mushrooms for K and, he can restore his HP easily. That’s why I’m combine K carecter with Shiba.

8. Robo + Chrono

Chrono Carecter Combination Robo Pet Free Fire
  • Carecter Skill: Time Turner
  • Pet Skill: Wall Enforcement
  • Robo Skill Ability In Free fire: Robo pet can add a shield to the gloo wall and provide extra Gloo wall HP up-to 80.

Chrono Carecter Combination with Robo Pet in Free Fire

Chrono can create a shield for blocking outside damage and can increase his movement speed but. Chrono can use his shield for up-to 3-4 Second after that Robo pet can help him to make Gloo wall shield. That’s why I suggest you if you using Robo pet you can use Chrono combination for best battle.

9. A124 + Ottero

A124 Ottero Pet Combination Free Fire 2021 2022
  • A124 Carecter Skill: Thrill of Battle
  • Pet Skill: Double Blubber
  • Ottero Pet Skill Ability in Free Fire: Ottero can help players to restore EP while using Treatment Gun or a Med Kit up-to 65.

A124 + Ottero Pet Combination in Free Fire 2021, 2022 Guide

A124 is a decent alternative for Alok in Free fire or Free Fire max. With Ottero Pet players can recover several EPs every time they use a treatment gun or med kit and, The with A124 and Ottero every amount of EP received is 65% of HP recover at the highest level of ability. If you use A124 carecter I suggest you to use Ottero with that carecter.

All of this information is about “Free fire Pet Skill Ability and Carecter Combination with pets”. Hope this information can help you on your gameplay. If you have any queries, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!

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