Azur Lane Tier List Ranking (February 2023) [Updated!]

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Azur Lane is the most popular online side-scrolling shoot-’em-up video game developed by Chinese developers Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi, The game is Initially released on 25 May 2017 and it’s available for both iOS and Android devices. The Azur Lane is based on the world warships as a representation of all the players and all the people, then the Royal Navy inspires all the massive ships that the players see in this place.

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About Azur Lane Tier List

Why? Due to the origin of this game Azur Lane, all players need to take one of the most ships in the game to go on a winning streak and to help all players make decisions quickly, the developers of this game have prepared a special list of the most ships for this ultimate Azur Lane level. Then when the players are asked to choose from such a huge list, it becomes a challenging task and then all the ships are arranged very nicely after judging their usefulness in the battle.

The game judges all the players and their sons by lining up the players to prepare the warships and give their lives in the final battle for the winning group. Making the right warships for our fleet of players is very easy, and that’s why Azure has a special claim.

Azur Lane Tier List

Azur Lane Tier List – Ranking

Here is an updated list of all rankings for Azur Lane Tier, Hope all these updates and ranking lists will be beneficial in your battlefield.

#1. Azur Lane Tier List – S

Ship NameClassificationFactionRarity
Ulrich von HuttenBattleshipIron BloodUltra Rare
New JerseyBattleshipEagle UnionUltra Rare
Friedrich der GrobeBattleshipIron BloodDecisive

#2. Azur Lane Tier List – A 

Ship NameClassificationFactionRarity
WarspiteBattleshipRoyal NavySuper Rare
Vittorio VenetoBattleshipSardegna EmpireSuper Rare
RichelieuBattleshipIris LibreSuper Rare
OdinBattlecruiserIron BloodPriority
MonarchBattleshipRoyal NavyPriority
Marco PoloBattleshipSardegna EmpirePriority
HoweBattleshipRoyal NavySuper Rare
GeorgiaBattleshipEagle UnionPriority
GascogneBattleshipVichya DominionPriority
ChampagneBattleshipIris LibrePriority

#3. Azur Lane Tier List – B 

Ship NameClassificationFactionRarity
TosaBattleshipSakura EmpireSuper Rare
Sovetskaya BelorussiyaBattleshipNorthern ParliamentSuper Rare
NagatoBattleshipSakura EmpireSuper Rare
KiiBattleshipSakura EmpireSuper Rare
IzumoBattleshipSakura EmpirePriority
Iori MinaseBattleshipThe IdolmasterSuper Rare
HonokaBattleshipVenus VacationSuper Rare
Gneisenau METABattlecruiserMETASuper Rare
Duke of YorkBattleshipRoyal NavySuper Rare
BismarckBattleshipIron BloodSuper Rare
AmagiBattlecruiserSakura EmpireSuper Rare
AlabamaBattleshipEagle UnionSuper Rare
Akane ShinjoBattleshipSSSSSuper Rare

#4. Azur Lane Tier List – C 

Ship NameClassificationFactionRarity
SurugaBattleshipSakura EmpireSuper Rare
WashingtonBattleshipEagle UnionSuper Rare
Sovetskaya RossiyaBattleshipNorthern ParliamentSuper Rare
Queen ElizabethBattleshipRoyal NavyElite
Prince of WalesBattleshipRoyal NavySuper Rare
NagisaBattleshipVenus VacationElite
MassachusettsBattleshipEagle UnionSuper Rare
LittorioBattleshipSardegna EmpireSuper Rare
Little RenownBattlecruiserRoyal NavyElite
King George VBattleshipRoyal NavySuper Rare
KagaAircraft CarrierSakura EmpireSuper Rare
Jean BartBattleshipVichya DominionSuper Rare
HyuugaBattleship/Aviation BattleshipSakura EmpireRare
HoodBattlecruiserRoyal NavySuper Rare
Gascogne µBattleshipVichya DominionSuper Rare
GangutBattleshipNorthern ParliamentElite

#5. Azur Lane Tier List – D 

Ship NameClassificationFactionRarity
YamashiroBattleship/Aviation BattleshipSakura EmpireRare
ValiantBattleshipRoyal NavyElite
TirpitzBattleshipIron BloodSuper Rare
Super Gamer Kizuna AIBattleshipKizunaAISuper Rare
South DakotaBattleshipEagle UnionSuper Rare
PennsylvaniaBattleshipeagle UnionRare
OklahomaBattleshipEagle UnionNormal
North CarolinaBattleshipEagle UnionSuper Rare
NevadaBattleshipEagle UnionNormal
MutsuBattleshipsakura EmpireElite
MikasaBattleshipSakura EmpireSuper Rare
IseBattleship/Aviation BattleshipSakura EmpireRare
Fusou METABattleshipMETAElite
FusouBattleship/Aviation Battleshipsakura EmpireRare
DunkerqueBattlecruiserVichya DominionElite
ArizonaBattleshipEagle UnionElite
Amagi-ChanBattlecruiserSakura EmpireElite


What is the highest rarity in Azur Lane?

the highest rarity in Azur Lane is level 4.

Is there pity in Azur Lane?

Azur Lane was released in July 2018. The game is developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment (BNE) and published by BNE subsidiary Level-5. 

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