Free Fire Best Active Skill Characters after OB32 Update

Garena Free Fire Best Active Skill Characters: Get the list of Best Active Skill Characters with there Abilities after OB32 Update in Free Fire 2022.

There are multiple characters are available for players to pick in Free Fire, some of them Active skill ability character and other was passive skill character. Active characters are really have a important role in battle.

After the OB32 update there was some new characters are arrive free fire, but maximum number of them have the passive skills and the other things after update some active skill Characters ability has been changed like Chrono have reduce his power.

In this article, we have shared all about “Free Fire Best Active Skill Characters after OB31 Update” related all information’s. You can check this article to know who is best and which character was comfortable for you.

Free Fire Best Active Skill Characters after OB32 Update

Character’s have the most important role in free fire to rank push or CS mood. That’s why we have shared this information’s for you. Here is the list of Free Fire Best Active Skill Characters after OB31 Update.

Free Fire Best Active Skill Characters
  • Wukong
  • Skyler
  • Chorono
  • Alok
  • K

Here was a complete information about this listed Free fire top characters.

#1. Wukong

Despite Wukong entering a slight nerf, the character is still one of the stylish out there for solo gamers or those who enjoy causing a bit of mischief in- game and confusing opponents.

His unique Disguise capability lets him turn into a backcountry and ambush opponents with ease in Free Fire. You can use Wokong for any kind of gameplay in free fire, it’s really amazing.

#2. Skyler

In the list of the free fire best active skill characters Skylar is the best character with his unique ability. Riptide Rhythm can devastate gloo walls and leave players helpless.

His capability is aggressive and perfect for pushing opponents. In addition to destroying gloo walls, this character earns HP from planting gloo walls. This makes him perfect for any kind solo mood gameplay in free fire.. Professed gamers can use Skyler to render adversary defenses helpless in open terrain.

#3. Chrono

Chrono also a best active skill character in free fire with his amazing skill. While players may find the nerfs dampening their aggressive playstyle, Chrono is still murderous when used rightly.

Time Turner is unmatched in- game, and druggies still have a hard time chancing an effective counter to this skill. After this OB31 Update Garena has change his ability, now player’s can only make a shield around him, and he can’t fire outside the shield. But it’s still most favorite character for lot’s of players.

#4. Alok

DJ Alok is by far one of the most useful characters in- game. He can be used in multiple ways, and professed players find great success using him during solo matches.

His unique capability, Drop The Beat, creates an air, icing that all near teammates can admit a speed buff and recover HP. And as it’s usable while on the move, druggies can use it in multitudinous ways.

#5. K

K character also a very useful active skill character in free fire. Beginners will be left confused and will wonder how EP can help win a match. Still, when in the hands of educated players and brigades, K’s capacities are slightly overpowered.

Unlike other supporting characters who heal using their chops, K’s capability relies heavily on EP but can heal teammates important faster than usual and restore full health.

This capability, if used rightly, will give the entire team a alternate chance at survival.

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Best Active Skill Character in Free Fire for Rank Push

If you want to push your rank in short time in free fire, you must need a good active skill character, so here we have shared a list of best active skill character in free fire for rank push.

1. Chrono

Chrono’s capability is called Time-Turner which generates a force- field that blocks 600-incoming damage given by adversaries. Abettors and the players can take sanctum inside the zone and indeed shoot from inside it. This makes the stylish shot for players who choose to rank push the recently introduced season.

2. Skyler

When Skyler’s capability is actuated, the capability generates a sonic surge that destroys five gloo walls within a 50m compass. When a gloo wall is stationed, it leads to an increase in the HP recovery, starting with 4 points.

There’s a cooldown of 60 seconds. Meanwhile, the sonic surge will damage gloo walls within a 100m range at the maximum position. Piecemeal from this, the increase in the HP recovery starts from 9 points. Contemporaneously, the cooldown reduces to 40 seconds.

3. Shirou

According to Shirou’s in- game description, he’s the fastest delivery joe around. Likewise, his capability is named “ Damage Delivered “. This is also a two-dimensional capability with adversary dogging and damage blended into one. They are,

  • Shirou’s capability will mark the opponent who hits the player with 80m for 6 seconds
  • The first shot fired against the adversary deals an fresh 50 perk armour penetration.

4. DJ Alok

DJ Alok is one of the most popular active skill character in free fire. His Drop the Beat chops make him the outside picked character in Rank Modes. With this skill, players can produce a 5m air that restores 5HP/ sec.

At its original upgrade position, the skill comes with an overall duration of five seconds. Along with health restoration, the skill also helps to ameliorate supporter movement speed by 10 percent.

5. CLU

The 24- time-old, Clu, scans her adversaries completely. Overgrown in a exurb of a large megacity, her parents noway had to worry about the basics of life due to her capacities. She gets to know about the peril way ahead of time.

She came a private eye operative in stopgap of chancing her pater and uncover the details of his exposure in the war. She’s one of the stylish characters used in a support part. With her presence in the team, the teammates knew the position of their adversaries. Which helps them to take down the adversaries with ease.

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All over the article, we have shared all the information about “Free Fire Best Active Skill Characters” related guide. Hope this will help you to select the best character to improve your gameplay. If you have any queries on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank you.

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