Free Fire Next Gold Royale Bundle Updates for January 2022

Free fire next gold royale bundle january updates: Get free fire upcoming gold royale bundle release date, bundle review, dress combination, more from this article.

You must know, with every update, the Gold Royale pack gets changed, and a new pack gets added into the FF Token Redeem Store also. This post will partake the Gold Royale Bundle and FF Token Bundle coming after the OB32 update.

In this article we are going to discuss about Free fire next gold royel bundle updates related all information’s, hope this article can help you to know about free fire next gold royale bundle.

Next Gold Royale Bundle – After OB32 Update

The next Gold Royale Bundle of Free Fire (FF) is scheduled to release on February 2022, the same day as the release of the new OB32 update. The current gold royale bundle ‘Blue Silk Royalty Bundle’ is a male bundle.

Generally, Free Fire gets male and female bundles alternatively; hence, the upcoming Gold Royale Bundle of February 2022 will be a male bundle named ‘Blue Silk Royalty Bundle’. Below is the leaked picture attached of the same.

Next Gold Royal bundle

About Free Fire Next Gold Royale Bundle – Blue SILk ROYALTY BUNDLE

Blue Silk Royalty Bundle is the next Gold Royale in Free Fire. It’s a male bundle. The bundle theme is around the blue color combination with the blue effect. Also, there are some black colored clothes. Overall, the looks of the bundle are good.

Free Fire Gold Royale usually doesn’t provide a very attractive and premium bundle. In very rare cases, Garena Free Fire has provided premium-looking bundles. That’s the reason, you shouldn’t expect more from the Gold Royale.

Also, the reason behind this is the Gold Royale is a Free event. You don’t need Free Fire Diamonds to spin the Royale. The Gold coins are used for it which can be obtained easily by playing the game for Free.

Free Fire Next Gold Royale Bundle Review

Overall I liked the Bundle. Since it’s a male bundle, many players are not gonna like this. This is my point of view based on my experience. But I personally liked it very much. I often play with a male character.

So, it will be perfect for me to boost my in-game costume collection. I like both the bundles male and male.

Free Fire Next Gold Royale Bundle Release Date

The next Gold Royale in Free Fire is going to be released on February 2022 after the OB32 Patch update. There are a great many Change in the free fire OB32 Update. Gold Royale is just the periodic event that we all know comes after each OB update. The current/previous Free Fire Gold Royale is a Male bundle. So, this time a male bundle will be there.

How To Get Next Gold Royale Bundle In Free Fire?

Are you want to get next Gold Royale Bundle on 1st day, Here is the complete process to get the Free Fire Next Gold Royale Bundle easily.

  1. Open the game and go to Luck Royale section
  2. Make sure you have sufficient Gold coins in your Free Fire account
  3. Select the Gold Royale
  4. Spin the Royale
  5. I you have Gold Royale voucher, you spin will use them
  6. Spin 10 at once. It will increase the probability to get the bundle earlier
  7. 10 X Spins give you 1 extra item and one extra lucky star
  8. When you get the bundle, it will show a ‘Congratulations’ screen
  9. After you get the grand prize bundle, the lucky stars will drop to zero

How Does Free Fire Gold Royale Work?

Gold Royale can be accessed from the ‘Luck Royale’ section available at the left side of the lobby. It comes with a bundle as the grand prize, among other small rewards. To get the main reward, you have to make spins.

With each spin, you get one reward, either a small reward or the grand prize. There are two options to make spins, ‘1 Spin’ and’ 10+1 Spins’. 1 Spin cost you either 1 Gold Royale Voucher or 300 Gold Coins, and 10+1 Spins cost you either 10 Gold Royale Voucher or 3000 Gold Coins.

FF Token Exchange Gold Royale Bundle – After OB32 Update

A new male bundle will be added to the FF Token Exchange Store after the OB32 update. It would be the male version of the bundle coming in the Gold Royale, but as of now there are no leaked pictures of the bundle.

We will update here as soon as we get any information. You can access the FF Token Exchange Store from Store -> Redeem -> FF Token tab.

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Free Fire Next Gold Royale Bundle Design

  • Imperial Malikah shirt.
  • Imperial Malikah pant.
  • Imperial Malikah shoes.
  • Imperial Malikah head.

The Regal Malik male bundle is the male equivalent of the Imperial Malikah female bundle for those unfamiliar. In the OB32 update, this male bundle will be available in the FF token store for 50 FF tokens for each component, for a total of 200 FF tokens.

How to use Gold Voucher in Free Fire Gold Royale?

The Gold Royale in Free Fire is a gold-themed fortunate spin in the Lucky Royale. Players may spin once for 300 gold or 11 times for 3000 gold. Every day, each participant receives one free spin in the Gold Royale.

Players will get a modest prize or the Grand Prize with each spin. The Luck Quotient will rise by 1 for each spin that does not land on the Grand Prize, increasing your chances of winning the Grand Prize on the following spin.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Gold is a currency in Free Fire that players may acquire for free by participating in various gaming activities. Here are a few methods for quickly obtaining Gold in Free Fire:

  1. Daily login: Players may earn different prizes, including Gold, just by checking in to the game on a daily basis.
  2. Play matches: You will be awarded with an amount of Gold depending on your performance after each match you play in Free Fire.
  3. In-game events include: Free Fire is continually releasing new in-game events, many of which reward players with Gold for completing basic tasks.

To get the prizes at random, users will have to pay gold. As they make more spins, their luck will improve, increasing their chances of winning the big prize. Once the big prize is won, the luck quotient is reset.

How to obtain rewards from Gold Royale?

The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to get to the Gold Royale in Free Fire.

Step 1: After launching Free Fire on their smartphones, they must touch on the “Luck Royale” symbol.

Step 2: On-screen, the different Luck Royales will display. As seen in the image above, users must click on “Gold Royale.”

Step 3: They can now do the necessary amount of spins.

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All over the article, we are going to discuss about free fire next gold royale bundle related all informations. If you have any other quarry on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!!!

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