Free Fire Money Heist Collaboration Event 2.0 Updates, Features, Rewards

Free Fire Money Heist collaboration event 2.0 will return with OB31 update, Get Free Fire Money Heist Event Calendar updates, rewards, release date with other information here.

Garena always come with existing events, After OB31 update Garena Free Fire is coming with another stupendous collaboration. Every Free Fire collaboration comes with new in- game cosmetics, events, packets, and more. Likewise, they’re going to unite with one of the most popular web series on Netflix – Money Heist.

In this article, we are going to discuss about Garena upcoming event, ” Free fire Money heist collaboration event calendar 2.0 related all updates and information’s. So stay connect with us and get complete information’s about it.

What is Free Fire Money Heist Collaboration 2.0 Events

Money Heist is a story of an unusual group of robbers who attempt to carry out the most perfect heist in Spanish history.

The first two parts of the show focus on the aforementioned heist, with the mysterious “Professor” recruiting a group of eight robbers to carry out the crime of the century.

They intend to take over the Royal Mint in Madrid, print €2.4 billion then escape. This is where the printing money part of the Free Fire event came from.

Free Fire Money Heist Collaboration Event Calender

Details About Free Fire Money Heist Collaboration Event 2.0

On 29 November, free fire officially confirmed the partnership with Money Heist on their social media handles.

As per the post, all the collaboration events will kick off in the game starting from 3 December 2021, which also happens to be the release date for the last season of the series.

The event will be called “Final Episode: Raid and Run” and will be running till 14 December, during which players will be able to get their hands on a variety of rewards. The post further mentions the following as well:

Like every other major event, it is expected that a calendar will be added to Free Fire in the coming few days.

Players can expect a new series of cosmetics to come their way as part of this collaboration. The developers will likely be revealing the exact details of the available items in the coming days. Until then, users can follow the official handles to keep up with the announcement.

Free Fire x Money Heist Collaboration 2.0 Expected Release Date

The Garena Free Fire Money Heist collaboration event calender may start from December 3, 2021, after the  OB31 Update, which will launch on 1st December 2021, as we predicted a long ago.

Free Fire Money Heist Event Calendar 2.0 Leaked, Rewards, & More

As we know, the Free Fire OB31 update is coming on 01 December 2021. Likewise, there are numerous rumours, news, and leaks about new in- game particulars, cosmetics, charts, characters, and packets. Plutocrat Pinch Season 5 Part II is going to release in December at the same time as Free Fire OB31 update.

Two notorious Free Fire Dataminers KnightClown, andAorus69_OFC post about the forthcoming collaboration on his Instagram handle.

Also, He posted the Event Timetable and Prices of Plutocrat Pinch 2.0 collaboration. Likewise, the event in this post is about the Bermuda Map of Garena Free Fire on the Indian garçon.

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Free Fire Money Heist Collaboration Event Calendar Schedule for December 2021

  • 1st, event is Plan Bermuda – Raid & Run: From 3 December 2021 to 14 December 2021
  • 2nd, event is Aftermatch Drop x3: From 3 December 2021 to 14 December 2021
  • 3rd, Let’s Plan Again Web Event: From 4 December 2021 to 14 December 2021
  • 4th, Collect Banknotes: From 5 December 2021 to 14 December 2021
  • 5th, Login for Rewards: From 7 December 2021 to 14 December 2021
  • 6th, Play to get LCDP Surfboard: From 11 December 2021
  • 7th, Login Now: From 11 December 2021
  • 8th, Get the LCDP Sportscar: From 11 December 2021 to 14 December 2021
  • 9th, Play Money Heist Mode: From 11 December 2021 to 14 December 2021
  • 10th, The Last is Booyah Run: From 1 December 2021 to 16 December 2021

The event is going to start from 3 December 2021 and it will run for two weeks or more. In other words, Free Fire x Money Heist 2.0 will give you a good amount of Free Rewards and in-game items. Furthermore, Free Fire survivors also get huge discounts on other cosmetics like character, Top Up, and more.

Rewards Of Free Fire Money Heist Collaboration Event 2.0

As per the leaked event calendar, the event will begin on December 3 and will conclude on December 14. WHereas the peak day of the event is expected to be on December 11. The rewards in the events include a free Female Outfit, a free LCDP surfboard and a special parachute skin there will also be a free sports car skin, an avatar and a pan skin as well.

However, these are only leaks and must be taken as leaks until the event is confirmed by Garena officially. The event is expected to be announced after the OB31 update which will hit the servers in the upcoming week.

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list of Items, Skins Rewards from Collaboration 2.0 event:

  • 1. Money Heist Bundles
  • 2. Special Emote
  • 3. M1887 Incubator
  • 4. Collaboration Login Screen
  • 1. A94 Skin
  • 2. Airdrop
  • 3. Airship
  • 4. Kitty Skin
  • 5. Backpack Skin
  • 6. Pickup Truck Skin
  • 7. P90 Skin
  • 8. Pan Skin
  • 9. Lobby Item
  • 10. Parachute Skin
  • 11. Ottero Skin
  • 12. Panda Skin
  • 13. Bundle
  • 14. Gloo Wall skin
  • 15. Surfboard Skin

Previous Free Fire Money Heist Collaboration

The previous Free Fire and Money Heist collaboration ran for approximately two weeks in September 2020. Users were offered tons of exciting rewards, and a few of them were available for free. Garena has also added a new game mode.

With these events, the “I’m Rich! emote,” which has become a rare item, was also added to the game.

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All over the article, We have shared a complete information about upcoming Free fire Money Heist Event calender and It’s rewards related all updates. If you have farther any queries, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!!!

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