Free Fire MAX 5th Anniversary Events, Rewards

The Free Fire MAX 5th Anniversary Events will bring numerous exclusive prices through colorfulsub-events. Though a good number of free fire max.

Celebrating Free Fire’s 5th anniversary, a series of in-game events have begun rolling out moment and will continue until September 13 in both the original title as well as the MAX variant. The global collaboration with iconic music personality Justin Bieber has created indeed more hype and excitement amongst players.

The 5th- anniversary mega event will bring numerous exclusive prices through colourful sub-events. Though a good number of these particulars will bear diamonds, there will also be gifts, making it the perfect time for Free Fire MAX gamers to add fresh cosmetics to their in-game collection.

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Free Fire MAX Fifth Anniversary Event

The important- awaited Free Fire 5th Anniversary event is nearly upon us. The festivity will protest start on 5th August and will be available till 13th September. The inventors have divided the events into five corridors, with the utmost of them

Free Fire Mex
Free Fire Max

featuring multiple events. The peak day, indicated through an unheroic mark, will be 27th August. Popular songster, Justin Bieber, will perform in-game and also release a special track for the fifth Anniversary. So, the grand festivity will have a lot to offer.

5th Anniversary event calendar

Then are the dates specified by Garena in the recently added event timetable for the 5th Anniversary

  • Capsules open( 5 August – 13 September) – Battle on 5 August, Style on 13 August, Map on 20 August, icons on 27 August, and Memory on 3 September
  • New Battle Royale chart Nexterra( 20 August – 13 September)
  • Classic Exchange Store( 5 August – 13 September)
  • Premium Exchange Store( 27 August – 13 September)
  • Wave 1 of Time- Limited Diamond Store( 13 August – 9 September)
  • Wave 2 of Time- Limited Diamond Store( 27 August – 9 September)
  • Login for free emote!( 27 August)
  • Beautiful Love Concert( 27 August)
  • Free Room Cards( Between 13- 14 August, 20- 21 August, and 27- 28 August

Cumulative Login event

Cumulative Login event
Cumulative Login event

The Accretive Login event is one of the events that Garena has incorporated into Free Fire MAX to fix up for the 5th Anniversary fests. It commenced on 1 August and will last till 10 August. Users have to log a particular number of days to admit the prices set by the inventors

  • Login 1 day Pixelated Staircase
  • Login 3 days Gold Royale Voucher
  • Login 5 days 5th Anniversary leg

Moment, players who have inked in each day since the launch of the event will be suitable to get the first two prices into their accounts. Meanwhile, they will admit the 5th Anniversary leg on 5 August if they continue the same way.

Free Fire MAX: An overview of the events and rewards to claim in the 5th-anniversary ‘Reunite The World’ event

Free Fire MAX: An overview of the events and rewards to claim in the 5th-anniversary 'Reunite The World' event
Free Fire MAX: An overview of the events and rewards to claim in the 5th-anniversary ‘Reunite The World’ event

#1. Battle Capsule

The Battle Capsule offers the Sterling Futurnetic M4A1 skin as a grand price. The skin possesses the following attributes

  • Damage+
  • Range+
  • Magazine-

In the event, gamers have to complete the mentioned tasks and claim AV commemoratives, which results in the lighting up of one card. One must complete all the operations and light up the antedating card to move onto the coming bone

This way, players will have to light up an aggregate of seven cards to claim the M4A1 skin for free. numerous other minor prices can also be claimed ultimately.

The Battle Capsule is presently uncorked and players can start playing the event to snare one of the grand prizes for this mega event.

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#2. New Map

A new chart, Nexterra is each set to make its way into the game on 20 August. Gamers can enjoy playing matches on this chart until 13 September.

#3. Exchange Store

As usual, there will be two exchange store events – Classic Exchange Store and Premium Exchange Store. The Classic Exchange Store will be available throughout the crusade, while Premium Exchange Store will begin on the peak day, 27 August.

#4. Time Limited Diamond Store

The Wave 1 event starts on 13 August featuring one gun skin and one Gloo Wall for the players. Meanwhile, Wave 2 will feature an outfit along with the gun skins. The ultimate bone.

Other Events

Other Events
Other Events

J Biebs Special Garena formerly blazoned the collaboration with Justin Bieber, who’ll have his emotes and character in-game. Alongside these particulars, a musicale, Beautiful Love Concert, is also listed for suckers to enjoy. Free Room Card Players will admit room cards from time to time throughout the event.

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