Free Fire OB31 APK Download Link Revealed for Android

Free Fire OB31 APK: The release of the upcoming free fire OB31 update has generated by garena, get the Free Fire OB31 APK download link, updates. With the preface of the Advance server, the hype has further expanded dramatically.

As per the information and Updates from Garena, The Free Fire OB31 APK file will release on 30 November 2021 with lot’s of exiting features. If you want to download the beta version of free fire OB31, You can visit the free fire advance server., The free fire OB31 APK file was already available to download from there.

In this article, we are going to discuss about, Garena upcoming December updates and free fire APK file download related all informations, so stay with get all latest updates and informations.

GameGarena Free Fire
CategoryFree Fire Advance Server OB31 Download
Start DateStarting in December 2021
Page CategoryGarena Free Fire
End DateNovember 2021
TypeAndroid Game

Free Fire OB31 APK Download From Advance Server

With the new update that Garena Free Fire has introduced, the druggies will be suitable to try and use new features in the game. These are believed to work fully in the sanctioned game. Talking about the purpose of the game, the players will now be suitable to identify glitches and bugs.

Free Fire OB31 APK Download

With this new point, the sanctioned platoon can also work and amend the bugs and glitches. In the end, this will help the platoon to make the game fully bug-free. At this point, the officers have made the garçon apk available to the druggies.

For these, the players can now download the apk and check the features like characters, munitions, faves, etc. Also, before the officers release the OB31 update, the FF Advance Garçon will be accessible to players to check for bugs.

Here we have shared a complete step by step guide to download the free fire OB31 APK from advance server. Just follow the steps that we mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Visit the Free Fire Advance Server Official website.
  • Step 2: After reached the website, You need to login using the Facebook, Google account.
  • Step 3: Once it done, you can check the download option is available on the website, you can download now the free fire OB31 Apk file from there.
  • Step 4: You should enable the “ Install from Unknown Source” setting on their device and do with the installation.
  • Step 5: After completing it, you can open the application and enter the “ Activation code” , and you can play the free fire OB31 updates game.

Note: Free Fire OB31 APK Advance server APK will be is 747 MB in size. You must have enough space download and installation the free fire OB31 APK.

How to Pre-Register Free Fire OB31 Update on Advanced Server?

  • Step 1: Go To Free Fire Advance Garçon Website
  • Step 2: Click on‘Login Facebook’
  • Step 3: Enter Facebook Account Details and Log-in
  • Step 4: Fill Out the Details and Submit

After following the below- mentioned way, you have successfully registered for the OB31 Advanced server. After this mandatory enrollment, you can download the OB31 Advance Garçon APK on your Android device. Unfortunately, Garena doesn’t release FF’s Advanced Server for iOS devices.

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How To Login For Free Fire OB31 Advanced Server?

The Advanced server used to come with a single‘Facebook Login’ option until the OB23 Advanced Garçon. The Facebook account was to be the same as you used at the time of enrollment. Bur from the OB24 Advance server, inventors introduced one further option the ‘Guest Login.’

With the preface of this new login option, a new demand of a unique law/ Activation Law has been introduced. The inventors shoot this law to the dispatch address handed at the time of enrollment, but only to many players as Advance Garçon can only accommodate a limited number of players.

So before downloading the OB31 Advance Garçon APK, make sure you have entered the Activation Law over your registered dispatch. Because only using this law you’ll be suitable to log in on Advanced Garçon; else there’s no sense in wasting your internet data on downloading the APK and getting wedged at the login screen.

Still, open the Advanced Garçon APK, If you get the law. Log in using any login option and enter the Activation Law on the coming screen. Now you’re all set to witness the new features coming with the new update.

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What is The New Update on Free Fire OB31 Update?

As we’ve mentioned ( over), Free Fire Advance server OB31 update is the stylish way for gamers to witness forthcoming, beta features of the game before it releases encyclopedically. The new patch called Advance Garçon OB31 will be available in November.

Inventors at Garena calculate on select druggies to help them test the game, report any bugs and suggest to them how to make the game indeed more. The Advance server works through a different operation, which can be downloaded only from Garena Free Fire sanctioned website. So, if you love playing Garena Free Fire, do not miss the chance to explore the yet-to- release features of the game.

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Free Fire Advance Server OB31 Update Release Date?

Garena Free Fire Advance website has participated the release date for the Advance Garçon OB31 update. Based on information The Garena Free Fire OB31 Update will arrive between 30th November to 10 December.

The Advanced server Free Fire OB31 APK Download links opening date is 25 th November 2021.

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code for Free Fire OB31 APK Download

There’s no way you can pierce the Free Fire Advance Garçon without having the activation law. So, it’s pivotal that you register for the Advanced Garçon when the window opens on 18TH November as there are limited Advance Garçon canons. Numerous players who register for Free Fire Advance Garçon access may not get the activation law.

Free Fire Advance Server OB31 enrollment launch and end date?

Garena has bared the rearmost enrollment dates for Free Fire Advance server OB31. The server goes live on 1st December, and it’ll be available for a period of one week, up to 1 December 2021. Use this time to test the new features and report bugs to the inventor.

Why is Free Fire Advance Server a big deal?

Getting early access to any point helps gamers acclimatise to the new settings hastily, giving them an edge over other players when the point officially rolls out. You can also try new tools, munitions that are being developed behind the scenes, and get a sense of what’s coming in the coming many weeks. Advance Garçon is your gateway to achieve further success on Garena Free Fire and win further prices.

Official WebsiteClick here
Download Free Fire OB31 Apk (58MB)Click here
Free fire OB31 OBB File (686.46MB)Click here
TimeTips HomeClick hare

Download Free fire OB31 APK file with direct Download Link from MediaFire update. Download Free fire OB31 APK for early access, File size 684.46 MB.

Garena Free Fire OB31 APK DownloadClick here
Garena Free Fire OB31 OBB File DownloadClick here
Advance Server Official WebsiteVisit Here

All over the article, we have shared all details and updates on Free Fire OB31 APK Download Link and it’s related all Updates, guide and informations. If you have any queries on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!!!

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