10+ Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn Your Website in 2022

You want to monetize your website with high paying Google AdSense options. Then you have come to the right place. AdSense is great for beginners. Free to contact and easy to get your approval if you get traffic.

Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn
10+ Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Website in 2022

But here’s one thing you earn peanuts with. You can start earning a lot with limited traffic. There are even more AdSense options here. There are other income systems like affiliate marketing where you can earn a lot of money.

#1. Media.net

Hands down, Media.net is another great place for most bloggers and is one of the best Google AdSense. This is a Yahoo powered network that helps you increase your monthly income by monetizing your online content. Where you can place relevant ads on your site.

Info links is a multipurpose ad-rich publication worldwide network with more than 10 million publications. Info links is famous online advertising network suitable for high traffic websites. Info links shows ads that match your content. Info links converts specific keywords from your site’s content into links with ads, It pays you based on how many times someone clicks on those ads.

#3. BuySellAds

BuySellAds are one of the best google adsense options in India if you consider your earning potential with them. BuySellAds Ads is a marketplace for buying and selling website and blog ads.

It is the best option for high traffic sites. BuySellAds does not accept low traffic sites in their network. You need to create ad lists in your account and when you receive an ad prompt you have to accept or decline it.

#4. Adversal

Adversal is another easy-to-use ad platform that lets you setup navigable ads in minutes. This platform has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to stop and pause your ad campaigns. Adversal lets you add video visits and native ads to your website or block. There is also a default tag management system that helps filter ads.

#5. PopAds

A word for pop-up ads you see in their various forms all over the internet and PopAds is as you can probably imagine the fastest growing current vendor that helps you manage and generate revenue. This ad service was launched in 2010, which gives their advertising industry valuable material to an audience that you can benefit from.

#6. AdThrive

Looking for a premium alternative to Google Adsense, AdThrive is an ideal alternative preferred by all. AdThrive is not your regular ad network, that’s because they have a tough application process and require their publication to have a minimum of 100k monthly pageviews. They expect that your traffic will probably come from different countries such as the US.

#7. Setupad

If your blog is getting 100k+ traffic then you need to look no further than Setupad. Setupad is a monetization platform for publishing to maximize their ad revenue. And to know more about it you can check Setupad management.

#8. Sovrn Commerce

Sovrn Commerce is a blog that links to appropriate business or eCommerce sites. The concept of Sovern Commerce is completely different from the options mentioned above because through it you can earn money by selling affiliates.

#9. Ezoic

Ezoic is also an advertising platform for most users. It’s not strictly an ad network, it’s an easy way to place ads on your website and increase ad revenue. This is one of the most popular ads on a variety of networks.

#10. Monumetric

Monumetric helps you earn money by filling your ad list with the highest CPM offers available. You can set up ads disabled. Then Manometric helps you fill it, The impressions you shoot can earn you the most money.

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We hope you have learned about Google Adsense. If you want to know more about Google AdSense then read this article completely. And if you have any question you can definitely comment. Thank you.

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