Free Fire OB32 Updates, Features Release Date, APK Download

Free fire OB32 update has confirmed by Garena, APK available to download from advance server, get OB32 Apk download link, features, release date and other major details here.

Garena has finally announced their upcoming advance server free fire OB32 update . Free fire was the most popular multiplayer battle royale game, he was allows their users to try out the new features before publishing on Playstore. Players can be check and also take an experience by advance server.

In this article, we are going to discuss about Garena upcoming free fire OB32 update and it’s related all Information’s. So, stay tuned with us and get all latest updates from free fire.

About Free Fire OB32 Update

The new update of free fire was coming on the advance server. These updates there are extremely significant, in this update Garena was added lot’s of new elements such as weapons, characters, and more.

Free Fire OB32 Update

Al per the leaks Garena Free Fire OB32 update will release on January 19, 2022. It might be comes with two new characters, a new pet, new gun skins and more.

Free Fire OB32 Release Date in Advance Server

As we mentioned the free fire OB32 release date of advanced server was 19 January 2022. From this day’s players can download the OB32 APK file from the Advance Server of free fire and also they check the features and updates on this new update.

Player’s can be register for this new APK download on the advance server through the Garena advance server website from 13th January.

Note: Garena just confirm there new OB32 update, but the release date is not confirm yet, this is an expected date, it’s may available to download on the mentioned date.

How to Register for Free Fire OB32 Update on Advance Server?

There was a simple process to register on the advance server, we have shared here the complete process in some steps. You just need to follow the steps to register on the advance server.

  • Open the Free Fire advance server website. (we have shared the link below)
  • Now, click on the ‘Login button’ and login through your Facebook’ or Google account.
  • Click on register button.
  • Now, Fill in basic details like your name, email and mobile number etc.
  • Then, Click on the Join Now button.

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How to Download Free Fire OB32 Update from Advance Server?

Here we have shared a complete details to download the free fire new OB32 update from advance server, follow the guide from below.

  • Open free fire advance server website.
  • Now, Login with your Facebook or Gmail account.
  • If you have already register the advance server, the download button was showing on above the page. If not, register by filing the basic details.
  • Download the OB32 APK file from the website.
  • Now, Install the APK file on your device and you start playing the test version to take experience the new update and features.
Download Free Fire OB32 UpdateClick here
TimeTips HomeVisit now

Note: There was a limited codes are available to login and access the advance server, make sure you guy’s register before download the new update.


Who can Download free fire OB32 Update from Advance Server?

Basically, Anyone can download and access the Free Fire Advance Server, but you must need an activation code.

How to Get Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code?

The only way to get this free fire advance server activation code was, you must enroll for the Advance Server on the official website. There was some limited player’s, who got the code to access the advance server.

When Free Fire OB32 APK Available on Advance Server?

The Free Fire OB32 APK file may available on 19th January 2022, but the registration will available earlier 1 week on this time.

What is the new features of free fire OB32 update?

As per the leaks, in this new update there was Lot’s of major update will comes on the free fire, like – new pet, new characters, new gun skin, Gloo wall skin and many more.

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