Fortnite Dropper Map Codes (March 2023) Active List

Fortnite Dropper Map Codes – Get the latest and active List of all Fortnite Dropper Map Codes (March 2023). Read more to find out how you can get your hands on these map codes and what you can do with them.

Fortnite Dropper Map Codes are released by the developers on every special event or when they archive any goals. Each map code has a specific name of a location in the map, once a player enters that location, the game drops the featured item that matches its name.

Fortnite Dropper Map Codes (March 2023) is a list of all current map codes for the Fortnite “Dropper” LTM. Blog Details: Fortnite Dropper Map Codes (March 2023) is a list of all current map codes for the Fortnite “Dropper” LTM. The list is updated every time I play the match. If you find any different map codes, or you see any mistakes, please leave a comment on this page, so that I can update the list.

Fortnite Dropper Map Codes (March 2023) Active List – Fortnite Releases a new update for their popular battle royale game on March 2023 with a new map called “Dropper” It’s an interesting map with some special features. For example, if you miss the map when you land. You will die. So this map is not for the faint-hearted. So let’s go over some of the locations on the new map.

Fortnite Dropper Map Codes Overview

NameFortnite Dropper Map
Redeem Code StatusActive
PublisherEpic Games
PlatformsXbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now, Nintendo Switch, and MORE
Code Availability MonthMarch 2023
Fortnite Dropper Map Codes

Active Fortnite Dropper Map Codes 2023

The newly released codes are released by the developers, Here we have shared the latest and updated list of all available Fortnite Dropper Map Codes. You can redeem these codes to get instant in-game rewards for free.

  • 3949-8901-9626
  • 9991-7503-9186
  • 2357-6984-2298
  • 4880-3577-6601
  • 6585-0575-5408
  • 6483-6300-1906
  • 7953-2066-3594
  • 1671-6182-8491
  • 4283-2322-5833
  • 5905-3494-7075

Fortnite Box Fight Map Codes

  • 1: 0941-5376-4247 (Map Code)
  • 2: 3853-5270-2082 (Map Code)
  • 3 Part 1: 8531-6488-9550 (Map Code)
  • 3 Part 2: 4874-3688-0805 (Map Code)
  • #2: 8852-0483-3945 (Map Code)
  • Part 3: 1657-3242-2391 (Map Code)
  • 4: 4221-0987-2879 (Map Code)
  • Deathrun: 4392-6608-9942 (Map Code)
  • Map Code > 3547-1699-5825 (Map Code)

All active Fortnite Codes – March 2023 (Redeem List)

  • #1: 8747-2781-6999 (Map Code)
  • #2: 0941-5376-4247 (Map Code)
  • The Prop Dropper: 0461-3182-9949
  • FFA The Dropper: 6784-8631-7948
  • Color Dropper Maze 2: 1579-4789-6481
  • RGB Dropper: 9037-3611-8037
  • Pan’s 5 Level Dropper: 0963-4696-1341
  • 1 Stage Dropper: 3239-8722-3580
  • Noob Dropper: 8287-7118-0945

Parkour in Fortnite: The Best Maps And Codes

The most popular maps:

  •  Map code: 3538-5531-5864
  • Map code: 3091-3890-4654
  • Map code: 3017-6343-9098
  • Map code: 8974-2034-1818
  • Map code: 2015-8357-2340
  • Map code: 1550-1572-2706
  • Map code: 0016-1024-5800
  •  map code: 6676-8428-3376
  • map code: 1756-3016-0196
  • map code: 5001-0003-6492
  • map code: 4892-2130-1868
  • map code: 9469-8901-1491
  • map code: 9212-1228-9476
  • map code: 5336-0087-0140
  • map code: 0196-4943-5490
  • map code: 0066-4697-7029
  • map code: 7331-4279-1658
  • map code: 8640-6691-2975
  • map code: 4859-1971-9566
  • map code: 5760-0949-2230
  • map code: 7390-6759-2095
  • map code: 4043-5793-6999
  • map code: 6264-7535-0173
  • map code: 7100-9599-8973
  • map code: 0303-1634-6640
  • map code: 4041-8511-7061
  • map code: 2105-4880-7093
  • map code: 2632-7039-2130
  • Map code: 7024-4001-0960


How are Fortnite maps designed?

Maps in Fortnite are designed to make it difficult for the enemy team to take objectives. To do this, the developers have implemented various traps and obstacles into the maps to stop enemies from advancing. These obstacles can range from bear traps to chemical hazards. This makes it hard for the enemy team to gain an advantage and seize control of key areas on the map. Additionally, the placement of objects on walls and floors helps you decipher where your enemies are so that you can plan your next move accordingly.

Where is the treasure map in Fortnite?

The treasure map is hidden in the Salty Springs POI or Point of Interest. Here’s how to find the treasure map in Fortnite: First of all you have to go to the Salty Springs map and go to the big blue circle-shaped tower. Go up to the tower and find the treasure map. Go there and dig there and you’ll find some sort of a chest. (Sometimes there is a chest, sometimes there is nothing. And sometimes there is a chest with a hidden weapon.)

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We sincerely hope you liked reading about the March 2023 Update to the Fortnite Dropper Map Codes. Some codes might not function because they are outdated. We must replace those codes with new ones while keeping them active with us. We’d be thrilled to hear from you! Contact us at any moment. If you need any additional information or have any queries, please let us know.

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