10 Best Instagram Video Editing Apps for Android Mobile

Are you searching for the Best Instagram Video Editing Apps? Here we are to help you with the list of Best Editing Apps for Android Mobile.

Instagram has now become the hottest platform for interacting with people.

There are so many creators on Instagram, and every single creator wants to become famous on Instagram Reels. If you want to become famous on then Instagram, just making reels is not enough. When You Want other users to watch your content, then you need to make quality content.

Best apps For Video Editing

Hello, my name is Shreya Datta. I am a content creator and blogger. I am in this for more than 5 years. This is a list of the best video editing apps that I have tried.

Best Instagram Video Editing Apps for Android Mobile

The process of editing, video quality, trending effects and filters everything is important to make a Video Interesting. Good editing makes a lot of difference.

When You want to make your content noticeable to others, then making good quality content is a must. To make good quality content, you need the best applications and software for editing your videos. Where you can edit your Instagram Videos pretty easily and smoothly.

In this article, we are going to cover all the Best Instagram Video Editing apps for the Android Mobile.


VN is one of the Best Instagram Video Editing apps which you can use for Android Mobile. VN is my personal favourite app that I use for a long time. I prefer you to use VN because VN has over 300+ best smooth effects for reel videos. You don’t need to be a pro video editor to edit videos on VN. This is very easy to use for beginners. Over 10cr users prefer VN over any other video editing app.


InShot is the best Video Editing app for horizontal videos and vertical videos. You can find so many cool effects InShot that you can edit your videos with many variations like Bright, Dark, and Glitch effects. Also, so many popular Blog music is available in InShot. Over 50cr People you this app to edit their videos.


Clips is another best video editing app for mobile users with a built-in caption feature and many other cool effects. With these cool effects, you can easily add captions to your videos effortlessly as like subtitles. They are customizable, for example, you can change the colour, texture and font if you want. The clip is a user-friendly app for editors who is new in this field.

Canva’s Video Editor

Canva is a popular software for beginners to pros. You can now edit video in Canva. If you want to show some creativity in graphics, then this is the best platform that will help you. There are also various ready-to-use templates that you can use for your videos. Also, there are CC-free images and stickers available here that will help you to edit like a pro.

Adobe Rush

Adobe Rush is a great video editing app which is popular for all users who want to edit their Instagram videos easily. Many Ready-to-use templates are available for users. High-quality export and variety of features make this app one of the best Viral Editing Apps for Android Mobile.


If you are new to video editing, then KineMastar is the best option for you. KineMaster is super easy to use for beginners. Over 10cr users use KineMaster to edit their videos. But if you want to use KineMaster for the long run and want to edit professional videos, then you should get a premium.


FilmoraGo is my other favourite app on this list, which is a great video editing app with over 85 million happy users. This application is available for both PC and Mobile apps. Some of the popular features of FimoraGo are picture-in picture, Green screen effect, Al portrait, Auto Reframe colour match and many more.


Splice is a quick video editor with over 10 lakh happy users. You can use Splice if you want to edit on PC. You also can create little animations on Splice. With glorious music, Tricks, and templates make this app a 5/5.


VITA is an easy-to-use editing app that has all features for video editing where you can export HD quality videos. This is a user-friendly app with over 5 cr happy users and a 4.3 rating on google play. It has a lot of options for professional-looking quality content. This is another 5/5 on the list.


WeVideo is the 10th best on the list which supports 4k resolution exportation. You can use WeVideo for professional quality Reels Videos. You also can use Copy right free music and stock videos to make your reels more attractive. With the amazing effects and templates, this is another 5/5.



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