Azur Lane Ships Tier List (February 2023) Best Ships

Looking for the best ships in Azur Lane Ships Tier List From battleships to carriers, we’ve got you covered. Looking for the best ships in Azur Lane?

Welcome to the Azur Lane ship tier list! This tier list should help you quickly determine what ships are the best and what ships are the worst. This tier list is not perfect, the ships included in this tier list are subject to change when the meta shifts or when a new ship is added.

It’s a mobile game where you collect ship girls and go on sorties to fight other players or bosses. I am a big fan of this game and in this blog, I will show you my tier list for the game. This list is based on the stats of the ships and my own personal experience with them.

Azur Lane has a large roster of ships, Newbies might not know where to start, and older players might have trouble choosing which ships to use. Here is a tier list of the top 10 ships in Azur Lane, in terms of their strength in battle.

Azur Lane is a mobile game published by Bilibili. The game was released on Android and iOS on June 30, 2017. Since the release of the game, a community has developed and a variety of content has been created, including ships tier lists, a wiki, and an English patch.

About Azur Lane Ships Tier List

Tier lists are a great way to compare units and see who the best units are in an F2P game and who the best units are in a P2W game. Tier lists are also a great way to have a general sense of the meta in a game and what strategic ideas will lead you to victory. For an F2P game like Azur Lane, tier lists are especially important because they are the best way to see what direction the meta is going in.

Azur Lane Ships Tier List

S Tier List

AzumaLarge Cruiser
BaltimoreHeavy Cruiser
BremertonHeavy Cruiser
CentaurLight Aircraft Carrier
ChapayevLight Cruiser
DrakeHeavy Cruiser
EnterpriseAircraft Carrier
FormidableAircraft Carrier
Friedrich der GrosseBattleship

A Tier List

AkashiRepair Ship
AmagiBattle Cruiser
A ShanDestroyer
Bunker HillAircraft Carrier
CheshireHeavy Cruiser
Duke of YorkBattleship
EssexAircraft Carrier

B Tier List

Ark RoyalAircraft Carrier
AuroraLight Cruiser
BirminghamLight Cruiser
CasablancaAircraft Carrier
ClevelandLight Cruiser
ColumbiaLight Cruiser
DidoLight Cruiser

C Tier List

AlgerieHeavy Cruiser
BelfastLight Cruiser
Curacoa RetrofitLight Cruiser
Curlew RetrofitLight Cruiser
Hiryuu RetrofitAircraft Carrier
Kagerou RetrofitDestroyer

D Tier List

AkagiAircraft Carrier
BataanAircraft Carrier
BiloxiLight Cruiser
EagleAircraft Carrier
FumiruiruAircraft Carrier
KinuLight Cruiser
RenoLight Cruiser
Sendai RetrofitLight Cruiser


How do you unlock the tier X ships in the game Azur Lane?

For example, tier X ships have powerful attacks that can devastate an opposing faction. However, unlocking these ships requires a hefty amount of crystals – which can be difficult to acquire on your own. Currently, there is a hack available that allows players to easily gain access to tier X ships.

This hack is illegal and should not be used by anyone other than those who are authorized to use it. However, if you are looking for an easier way to unlock tier X ships in Azur Lane, this hack is your best option.

How do you obtain a ship skin in Azur Lane?

Azur Lane is a popular slot game that involves ship skins. To win the game, you will need to collect as many starfish tokens as possible. These tokens can be earned by completing bonus rounds or by turning in specific fish products. To get your hands on a ship skin, you will need to gather some special items.

Acquiring a ship skin in Azur Lane can be a lucrative investment. The game offers plenty of opportunities for profitability, and there are no real risks involved. If you are motivated and ready to put in the hard work, obtaining a skin should not be too difficult.

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