Free Fire Battle In Style Event Updates, Rewards 2022

Free fire Battle in Style: Garena first global brand campaign the Battle in style started from 25 November to 29 November with lot’s of exiting rewards.

The Garena launches its first and largest global brand crusade for Free Fire, since the game was launched 4 times agone, through the event in Battle Style (Play If the Style). With multiple in- game modes and fashion particulars for players to express their personalities and enter battles with creativity, Free Fire decreasingly becomes further than just a game.

In this article, we are going to discuss about Garena upcoming event Free Fire Battle in Style related all information’s. So read all of the information hope this information can help you to understand about free fire Battle in style updates, it’s rewards and other information more deeply. Stey connect with TimeTips for all latest updates and informations.


  • Battle In Style unveils Free Fire brand identity for the first time
  • Get 4 new most rare outfit Bundles.
  • Booyah Day will accompany the Battle In Style launch with in- game features and events
  • The homestretch event will feature a livestream performance by Free Fire’s virtual band,T.R.A.P.

About of Free Fire battle in style event

Launching with Battle In Style, Booyah Day will take place between 27 November and 7 December, and will include exclusive themed features and particulars for players who want to customise their character with some fresh Garena Free Fire flare.

The being characters are formerly surprisingly various and distinctive, with some simply available depending on the position a player is grounded in. Thisevent will allow Garena Free Fire suckers indeed more ways to express themselves in the game.

Battle In Style looks to offer players indeed more ways to doso. However, and you ’re a addict of fast-paced battle royale action, also you ’re in for a treat, If you ’re not sure what Garena Free Fire is. Garena Free Fire condenses all the fun of battle royales into a perfect mobile experience, complete with plenitude of ways to show off your own style with its cast of larger-than- life characters.

Free Fire Battle In Style Event Updates

The capability for players to borrow numerous character styles, customize appearances, and embrace their true individuality in Free Fire is one of the top reasons why players enjoy the game. We’ll continue to offer different ways for players to express themselves, with Free Fire Battle In Style and beyond.

Free Fire Upcoming YouTube Video – Life is a Battle in Style

Battle In Style’s entire morality will revolve around the capability to overcome challenges by employing your own positive spirit and its ingrain power, a belief that’s echoed in the corresponding film named Life Is A Battle In Style. The film shows the struggles of a youthful girl who uses her unique style and upbeat station to get the better of challenges in her life and in the gaming world.

Garena Patron Harold Teo explains the bold new launch as a “ brand identity which seeks to inspire players to stay positive and have fun, indeed when taking on challenges or chasing bournes in life.” For the homestretch of the Booyah Day festivity, Garena Free Fire’s virtual band,T.R.A.P., will be performing via livestream.

The band, made up of four popular Garena Free Fire characters – Moco, Antonio, Miguel, and Kelly – will perform a selection of balls and songs designed to illustrate Battle In Style, allowing suckers to interact with the performance throughout. Streaming live over YouTube, the event is a chance to witness the morality of Battle In Style being brought to life through the game’s characters.

The capability for players to borrow numerous character styles, customise appearances, and embrace their true individuality in Garena Free Fire is one of the top reasons why players the game.

Free Fire Battle in Style Release Date

Garena already introduce the Battle in style event in free fire Booyah Day event. The Free fire Battle in Style Event will start from 27 November 2022 and it will end on 29 November 2022.

You can get lot’s of free rewards and 4 most rare bundles from free fire Battle in Style Event.

How to complete Free fire battle in style event?

Garena Free Fire is celebrating the Booyah Day event with new and exclusive prices for players to claim the event started on November 25th. Then in this composition, we will take a look at the peak day of Free Fire Booyah Day 2022 and the prices and further events for the event on the peak day.

with unique and exclusive prices which can be claimed by completing certain operations and mileposts. Booyah Day celebrates the achievements in the game with style. Booyah Day events will feature in Free Fire till November 20th. Let us take a look at the peak day prices, operations, free character and further for Free Fire Booyah Day 2022.

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Free Fire Battle In Style Booyah Day 2022 Peak Day

Garena will introduce the new character, Leon, on the peak day of the Booyah Day event. Leon is a family- acquainted council pupil and basketball player who always puts his family first. The peak day of the event will be November 20th when players can complete special operations to gain special prices.

Players can simply login on the peak day to claim Leon for free and also use it further on the battleground to complete further operations for further prices. Other than a free character players can also claim special themed costumes from the event by completing operations.

Free Fire Battle in Style Event Rewards

  • The themed costume packets include the following packets
  • Skull King Costume Bundle
  • Alpha Flameborn Costume Bundle
  • Mist Queen Bundle
  • Booyah’s Skull Backpack!
  • TRAP band, Free Fire virtual group
  • Character Leon is one of the lodestones of Booyah Day
  • New Map in Contra Squad (CS) mode valid in Ranked and Classic mode, with challenges Free fire Battle in Style
  • Make 1 Booyah on the new chart-1x Diamond Ticket
  • Get 5 Booyahs on the new chart-1x Ticket Weapon
  • Get 10 Booyahs on the new chart- Night Foreseers Pack
  • Thus, to get the new Night People Backpack for free players must make 10 Booyah s on the new CS chart.

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Free Fire Battle In Style Guide to get emote

Events centered on Booyah Day have been running in Garena Free Fire for further than a week. They give players with the occasion to gain a variety of themed delicacies, including costume packets, skins and other prices.

The inventors have indicated in the event timetable that on November 27, players will admit a free login price in the
. form of an emote called Battle in Style. Thus, all players need to do is log in on the forenamed date to admit the emote.

Piecemeal from this, no other details have been specified regarding the emote.
As a result, players should take advantage of this fantastic occasion to admit a free emote. It’s likely that a specific event runner will be made available once the event starts

Piecemeal from the one mentioned over, another event offers the players a free emote at no cost – Booyah Day Top Up. It started on November 25 and will be available on till November 29.

Gamers must buy a specific number of diamonds to get their hands on a fabulous emote and exclusive spoil box skin.

The Garena will introduce the Booyah Day event, a festivity of the Battle in Style (If the Style Play) within the game, in which a variety of features and themed particulars will be offered to players for free. With this, players will be suitable to produce their own style and express themselves in new ways- including their own.

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Booyah Day will take place at Free Fire from November 12th to 29th, and will feature new in- game designs as well as particulars, events and the chance to admit themed prices.

All over the article, we have shared all about free fire Battle in Style Event related all Information’s. Hope you got all details with this article. If you have any queries on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!!!

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