Call of Duty Upcoming Updates November 2022, Zombie Released

Call Of Duty Upcoming Updates November: COD Warzone Season 6 update will update on October 7, 2022, COD upcoming updates complete details

In this article, we will discuss about COD Upcoming Zombie map, thumper, swordfish guns release date, features, more updates related information.

Call of Duty Vanguard is nearing its 7 November release date and players have formerly can download and play it. Still, the series follows an periodic release structure, meaning, by the time one game gets its release, soon after – enterprise begins regarding the coming game in the ballot.

Activision lately revealed the Call of Duty Vanguard “ Zombies” mode showcasing new gameplay, adversaries and a lot of other details. The new Call of Duty Vanguard “ Zombies” mode will launch coming month. We have provide all of the information below.

Call Of Duty Upcoming Updates Vanguard “ Zombies” Release Date

Activision will officially release the Call of Duty Vanguard “ Zombies” on November 5, 2022 to 7 November 2022, alongside the main game. The new Call of Duty Zombies mode is a part of the Vanguard package meaning players will have the option to play Zombies mode on the launch day on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Call Of Duty Upcoming Updates

The new caravan showcases some of the charts, adversaries and other details of the new COD Zombies mode. Activision also released another videotape showcasing the Call of Duty Vanguard “ Zombies” mode gameplay. It seems that Activision is going hard on world- structure in the Zombies mode this time as the new game seems to concentrate a lot on the story rudiments.

In terms of new charts, the Call of Duty Vanguard “ Zombies” will feature the Hotel Royal and Altar of the new adversaries in the game will include the normal lower zombies and much larger zombies with heavy armour alongside exploding zombies as well. The new Zombies mode will feature across-progression system between Multiplayer mode and Call of Duty Warzone.

Call of Duty Upcoming Updates

After season 8 there was a new updates will coming shortly in COD. Here we have listed call of duty upcoming updates related all information.

Call of Duty Mobile season 9 adds a new chart called Hovec Sawmill and brings back Halloween Standoff. Hovec Sawmill is a medium-sized chart that features multiple lanes and openings for inner as well as out-of-door combat. Meanwhile, Halloween Standoff has enough much the same layout with several close and long- range combat openings and jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween fests.

Call of Duty Upcoming Updates List

Call of Duty Zombie Map Update
Call of Duty Zombie Map Update
  • Abandoned,” the Final Chapter of Black Ops Cold War Zombies- Experience the grand conclusion to Black Ops Cold War Zombies, complete with a new Perk, a new Wonder Weapon, new Main Quest, and more.
  • Fresh Zombies Updates- PhD Slider makes its debut, and the Hand Cannon and ARC-XD arrive as Support Munitions in Outbreak and round- grounded charts.
  • Treyarch Black Ops Cold War Zombies Recap– Prepare for a deeper dive into the events leading up to “ Abandoned” from Treyarch.
  • Onslaught– Prepare for Onslaught Elite and the trip deep into Adler’s mind.

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COD Mobile Upcoming Maps Update

  • Deprogram (6v6, Launch) Enter Adler’s broken mind in a wild chart representing different fractions of his recollections, sutured together for grand and surreal 6v6 combat. Use the Red Doors to travel between recollections, setting up power positions and expert plays.
  • Amerika (6v6, Launch) A secret military installation in the heart of theU.S.S.R., Amerika represents a Soviet facsimile of an American Main Street. Battle through a mount city featuring a pizza shop, theater, and Burger Town mock-up.
  • Gluboko (2v2 and 3v3, Launch) Fight in small platoon operations in an underground vault beneath KGB headquarters. Anticipate presto- paced, rapid-fire- fire engagements as fights unmask out around the main briefing table.

COD Mobile Upcoming Guns Update

The upcoming season of Call of Duty Mobile brings two new guns, Thumper and Swordfish. Thumper is a grenade launcher that can score a single- shot kill on direct impact and Swordfish is politic rifle that first appeared in Black Ops 4.

The inventor has also revealed a new politic armament called Flash Drone, which can be attained by completing a seasonal challenge. Players can use the Flash Drone to compromise an adversary’s vision.

There are two new updates in Season 9. The Swordfish is a bullpup rifle which fires four roundbursts.Thumper is the surname for the M79 grenade launcher which could be a great addition to the armament selection. Here is the details of this upcoming guns in call of duty mobile.


Four shot rifle, long range, low damage attenuation, with one- round murderous capability, and can acclimatize to full- range combat. Equipped with long brand pellets, four rounds can be replaced with five rounds, flinch and pellet emigration are greatly reduced, but one round of murderous capability is more demanding.


Brand new secondary armament, equipped with grenade launcher, medium power, lower security. How to get Flash Drone in COD (Call of Duty) Mobile Call of Duty Season 9 is underway, and with the new season comes a lot of new features, new charts, munitions, and more. The Flash Drone is the newest politic outfit that was introduced to the game and can be attained for free via the seasonal event”In Plain Sight.”

Players will also get awarded an MK2- Shocking, AK-47-Shocking, Arctic. 50 Voltaic Garden, and Battle XP in the same event. How to unleash The Flash Drone To unleash the Flash Drone, you need to complete the seasonal event”In Plain Sight,”which lasts until Season 9 ends. Then’s the list of all the tasks that players are needed to complete Play five (5) multiplayer matches Five armament cards and 1000 Battle Pass XPLL

  • Throw any politic outfit 15 times in MP matches Pack 1- Shocking and 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • 10 adversaries with any thermite ( Available in the Credit Store) M2- Shocking and 2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 15 adversaries with any MK2 in MP matches equipped with the Tactician perquisite M2- Shocking and 2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 25 adversaries with an AK-47 in MP matches equipped with the Tactician perquisite Artic.50-Voltaic Garden and 3000 Battle Pass XP

Destroy an adversary’s scorestreak with EMP Tactical Grenade three (3) times in MP matches Full Moon and 3000 Battle Pass XPWin three (3) MP matches with the Hard Wired perquisite equipped Flash Drone and 3000 Battle Pass XP.

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in this article, we have shared all of the information about COD upcoming updates. There was lots of new features are coming on call of duty mobile and we have trying to cover up that’s all updateas. If you have any questions, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!!!

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