Free Fire OB34 Update, Apk Release Date, Leaks, Download

Free Fire OB34 Update is an upcoming update in free fire, with a new map, exciting updates, get an amazing experience through this OB34 update.

Updates are generally content of contention in the Free Fire community since they bring in new and instigative features that make it more inclusive to its ever-growing fanbase. The OB34 update went live many days back, and gamers are enjoying the new features, especially the Link System which included giving free characters.

Fans and players are formerly looking at the OB34 interpretation. This will bring further changes to their favorite game to further ameliorate the experience. Since the battle royale title follows a particular pattern for updates, druggies have a general idea of when to anticipate the patch.

Free fire OB34 Update 2022

Free Fire is one of the most successful first-person shooter videotape games that has a lot of intriguing mechanics. It was developed by Free Fire Games Ltd and was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on March 16, 2017.

Free Fire OB34 update

Garena Free Fire OB34 release date

An update in any game always draws a magnet among the gaming community. After OB33 Update, Free Fire will now release the OB34 Update.

Anticipated Release date and time for all regions

  • Bangladesh –10.30 am
  • Nepal –10.45 am
  • England –5.30 am
  • USA –1.30 am (New York time)
  • Indonesia –12.30 pm
  • Japan –2.30 pm
  • Brazil –2.30 am (Sao Paulo)
  • Europe –6.30 am (CET)

In history, utmost Free Fire updates were released one day before the also-ongoing Clash Squad season ended. Since Season 12 comes to a close on 25 May, players can anticipate the update to be released on the specified date.

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The Garena Free Fire OB34 update will be released coming month. But Free Fire OB34 Update is anticipated to release on 24th May 2022. After the FF OB33 update, Free Fire will now release the OB34 update. Garena has not made any sanctioned advertisement on the OB34 release date. Free Fire OB34 release date information is being bandied. And it’s believed that the utmost of the earlier updates may be released just a day before the Clash Squad ranked season homestretch.

How to Download Garena Free Fire OB34 update APK

With the Garena Free Fire OB34 update available, players around the world can download the new update via the App Store. Piecemeal from this, Android druggies can also download Free Fire OB34

Download Garena Free Fire OB34 update APKDownload
Garena FF OB34 update APK Size700-750 MB

Follow the way given below to complete the download/ update for Free Fire OB34 update via Google Play Store-

  • Step 1 – First of all click on Google Play Store on your mobile.
  • Step 2 – After opening Google Play Store, hunt for Garena Free Fire using the hunt box.
  • Step 3 – Tap on the earlier results handed by Play Store.
  • Step 4 – Also valve on Player Install/ Update.
  • Step 5 – After installing or streamlining the app, players can tap “ Open” to launch it.

Reward & Leaks

Numerous leaks have been handed by the advance garçon about the upcoming OB34 update. Some major leaks of the forthcoming update are

  • Pan-Rave SKater
  • Gloo wall – rave skater
  • Sword – rave skater
  • AC80-skatar pack
  • Granade – skatar pack
  • M1014C – RAVE rave skatar pack

Garena Free Fire Max OB34 Update APK Size

The download size of a Free Fire apk train is between 700-750 MB, indeed if players download using Google Play Store Therefore, players must use a Wi-Fi network for stable downloads.

The release date for Free Fire MAX’s OB34 update

Both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX come with updates. The possible release date of Free Fire’s OB34 update is said to be 24 May 2022. The pattern has come well known from the last many updates. Actually, the Clash Squad Rank update comes a day before the end of the season.

The Ranked Season of Clash Squad Mode will end on 25th May 2022. For this reason, the update can come a day before i.e. on the 24th. With this update, there will also be a conservation break in the game and players won’t be suitable to enjoy the game for many hours. Still, during this time you can plan ahead for the new season and test out the new features.

Free Fire Ob34 Release date and pre-enrollment date for the update

The advanced garçon will open three weeks previous to the date of release for Ob34 and when it does, you’ll be suitable to share in it by using the activation keys of the advanced garçon with ease. It’s known that our advance garçon enrollment begins 3 weeks previous to the date of release and, after five days we can play on advance waiters with the help of the advance garçon’s activation law.

So we’ve decided that our Ob34 Advance garçon enrollment date for pre-registration will start on 7 May 2022 and enrollment will end on May 12, 2022. 21 May 2022, the advanced garçon will shut down.


Another new update is out for the popular shooter game, Free Fire. It is version OB34, and it is live on the Google Play store for users to download. The new version offers a lot of new guns, Also, it has a lot of new weapons skins in the game.

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