Upcoming Gun Free Fire MAC-10 Updates, Release Date

Free Fire MAC-10 known as little monkey, This smg gun will arrive on OB31 update, get free fire Mac 10 gun release date, abilities, updates. MAC-10, also known as M-10 is the condensation of the name Military Armament Corporation Model 10.

This new armament from Free Fire is a submachine gun type submachine gun, analogous to the UZI, and was developed in 1964 in the USA.
Remember that the new MAC-10 armament comes coupled to a silencer, as well as a handle and cartridge can be attached.

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New Free fire MAC-10 Released date, Coming With OB31 Update?

Free fire new gun mac-10

Garena is going to roll out the OB31 update of Free Fire on 03/12/2021. A new member in the Free Fire Sub Machine Gun family will be added named MAC-10 with this update. The sanctioned release is yet to be blazoned, but leaks are always there before evidence. The new SMG MAC-10 also has the surname Little Monkey.

New Weapon in Free fire MAC-10 And Armor Attachments In OB31 Update

Free Fire features OB updates after every two months, the Free Fire New OB31 update will go live on 30 November 2021. The main motive of such an update is to introduce new features in the game and to fix the glitches. Either, Free Fire officers posted an

update regarding the launch of the new armament MAC10 and the new Armor attachments in the Free Fire OB31 update. So, in this composition, we will bandy the forthcoming features in the game after the OB31 update.

Free Fire introduces a new armament after every OB update. In the former update i.e. OB30 update Treatment Sniper was added to the game. In the forthcoming OB31 update, a new short- range armament with the name MAC10 will be available in the Clash Squad mode. Also, new Armor attachments will be added to the game to enhance the Armor’s continuity.

Origin of the Free Fire MAC-10

The full name of MAC-10 is Military Armament Corporation Model 10. It’s a compact submachine gun developed by Gordon B that uses 9 mm, or.45 ACP ammo. A special suppressor was designed for this gun by Sionics.

The US government banned this gun from 1994 for a decade. The term MAC-10 is a surname given unofficially. It was a popular choice among Title II dealers, collectors, and gunsmiths.

Free Fire MAC-10 Damage Per Shots

The new gun has 30 pellets per diurnal capacity by dereliction. The MAC-10 is said to be a balanced gun as it has good range, and most importantly, good damage & rate offire.However, this gun deals 132 damage in Headshot and 24 damage in the body by one shot, If the adversary does n’t have a vest and helmet.

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New Free fire MAC-10 SMG Specifications

The New MAC-10 SMG Weapon has a erected-in Silencer that will hide your position from the minimap while blasting. But as we know, SMG munitions are only work in a short- range and utmost of the time, Adversaries are apprehensive of your position.

This gun can be attached with attributes similar as Compass, Foregrip, and a magazine. As the Silencer is erected-in so we can’t remove or replace it.

By dereliction, The MAC-10 SMG Gun comes with 30 pellets per magazine. This is a balanced armament of High damage, Rate of Fire, and Compass.

New Free fire MAC-10 Attachments

There has been a general trend of introducing new munitions in the last many updates. The most recent addition in the game was Treatment Sniper. The Free Fire OB31 Advance Garçon features MAC-10 SMG and comes with apre-attached silencer.

More interestingly, an attachment called Akimbo Activator has been added, which enables players to use munitions in Akimbo mode.

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New Free fire MAC-10 is Better than MP40 SMG?

Overall, This MAC-10 SMG is a great armament for short- range fights but according to me it might be not as important as The MP40 Gun, but to get the factual answer, we will need to stay until the inventors release the OB31 Update in Free Fire.

This Gun will be available for both Battle Royale and the Clash Squad Charts in Free Fire.

If you want to try this armament beforehand and want to check all the Free Fire leaks also you can register for the Free Fire OB31 Advance garçon and try all the new features beforehand in the game.

All over the article, we have shared all details about Free fire MAC-10 related all information’s. If you have any queries on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!!!

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