Downtech Gamer’s Free Fire MAX ID, Stats, K/D Ratio, Headshots, Monthly Income

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Downtech Gamer’s Free Fire MAX ID
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Sahil Khan is one of the best Free fire players and India’s most popular YouTuber, His YouTube channel is called Downtech Gamer, And currently, his YouTube channel now has over “2.43 million subscribers“.

He continues to create new content of free fire on this channel with various events and customs and various challenges his second YouTube channel called Downtech vlog runs these two YouTube channels with 101k subscribers.

Downtech Gamer’s Free Fire MAX ID

here is complete information about Downtech Gamers as Sahil Khan’s official id.

Downtech Gamer’s Free Fire MAX Official ID is 1070869339, his official Id Level is now 69, his BR- Ranked Season is 29, 2464, and his CS-Ranked Heroic and he got a V badge.

Downtech Gamer’s Lifetime stats

Downtech Gamer’s Lifetime stats

Downtech Gamer played a solo match in 1861 total games and won 59, And he became the eliminator in the 1908 match. And he played a total of matches in Duo 2414 out of which he won 181, And he has been an element 4136 times.

then his win KD is 5.08%, his headshot rate is 1.73 KD, and his total rate is 33.49%. Then he played total of games in the squad till now 6579 and out of that he won 907 And has been eliminated 10866 times.

Ranked Stats

He played a total of 2 matches in this season’s Bear Bank and won none of them, In that, he has been eliminated 6 times. He has a total of two games played this season, and he played a total of five games in the squad out of that he won one match and got eliminated six times.

Downtech Gamer’s Net Worth, and Monthly Income

Here is the total net worth in the down test field and how much money he earns per month, read below for more details

Downtech Gamer’s Lifetime Earnings is $35,764 – $405,574, and his monthly income is $145 between $1,644, and now his total net worth is $518,992.

Downtech Gamer’s Official YouTube Channel

Downtech Game and his YouTube career he first started at the end of March 2020. His YouTube channel is now very popular called Down Train, and he currently has 2.43 million plus subscribers, His daily videos now accumulate about four to five lakh viewers,

And along with that, he created a blogging YouTube channel which he updated in 2021, And his blogging channel currently has more than 2.80 lakh subscribers, so he has uploaded a total of 48 YouTube channel videos on his own blog, And he has uploaded a total of 376 videos on his own channel on YouTube.

Downtech Gamer’s Official Facebook Page

Downtech Gamer comes to his Facebook official page and gives his live stream along with their videos and all his free fire rank and classic with cs ranked and custom rush gameplay videos with daily giveaways and all his updates there.

Downtech Gamer’s Official Instagram account

his real Instagram id name is (@downtech_yt), and his total followers are 87.7k Followers, with 253 Following, and total posts are 219 Posts. he uploaded on his Instagram cs ranked match photos and his rush gameplay videos, and more.

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