Top 10 Tips to Complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube easily

YouTube Beginners Guide: Easiest way to Complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube & monetize your YouTube channel with Google AdSense Ads.

The Answer maybe long but I promise if you follow this steps you must be Complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube easily.

It takes one year to complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube (240,000 minutes) if you maintain 20,000 minutes of watch time per month. Your watch time is split across your entire YouTube channel. So you can complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube with a couple of great videos.

YouTube Guide: Complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube

What’s the minimum number of videos that you simply should make? what percentage views should each of your YouTube videos get? What’s the perfect length of your videos?

To answer these questions we’ve to try to to a touch of math first. Imagine that you simply just created a brand-new YouTube channel.

Day 0. you’ve got 0 subscribers and 0 videos.

What if you created only one 1-minute video. what percentage times would people need to watch this one video so as to realize 4,000 hours of watch time?

The answer is pretty simple.

We just need to convert 4,000 hours into minutes. 4,000 hours x hour = 240,000 minutes.

One 1-minute long video would need to be watched 240,000 times.

Wow, that’s an enormous number!

The first person might watch 1 minute, the person might watch 30 seconds, and therefore the person might click away immediately.

What’s the typical watch time for YouTube videos?

(60 seconds + 30 seconds + 0 seconds) / 3 people = 90 seconds / 3 people = 30 seconds / person.

  • In other words, 50% of the entire video length.
  • In reality, 50% would be a reasonably good result for any video of but 10 minutes.
  • For longer videos, 30% or more is more realistic.

With our 1-minute video, 50% average watch time would double the amount of required views.

240,000 1-minute views / 50% = 480,000 views!

Yeah, we aren’t getting to do this . We need something far more achievable!

365 x 1-minute videos

Ok, so what if we made one 1-minute video a day instead?

How many views would we need to 4000 hours watch time in YouTube?

Let’s take our previous number of 480,000 views and divide it by three hundred and sixty five days .

Complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube easily
Complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube easily

And yes, i’m simplifying a touch bit here: the primary video that you simply upload on day one has three hundred and sixty five days left to realize more views. While the last video that you simply upload on day 364 only has 1 day left to realize more views and will therefore get a way smaller number of views. In my examples, we just pretend that each one videos are an equivalent .

What’s the result?

480,000 views / 365 videos = 1,315 views / video

Now that’s far more achievable, wouldn’t you say?

1,315 people to look at a video vs 480,000 people to look at a video…

But, we will do even better.

365 x 10-minute videos

What if we just made longer videos for complete the 4000 hours watch time in YouTube ?

Is there 10-minute long videos rather than 1-minute videos?

Well, during this case we will divide everything by 10.

1,315 views per video / 10 = 132 views per video

Let’s check the amount and see if we’re right.

365 video x 10 minutes x 132 views per video x 50% average watch length = 240,900 minutes = 4,015 hours

Now all of those number add up on paper, but they could not add practice.

For once, arising with good video ideas takes time and requires psychic energy to be creative.

If you would like to form 365 unique videos that are all equally good, you would possibly blow out pretty quickly.

And not simply because you drain your creativity on a day to day (unless you reside stream video games on Twitch), but also due to the time spend on production, editing and promotion, which may easily take up a couple of hours per video, if you would like to try to to an honest job.

You may like to read behind

The best Option to Complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube easily?

Here is what I recommend:

  • Create 1, 2 or 3 videos per week. Each 10 to fifteen minutes long.
  • Create either a weekly or monthly livestream of hour .
  • Focus on content quality and promotion.
  • Let’s have a glance at how these numbers play out.

For this instance , i’m getting to calculate the entire number of unique content first then combine it with our live stream minutes.

  • 1 x weekly video of quarter-hour : 52 weeks x 1 x 15 minutes = 780 minutes of video content.
  • 2 x weekly video of quarter-hour : 52 weeks x 2 x 15 minutes = 1,560 minutes of video content.
  • 3 x weekly video of quarter-hour : 52 weeks x 3 x 15 minutes = 2,340 minutes of video content.

Now, let’s calculate our live stream minutes.

  • 1 x weekly video of hour : 52 weeks x 1 x 60 minutes = 3,120 minutes of live stream content.
  • 1 x monthly video of hour : 12 months x 1 x 60 minutes = 720 minutes of live stream content.

Now, all you’ve got to try to to combine these two numbers. If you don’t want to try to to live-streaming, just skip it.

NOTE: If i would like to make 3 weekly videos and do 1 monthly live stream: 2,340 minutes of video content + 720 minutes of live stream content = 3,060 minutes of unique video content or 51 hours.

In this case i might got to get 78 views per video or live stream to succeed in 4,000 hours of watch time. Here is that the math: 4,000 hours / 51 hours of unique video content.

You’ll never have an equivalent number of views for every of your videos or live streams. Some videos will have a couple of hundred, others will have but 50.

What’s important is that, those numbers average call at the end of the day .

And this is often what this text will specialise in .

Taking the simplest possible actions to make sure that every video has the simplest chance of success to urge as many views and watch time as possible.

How to get to 4,000 hours of YouTube watch time in short time

If you would like to hitch the YouTube partner program, you’ve got to urge tons of watch time fast. Let’s have a glance at a number of the simplest YouTube watch time hacks which will assist you to grow your channel exponentially.

Get 4000 hours watch time in YouTube easily
Get 4000 hours watch time in YouTube in short time

Here I provide the top 10 tips to complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube easily in short time,

1. Create longer YouTube videos

Let me show you a true world example from my YouTube channel. Here are two of my top performing videos at the time of writin

That’s why longer videos are so powerful!, It’s really help you to Complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube.

Even though the typical watch time percentage is lower as compared to shorter videos, longer videos make quite up for it when dedicated viewers watch all of them the way till the end!

Longer videos get shared more frequently than shorter videos.

3. Optimize your YouTube videos

When you’re starting a replacement YouTube channel, the chances are stacked against you.

YouTube will – initially – not recommend your videos to new people and your channel won’t grow organically, because it doesn’t know enough about you, your channel, your videos, and who would have an interest in watching them.

The good news is, you’ll get around this by optimizing your videos for YouTube search.

You have to seek out video topics that a lot of people are checking out on YouTube, with only a few competing videos within the search results.

3. Placement Keywords and Tags properly

Once you found a high search volume, low competition keyword, create a targeted video for this subject . Then optimize your video title, description, and keywords for YouTube SEO.

Keyword placement is really important part to get views on your YouTube videos. If you get maximum views then it’s can help to complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube and you will able to monetize your video with AdSense ads.

YouTube SEO is one among the foremost powerful tools to optimize the click-through rate of your YouTube videos.

If there are only 5 videos about topic X including yours, then your video will show abreast of page one among YouTube’s search results for your targeted keyword.

So, how does one find these keywords?

By employing a software called TubeBuddy! i exploit it for all of my videos. It connects on to YouTube’s API and pulls up the amount of searches for any keyword I type in. And it also tells me what percentage competitor videos show up.

Based on these two numbers TubeBuddy will calculate a score between 0 and 100 points. the upper the higher .

I then use these keywords to seek out ideas for brand spanking new video titles and to optimize my videos to urge more organic reach.

4. Create custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos

Want to understand a fantastic hack to extend your YouTube watch time?

Optimize your video thumbnails for clicks!

You could have the simplest video within the world, but if nobody clicks thereon , your watch time are going to be zero.

YouTube thumbnails along side your video title are the foremost important success factors for top video click-through rates.

A great thumbnail communicates the worth of watching your video to viewers once they browse their YouTube newsfeed.

By default, YouTube will select three freeze-frames from your video as thumbnail suggestions during the upload of your video.

But you ought to always design and upload your own unique video thumbnail to face out from other videos.

You will get the simplest results if you propose for the thumbnail before writing your video script. I wrote an in-depth article on the way to plan, design, and optimize your YouTube thumbnails, confirm to see it out!

5. Add video cards to your videos

To get more watch time, you furthermore may need to get more people to observe more of your videos. one among the simplest ways is by recommending someone one among your related videos via video cards.

Those are the small info icons that appear within the top right corner of your videos. you’ll recommend up to five videos per video and that i highly recommend incorporating this strategy for all of your videos.

When you’re just starting out, you would possibly not have enough videos to recommend. But don’t worry. you’ll always return and add cards later, once you’ve got enough material.

6. Create end screens for your videos

If your video is fun and entertaining to observe and someone stays all the way till the top , ask them to observe a number of your other videos in your video end screens.

You can add up to 4 videos and video playlist to the last 20 seconds of your videos which will be watched with the press of a button.

I recommend using TubeBuddy to exchange all of your video end screens together with your hottest videos in bulk & complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube.

Another awesome thanks to promote your videos to new viewers is by sharing links to a number of your videos and playlists within the description of video

Next, I add links to my website, social media accounts, and products then use TubeBuddy to exchange the outline altogether of my videos with the press of a button.

Sometimes, especially, if i would like to recommend very specific videos, I follow a rather different approach. rather than sharing the videos URL that i discussed in my video within the description, I share them during a comment then pin the comment to the highest .

8. Add your videos to playlists

Every YouTube channel should have a minimum of one playlist!

You can start by creating one for all of your videos then , await it… add all of your public videos to it! Genius!

The idea of why you ought to create playlists is that it creates a really convenient way for viewers to bulk watch your content.

9. Take advantage of series-playlists

If you would like to turbo-charge your YouTube playlists you’ve got to require advantage of a touch know, yet super-powerful feature called series playlists.

10. Promote your videos on social media

It’s vital that you simply drive the maximum amount traffic to your own videos as possible! Don’t believe YouTube. this is often a win-win partnership.

When you send viewers to your videos a few of things will happen.

You bring fresh users to the YouTube platform. this enables YouTube to point out them ads which translates into extra revenue for YouTube. Result? YouTube will reward you with organic impressions.

You know your audience best. By recommending your videos to people you recognize have an interest within the content, you permit YouTube to make lookalike audiences.

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This article provides you all information about Hot can you Complete 4000 hours watch time in YouTube in short time. If you have any other quarry you can raise a comment below. Thank you.

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