AN94 Supercharger Free Fire Incubator Gun Skin Updates 2021

Garena Free Fire Incubator AN94 Supercharger Gun skins are available to purchase, AN94 –Wildfire Bolt, Twilight Bolt, Tsunami Bolt, Tornado Bolt. TimeTips provide the complete information on this gun skins. You can purchase this gun skins from Free Fire luck royel incubator.

Garena Free Fire New Supercharger An94 Incubator in India server’s. Garena Free Fire is ready to advertise the new Supercharger An94 incubator to the Indian garçon. Players will admit unique particulars and prizes in the coming days. We anticipate the incubator to arrive coming week.

In this article we are going share all of the information about this new incubator gun skin AN94 Supercharger and is ability. So let’s check the complete details and updates of the Garena Free Fire incubator new gun gun skin.

Garena always invents new incubators about every two months. Free Fire will advertise a new forthcoming Supercharger An94 incubator around October 19th. The incubator will be available on the Indian garçon on that day. So it’s going to be veritably instigative for the players. Players are desperately staying for the incubator.

Free Fire Incubator AN94 Supercharger

What is Free Fire Incubator Luck Royel?

The Incubator system of Free Fire comes with the rarest particulars of the game. These particulars are unique in nature that we noway get to see them in the store or through any other event of the game. It comes with four grand prizes, unlike other Luck Royales.

It offers grand prizes as well as small prices, including the Evolution Stone and Blueprint. There are two ways to get the grand prizes, first by making spins. Another is, using Evolution Stone and Arrangements to redeem them. The Incubator system differs from other Luck Royales because it doesn’t come with the Luck Points system.

In Incubator, there are two ways to make spins either using Incubator Validations or using Diamonds. One spins costs either 40 diamonds or 1 Incubator Voucher, and 5 Spins for either 180 diamonds or 5 Incubator Validations.

Incubator AN94 Supercharger Gun Skin Feature, Ability

Get the complete information about Free fire Incubator latest gun skins of AN94 Supercharger, here we are going to discuss about this new AN94 supercharger all skins and there ability and purchase related information.

  • AN94 –Wildfire Bolt
  • AN94 – Twilight Bolt
  • AN94 – Tsunami Bolt 2
  • AN94 – Tornado Bolt

There was 4 types of AN94 supercharger gun skins are available in incubator luck royel, here is the Complete details of this gun skins.

1. AN94 –Wildfire Bolt

Free Fire Incubator AN94 Wildfire Bolt
Free Fire Incubator AN94 Wildfire Bolt
  • Required for Purchase: 3 Blueprint 7 Evolution Stone
  • Attributes Damage : (+2)
  • Rate of Fire: (+1)
  • Magazine: (-1)

2. AN94 – Twilight Bolt

IMG 20211020 015258 min
Free Fire Incubator AN94 Supercharger – Twilight Bolt
  • Required for Purchase 2 Blueprint 5 Evolution Stone
  • Attributes Rate of Fire (+2)
  • Reload Speed (-1)
  • Accuracy (+1)

3. AN94 – Tsunami Bolt

Incubator Tsunami Bolt Gun Skin
Incubator Tsunami Bolt Gun Skin
  • Required for Purchase 2 blueprint 4 Evolution Stone
  • Attributes Accuracy (+1)
  • Armor Penetration (+2)
  • Movement Speed (-1)

4. AN94 – Tornado Bolt

AN94 Supercharger Tornado Bolt
AN94 Supercharger – Tornado Bolt
  • Required for Purchase1 Blueprint 3 Evolution Stone
  • Range (+2)
  • Armor Protection (+1)
  • Reload Speed (-1)

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What are The Best AR Guns in Free Fire for Long- range Fights?

Here we have shared the List of Top 5 guns that you can use for long range fight in free fire. There was so many guns are available in Free Fire but in our opinion these 5 guns can help you the most to win log range fight.


AN94 has veritably high horsepower for long range fight, along with a decent rate of fire and it’s single shoot body damage upto 60. The armament can be used for bothmid-range and long- range assaults. Still, the only strike of this armament is that it has a high rate of flinch.


The M14 is a rifle with the longest range, and it acts just like a Sniper Rifle. The armament has an emotional fire range and a damage of 77. Still, the magazine capacity is low (15) but has an emotional movement speed of 62.

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The Kar98K is an emotional Sniper Rifle of its class. It has a good range of 84 and a high damage of 90. The armament also has a great delicacy of 90. Still, the reload speed of the Kar98k is the smallest of the class.


The M82B has high damage of 90 and a great range of 85. This is one of the most profitable and utmost useful Sniper Rifles in Free Fire.

Besides the high damage it offers, it also serves an redundant function. It’s ananti-vehicle Sniper Rifle that deals a lot of fresh damage to the vehicle and ice wall. Also, it has an armor penetration of 67.


The SKS is substantially used by players for one- valve headshots. It’s veritably effective in long- range fights as it has a high damage rate and range of 82. It also offers an armor penetration of 46 and a decent movement speed of 62.

The advantage of taking up an SKS is primarily the 4x compass that comespre-attached with it.

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In this article, we have shared Free Fire Incubator AN94 Supercharger gun skins and it’s ability, features. If you have any queries on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!!!

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