Top 10 Best Mobile Player in Free Fire Name List 2021 – 2022

Who is the best Mobile Player in free fire? Get the list of top 10 best mobile players name who r play really very good in free fire in 2021, 2022

Now we talk about their gameplay. These ten players are the world’s stylish legend mobile players of free fire.Nubru is the stylish player of Free Fire worldwide. So numerous websites told that SULTAN PROSLO is the stylish player of free fire. Actually, they don’t play the game a single time. The Brazilian player

Nubru And his platoon is the most stronger platoon in Free Fire game. SULTAN PROSLO just wastes his diamond in his account. He’s a rich sprat and he notorious on youtube for giveaway bagara bagara.

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Best Mobile Players of Free Fire

Top 10 Best Mobile Players of Free Fire

here is the top 10 best mobile player in free fire in world so you can check out below.

Jack FF

Jack FF is the top player on thislist best mobile player in free fire However, he’s one of the most dieted players on the earth, If you saw his gameplay videotape. He’s one of the stylish Free Fire mobile players out there and is in the top 1 of the world.

He’s a part of the BNL, Vincenzo, and Slybus team. People frequently compare him to Ali YT, who’s another excellent Free Fire player and his close friend. Whatever the game mode be, Solo, Duo, or Squad, Jack FF shines bright in all of them.


Mr Jay best mobile player in free fire I first saw him in gameplay with the Rai star 1vs1 challenge ( Host GSK vindicated). He possibly briskly than Rai star. And he wins this challenge, and Rai star lost. That’s why I place him up on rai star in this list.
I suppose he’s the dieted best mobile player in free fire on the Indianserver.However, also note on the box below, If you want to see the challenge videotape. I’ll give you this match youtube link with a reply.

Rai Star

Rai Ster is the one of best mobile player in free fire Coming gamer on our list of the top ten best mobile player in free fire in India is Raistar. It’s one of Free Fire’s topmost and most well- known gamers. His capacities in the gaming were so emotional that numerous assumed he was using hacks.

He’s prominent in the Free Fire group/ platoon. Raistar indeed has his own YouTube channel, which has over2.28 million followers. He is earned a name for himself because of his exceptional dexterity in the gameplay and his inconceivable capacities.

He’s well among Indian public world. Utmost of his sweeties believe he’s India’s finest free fire player.


Apelapato is a legend player of one valve shot best mobile player in free fire He’s a nice joe with a beautiful bodybuilder person. His account wasn’t analogous toothers.However, you’ll see he take only 1 emblem every month, if you check his account. That means he ca n’t buy the elite pass and not collecting any emblem. Apelapato Free Fire id law is 62875162.

TSH Jash

TSG Jash is plainly one of the top 10 Free Fire best mobile player in free fire in the country, and he’s a member of the TSG Squad. In regard of people who are strange, the TSG Squad was one of 2 Indian challengers who contended in the Free Fire Asia competition last time. TSJ Jash is one of the leading 1 of Free Fire players worldwide, with high scores in nearly every play mode.

TSG Jash, with his amazing game moxie, takes the top place. Jash is the author of the well- known gaming club Two- Side Gamers. He’s regarded as one of the impeccable and prestigious Free Fire player. His capacities and game chops may fluently propel him to the top Heroic league Rated Battles.

TSG Jash and TSG Ritik are educated gamers. . They have created a character for themselves on their Youtube account, Two- Side Gamers. Their YouTube channel has further than6.3 million subscribers.

TSG Army is an Indian team that has been invited to the Free Fire Asia Invitation 2019. The adolescent is well famed for his emotional headshot killings, palms, and KD rates. He also has outstanding conditions in single, duet, and team game modes. Jash entered a heroic league in season 12 and a perfect score of 3354.


Rakesh00007 is just the coming gamer on best mobile player in free fire our list of the top ten Free Fire gamers in India. He belongs to the Master council and has completed team matches. He has fulfilled over games as a member of the team.

His kill census is also extremely emotional, with nearly 85883 kills in platoon mode. His K/ D rate is around6.52. Rakesh00007 is also a prominent YouTuber who enjoys streaming and uploading gaming vids to his account. His YouTube account has nearly subscribers.

Rakesh00007 is among India’s finest and top. He is a party of the Master council. Rakesh Shetty is his prename. He’s a well- known top Free Fire Indian player.

Rakesh isn’t only a pro gamer, but also a YouTube content inventor. He also has his own YouTube account. He has a good headshot chance. He has a headshot success chance of further than 44. Without a question, he’ll be among the top ten free fire players in India in 2021.

He has a32.41 percent palm rate. He won of games. . In 2017, he began his YouTube channel. On his account, he has 394 subscribers and over 17 million watches.

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Sudip Sarkar

He’s also a top Indian Free Fire player. best mobile player in free fire He’s one of the topmost pantomime and player among the Garena Free Fire players in 2021. He indeed has a Youtube account, Sudip Sarkar, with over 768K followers. His close- range combat capacities are taken to a whole new position, and he excels at them.

His gameplay is distinct and distinct from that of any other party in the group. His chops and moxie make him one of the India’s top Free Fire players. He’s most famed for his kills and headshot delicacy. He . He’s most famed for his close- diggings combats.’

He played a aggregate of free fire team games. And he earned games with a30.63 percent palm chance. He has 1222 booyahs in binary gameplay. .


TSG is a well- known and one of the top 10 best mobile player in free fire in India and YouTube content maker. TSG Ritik and his kinsman gamers TSG Jash have their own Youtube account. He’s one of India’s topmost free fire players.

He also contended in the free- fire Asia Invitational last time.. He has 4300 kills as well.
Famous for being a prominent YouTuber, as preliminarily said. He has entered a aggregate of4.84 views to date. He also posted 832 vids to his YouTube account.

Action Bolt

Anup Mandal, frequently known as Action Bolt, is one of the top 10 best mobile player in free fire without a question. It’s one of the most famed and well- liked Indian Free Fire gamers. Action Bolt has shared in 17773 Squad Battles, winning 7959 of them, bringing his palm rate to44.78percent.However, his KD rate is 5, If his statistics are to be believed.77, which is veritably inconceivable.

In Brace battles, he played 1450 games and killed 4390 foes, giving him a palm chance of approx 26 percent and a KD Rate of4.06. This well- known FF player is said to have played 1870 single games. In Single battles, Action Bolt’s KD rate is kindly lower than in Duo and Squad encounters.

Back in 2018, Action Bolt posted his debut YouTube videotape.

TE Pahadi

Lokesh Karakoti is an 18- time-old Free Fire player from India. He also plays for the Indian esports organisation Team Elite. He substantially plays the part of a gun. He’s extremely accurate with his gun which comes in handy while TE Killer rushes the adversaries. TE- Killer and TE-Pahadi make a deadly brace.

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