Top 10 Animals that Hunt Rattlesnakes

Top 10 Animals that Hunt Rattlesnakes With the recent announcement of the new National Monument in Northern Arizona, we thought we would take a look at the good that rattlesnakes do. This blog will focus on rattlesnakes and the animals that eat them. You just might learn a new animal that eats rattlesnakes.

Rattlesnakes can be found throughout the United States and often live in close proximity to human habitation. These beautiful creatures can be a detriment to humans if they are allowed to populate. Luckily, there are a number of animals that hunt rattlesnakes. This blog will give you a glimpse at what animals engage in this practice and which animals are the most effective hunters.
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List of Top 10 Animals that Hunt Rattlesnakes

Rattlesnake bites are extremely dangerous and can cause death or serious injury. If bitten, seek medical attention immediately.

Animals that Hunt Rattlesnakes
Top 10 Animals that Hunt Rattlesnakes

Rattlesnakes are venomous snakes found throughout North America. They are known for their ability to strike at prey from a distance. Some species 

#1. Kingsnakes

Lampropeltis elapsoides

Kingsnakes are a type of snake that hunts rattlesnakes. They are very aggressive and they hunt them from dusk till dawn.

Kingsnakes are found throughout North America. They are also known as kings snakes because of their size. The average length of a king snake is between 2 and 3 feet long.

Kingsnakes are carnivorous animals and eat almost anything. They hunt rattlesnakes during the day and at night.

#2. Eagles

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Eagles are large predatory birds of prey native to Eurasia and North America. The bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is the national bird of the United States. This species is also known as the American eagle or simply eaglet.

Eagles are very intelligent animals. Their intelligence allows them to hunt their prey efficiently. In order to catch a snake, they wait until the snake is close enough to strike. Then they swoop down from above and grab the snake.

#3. Owls

Owl in tree by Philip Brown 1 1024x576 1

Owls are nocturnal birds that hunt at night. They feed on small animals such as mice, frogs, insects, and even other birds. Owls are also known to prey on larger animals like rabbits, squirrels, and snakes.

They eat mostly invertebrates, but they also consume some vertebrate food.

#4. Hawks

Red tailed hawk

It’s common to see rattlesnakes in parts of the United States, but they can be especially scary if you live in areas where you don’t see them often. However, there are some animals that are known to hunt these dangerous snakes. This blog talks about these animals and what makes them a good predator for these dangerous snakes.

#5. Turkeys

turkeys Texas

Rattlesnakes are a major threat to the survival of many different animals on the American continent. One of the more interesting solutions to this problem is how some animals have learned to hunt these dangerous creatures.

There are several species of animals that engage in this activity and they have all developed different methods of hunting and attacking these deadly snakes. This blog is an interesting look at how some animals have evolved to hunt rattlesnakes and to avoid being attacked by them.

#6. Roadrunners

roadrunner bosque del apache wildlife refuge in new mexico picture id958216372

While reptiles are cold blooded, their blood does carry oxygen. When a rattlesnake strike, it injects its venom through its hollow fangs. The faster the strike, the quicker the venom spreads through the bite. Normally, a head strike is the quickest.

The next fastest strike is a front body strike, followed by a full body strike.
In the process of researching animals that hunt rattlesnakes, I came across some interesting facts. Yes, rattlesnakes do have predators. It’s amazing to think that a horse, deer, hawk and crow are all animals

#7. Coyotes


Rattlesnakes are among the most feared animals in the wild. They can be found in the warmer parts of North America and the venom that is in their fangs can cause several severe health problems for the person who gets bitten. But one particular animal has found a remarkable way to hunt these rattlesnakes.
This blog looks at animals that hunt rattlesnakes and the methods they use to hunt them.

#8. Black Racers

A Black Racer Snake
Black Racers

A rattlesnake encounter is extremely dangerous and real. When cornered or surprised, the snake will rattle its tail to warn the potential victim. This can allow a chance for the victim to escape. It’s important to know how to avoid a rattlesnake encounter as well as how to protect yourself against them. This post will just be about rattlesnakes, their different species and how to defend yourself against them.

#9. Bobcats

bobcat near laurel

Rattlesnakes are one of the most venomous animals in the world and they are quite commonly found in North America and other areas around the world. To help catch their prey these animals have developed very effective ways to catch their food as well as defend against their predators. In this blog you will find out about the interesting ways that animals have adapted to deal with rattlesnakes.

# 10. Feral Cats

Surprising Science Feral Cats 631
Feral Cats

Rattlesnakes are one of the most feared animals in the west. They are poisonous, fierce, and will strike at anyone who gets too close. That’s why they’re dangerous and so feared. That’s why we have to learn how to defend ourselves against them. The best course of action is to know what animals will hunt rattlesnakes.

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