B H Of Lithas Codes (June 2023) Free Coins

Get free B H Of Lithas Codes and coins! We have a limited supply of codes and coins, so get them while you can. With these codes, you can get free stuff in the game, like new items and power-ups.

Bloodline Heroes is a fantasy MMORPG where players can fight for dominance across different world maps and forests. Bloodline Heroes is similar to games like Dragon Nest and other games.

The code redemption the one of the most amazing feature in this game, Players can get tons of amazing in-game rewards using this code redemption feature. The developers release these code on special events for a limited time. So, when it’s available redeem them and collect your rewards.

It’s a new mobile game based on Bloodline Heroes. Bloodline Heroes is one of the most successful mobile MOBA games in China. Starfish Mission develops Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Codes and Tencent is publishing it.

BHL Codes is set in Mythical Era and it combines the traditional Bloodline Heroes’ MOBA gameplay with the card system. It has a PvE campaign, and it supports 3v3 and 1v1 multiplayer modes.

About Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Codes sets itself apart from other mobile games with its unique storyline and MMO gameplay. If you’re interested in trying out this game for yourself, be sure to read our Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Codes review to learn more about its features and find out if it’s the perfect game for you!

B H of Lithas Codes Overview

NameBloodline Heroes Of Lithos
Publisherinfinity Alpha studio
Redeem Code StatusActive
Code Availability MonthJune 2023
Rewards300 Diamond, x3 HI-Summon Ticket
PlatformAndroid, IOS iOS: N/A
B H Of Lithas Codes

B H of Lithas Codes for June 2023 

Latest Codes

  • BLDHOL2 – Diamonds, Coins, & more
  • BLDGOLD – Diamonds, Coins, & more
  • BLDDC10K – Diamonds, Coins, & more
  • BLD500K – Diamonds, Coins, & more
  • BLDHOL1 – Diamonds, Coins, & more
BLDHOL2Diamonds, Coins, & more (NEW)
HAPPY ANNIVERSARYRedeem for Diamonds
OLD MODELRedeem for Diamonds
bldcocreateRedeem for Diamonds
BLDGOLDRedeem for Diamonds
BLDDC10KRedeem for Coins
BLD500KRedeem for Coins
BLD777Redeem for Coins
BLD623Redeem for Coins
BLDHOL1Redeem for Coins
BUDDRedeem for Coins

Expired Codes

  • BLDMODEL – Diamonds, Coins, & more
  • Bldcocreate – Diamonds, Coins, & more
  • BLD777 – Diamonds, Coins, & more
  • BLD623 – Diamonds, Coins, & more
  • BLDBLD – Diamonds, Coins, & more

How to Redeem B H of Lithas Codes?

  • Open Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas game.
  • Tap your avatar on the left.
  • Press the Settings gear button.
  • Tap the Code button under Settings.
  • Enter the code in the text box.
  • Enjoy your free Rewards.


What are the bloodline heroes of the Lithos marriage guide?

Being a bloodline hero can be a very fulfilling experience. It means living up to the expectations of your loved ones and carrying on their family traditions. At Lithas, we take this seriously. In order to help you create better relationships and find lasting love, we have created the Lithas marriage guide.

What are the bloodline heroes of the Lithas marriage guide?

The Lithas marriage guide is a must-read for anyone looking to find a spouse from among their illustrious kin. This book provides detailed information about each of the sixty-four noble houses in Lithuania. Written by Lady Amarande de Hollis, Chief Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Modina II, this book offers readers access to an exclusive pool of potential spouses.

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I hope you could obtain all the available Codes. These codes have a time limit after which they will no longer operate.

Don’t forget to follow us because we continually post new redeem codes and updates on this page. You must bookmark Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas if you need to redeem Codes in the future.

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