Free Fire Diwali Event 2022: Rewards, Gun Skins, Gloo Walls

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022: Diwali means festival of lights, This diwali Free Fire comes with lot’s of rewards, free Magic cube, Gloo walls, Gun skins and, other many more rewards.

In this article, I’m going share upcoming Free Fire Diwali Event Calendar 2022 related all information. This year free fire Diwali Event coming with stylish gun skins, free magic cube, Gloo wall skins with lot’s of more prizes.

Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale games in our country. They attract the players for colorful cool gun skins and munitions. And their collection of characters also is varied. Players get so agitated about these cool new gun skins and munitions in every event.

As you guys are staying for the Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 so, now is the time to enjoy it because in this composition you’ll all and everything about the free fire diwali event 2022 and free fire diwali event 2022 prices.

What’s Free Fire Diwali Special Events?

In this free fire diwali event 2022, you guys are going to admit so numerous prices this time in the free fire diwali event. Free fire Diwali event 2022 prices are too intriguing because it includes free gloo wall skins, free spoil jalopy skins, and numerous further other particulars.

Free Fire Diwali Event 2021

This year in Diwali Garena Free Fire coming with a new calendar of events. There was listed 8 different events. You can check all of the event details from below.

Free fire Max Diwali event date

Free fire Max Diwali event date is 4 November it’s getting anticipated. Also, the login event will start one week before the free fire Diwali event i.e 25 of October. This Free fire Max Diwali event date isn’t officially verified yet this free fire Diwali event is prognosticated according to last time’s reports.

Note: The date of this event is not officially confirmed right now but most probably it’s starting from 25 October 2022.

About Upcoming Diwali Event to Free Fire 2022

Free Fire game is one of the most populated games in our country. The reason behind this important fashionability is because the game provides colorful cool new munitions and ordnance skins to the game then and there. And currently the various skins and ordnance are the precedence of every game. Free fire is no exception for that.

The game is developed by Garena, the game inventor Company. In the forthcoming days, there are so numerous cool new events are coming into the game. One of them is the Diwali event which is coming to the game. In the forthcoming Diwali jubilee in Free Fire.

According to the reports in the Diwali in the end there will be a top-up event analogous to the Tech Practitioner top-up. Continuing this, there will be more other forthcoming events coming to Free Fire. Are you agitated about the Diwali event in Free Fire? Let’s find out in this composition.

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Free Fire Diwali Event Time-Table

A popular data miner who goes by the name, KnightClown has revealed this time’s Diwali Timetable on his Instagram Handle. The popular personality has earlier revealed several forthcoming events, updates, and numerous further well ahead of their advertisement or starting dates.

In one of his recent leaks, He has revealed the forthcoming Free Fire Diwali event timetable, if it turns out to be true, the Diwali events will protest off on October 25, 2022. The Diwali event will conclude on November 11, 2022, with the last event. Then’s how the list of events will take place

Free Fire Diwali Event Calendar 2022

This year Free Fire Diwali Event Calendar come with 8 different events, here I’ve shared all of the information about the events.

Free Fire Diwali Event Calendar
Free Fire Diwali Event Calendar 2022
  • Lone Wolf Mode Open
  • Charge the Portal to Come Home
  • Pick Your Own Diwali Hampers
  • Rang De Rangoli
  • Count Down To Diwali
  • Claim Free Magic Cube
  • Diwali Party
  • After Party Gifts

Here I’m going to discuss this Free Fire Diwali Event Calendar all events in detail for your better understand this events and event free rewards.

1. Lone Wolf Mode Open

Lone Wolf Mode is the 1vs1 or 2vs2 mode that was released a couple of months ahead on the demand of players. People love playing 1 vs 1 matches. So Garena heard their voice. Latterly on, another option for 2 vs 2 was added.

Presently, it’s not available in the game but again on players’ demand, this mode is going to be opened from the morning of the Diwali event. This mode will presumably be opened till 4 November, the Diwali day.

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2. Charge the Portal to Come Home

From the morning of the Diwali event, “ Charge the Portal to Come Home”sub-event will start which will end on 7 November. It’s delicate to say right now that what kind of tasks we ’ll be given to complete this event.

But one thing is clear. That’s prices. Yes, you ’re going to have the UMP and FAMAS fabulous gun skins. They may be handed in the form of beaters or endless skins. The ordnance may be different. You might get an option to choose the ordnance from a couple of choices.

Also, you can get the chance to claim one pet for free. That pet is more likely to be “ The Panda”. The pet also may be different or of your choice.

3. Pick Your Own Diwali Hampers

This sub-event is going to be started from 29 October and will last till 7 November. This is still not clear that what are you actually going to see at this event. You might get a free ruckus armament skin.

Also, there might be some tasks that will ask you to collect different kinds of stuff while playing the game and latterly redeem them for instigative prizes.

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4. Rang De Rangoli

Rang De Rangoli is going to start on 29 October and will end on 7 October. During this event, you ’ll have to claim a Free Pack. To claim the pack, you might need the commemoratives that you ’d have collected during this event by playing the game as I mentioned in the below event.

After the due date of this event, you won’t be suitable to claim the pack.

5. Count Down To Diwali

The event name itself says what this event is about. Just 2 days before the Diwali Day, on 2 November this event will start and will end on 4 November, the Diwali day. This event is kept for the preamble to Diwali which is on 4 November.

During this event, you can get a chance to claim different prices like gun beaters, armament validations, and a endless skin of SurfBoard.

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6. Claim Free Magic Cube

Eventually, the delay is over. This is the Diwali Day (4 November). You’ll get to claim a Free Magic Cube that you can use to change rare packets from the store. It’s anticipated that the packets in the magic cube store will be renewed.

7. Diwali Party

On the same day (4 November), you can see a new emote in the game. It isn’t clear that whether the emote will be available to claim for free or commodity like a top-up event will be there.

The chance for this to be free is veritably high because presently, a Diwali Top-Up event is running in the game which includes an emote. So, there’s a high chance for the emote to be free on Diwali Day.

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8. After Party Gifts

This is the last event in Diwali mega event. It’ll start on 5 November and will end on 11 November with the end of this whole Diwali event. During this, you ’ll have to change the gifts commemoratives to claim different prices like gun beaters, validations, and custom cards.

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Free Fire Diwali Event in Luck Royel

In the forthcoming Diwali event, there will be a top event for Gloo walls. Surely you can eclipse up like 200 diamonds and you can get cool- looking Gloo Walls.

There will be another spin just like a Dragon AK in which was held in former time Diwali jubilee.According to the report, there will be a cool new character just like Kubra Set from the former time.

There are more rumours that you can get a cool new- looking pack and also emotes. This will be most likely in Luck Royale. Developments will push a major update to get all forthcoming Top-ups and spins.

This article, I’ve share all of the information on this Diwali Events Calendar and all upcoming Free Fire Diwali Event 2022. Hope you like this information. If you have any queries, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!!!

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